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Musti has passed away.

I'm probably not going to be around much for a few days, so if you don't see me commenting or posting, there's no need to worry. I'll be back and will be trying to keep up with reading.


Jan. 16th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Just got back from the vet with Musti. Cut for vet talk. )

Should still go out again today to the post office and stuff... blegh. Tired. Not very cold today, -3°C or so, but very windy, which means extremely leaky eyes and nose outdoors.
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Vet visit this morning went fine - although Musti was going quite mad in her hunt for water earlier, which we hid away from her - no problems with anaesthesia, it seems. She just woke up some 20 minutes ago, very confused and wobbly, but managed to find water, drink a bit and then get back to her bed, so she seems okay. Poor thing has a half-shaved paw now; I managed to get most of the bandage off at least.

And the vet just called with the results - Musti has diabetes, yes. Extremely high blood sugar levels. I suppose this explains the rest of the problems being so persistent, too. Anyway, we're to go back sans Musti on Monday and get pills, which she'll have to take for the rest of her life. I just hope this means she'll be feeling better once she'll get started on the treatment.

Best get on with cleaning, now - we'll hopefully get an electrician come over later today to take a look at the situation. It's been getting beyond ridiculous and rather more worrying, lately, to have fuses blown for half the flat a couple of times a week, mostly when turning on the light somewhere. And we're going through lightbulbs at an enormous rate, too - when we're lucky, it's only the bulb that explodes, without taking the rest of the power with it.
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Musti's done with the new round of antibiotics. Cut for potential TMI. )

In other news, I caved in and got a permanent LJ account. It's really the draw of 15 GB of permanent storage space for pics and stuff that tempted me... that's something I foresee wanting and using for a long time. Provided LJ stays around, of course.
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Finally managed to look through the pics I took on Monday, when we still had pretty snow. Why can't I ever just pick a handful for posting? Gah.

Cut for pics. Might take a while. )

Since then, we've got rain and it's been thawing quite a bit, so there's very little left - and what there is, is all dirty and slushy. Grrrr. But it was very pretty while it lasted!

Right, off to the vet's with Musti now... I just hope these antibiotics will work. No sign of them working yet, but she's only had two injections so far, so perhaps it's too soon to hope for any improvement.
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No picspam yet, gah. Too much work. Grrr.

Musti update behind the cut. )

Right, back to work. Three days left...
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We had a bit of a blizzard yesterday - all properly stormy and snowy. So much so, that mum and I figured that if it's the same today, we'll have to postpone Musti's vet visit - as carrying her for a good 3+ km in a snowstorm didn't seem like the best idea.

Cut for the details. )

Will have to try and call later or tomorrow to reschedule the appointment. Not going back there today! However, it's still very pretty out there and I'm a little wiped out from all the carrying, so I'm terribly tempted to go back out for a bit to see if there's more pretty snow to take pics of - too tired right now to work anyway.
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Am so very, very tired. Seven days of this work left, and then it should be over - have been promised (well, ordered) a week off in the second week of December. That should come in handy.

Not really having much energy for work any more... the last several days have definitely been going sluggishly. Blegh. I know it's only one week left and I should make an effort, but... so very tired.

On the other hand, we finally have winter. Cut for picspam. )

Have been torturing poor Musti three times a day with the ear drops - at least it's just today and tomorrow left, now. We're promised a snowstorm tomorrow and Monday... not much looking forward to carrying Musti to the vet on Monday if that happens! Ah well, will manage. The poor thing will probably be getting quite cross with us already, though. And I'd really like some good news for a change, there... at least Musti's been noticeably more energetic this week, running around more and so - mostly running around trying/hoping to get to the other cats' food (we're being very strict with keeping her on diet food now; just hope it will eventually help), but whatever works!

Right, lunch break over, back to work. *sighs* Seven days left, just seven more days...
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I'm generally not too fond of Mondays but today's not been too bad. There was some sunshine in the morning, which helped put me in a decent mood, I think.

Also, work went better than last week - just 6000 words left to do of this project, and then I can finally get back to the other larger one I didn't even get to touch for all of last week. At least I could focus on the work again today, which is always a good thing.

I just realised that tomorrow's the last day of having to torture Musti with the ear drops - she's been tolerating it surprisingly well, but it's becoming obvious she's getting slightly fed up with it and now attempts to run away as soon as she sees the little container. She seems pretty much back to normal, which is good (and her appetite has returned with a vengeance, which is not necessarily that good, as I think she's put on even more weight).

I think I'm finally reaching the end with Haunted - about time, after 21 drabbles (posted parts 19-21 today)! With any luck, should get it done tomorrow, and with a happy ending, too. Once I work out the details on how to kill off Hermione, that is.
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Musti's actually been a lot better today. Still having some slight balance problems, but overall, she's nearly moving normally again, running around from one room to another, climbing onto chairs and sofas and tables, and not falling over or even stumbling too much when jumping down. And she's been eating happily and attempting to scratch the wallpaper and climbing into my lap.

So with that, and with mum not feeling well today, we decided to hold off seeing the vet and just keeping an eye on her for now. If she gets worse again, it's definitely back to the vet.

I've not been feeling too well myself today - feeling weirdly apathetic and tired, and sort of like I'm having a cold (sore/tired muscles all over, feeling a bit flushed). Staying home was certainly a good idea, even if not for the original reason. I have done some work at least, although probably only half of what I should have. At least it's weekend now, and I have the work at home, so with any luck I'll get another 3000-4000 words done by Monday, and should be back on track then.

I suppose all the worrying about Musti for the last week has left me mentally exhausted.

Bought a Penguin Guide to Punctuation yesterday. I have no idea if it's any good, but it seems to point out both UK and US usage, was cheap, and I have realised recently that I have no idea whatsoever about English punctuation rules/customs (in general, I just happily use Estonian ones). I don't think we really covered punctuation at school. I should try and get at least some basic idea about it if I (a) happen to write something again at some point, (b) am again forced to do Estonian-English translation at work.


Oct. 18th, 2007 09:15 pm
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Musti was doing so much better already, but she now seems to have developed serious balance problems. Fell off her chair an hour ago and has been completely uncoordinated since then... can't move straight, keeps falling over / stumbling, is swaying even when sitting, had trouble with eating.

I assume it's the ear infection - might be worse than the vet expected. And it's too damn late already to do anything today.

At least I can't think of any other reason for the apparently complete loss of sense of balance - apart from seeming rather confused and scared about it, she was attempting to move around and ate very eagerly (although with problems chewing it). Gah, I'm worried sick about her. :-/ It hurts to see her like that and not being able to do anything about it, apart from making her a comfy bed on the floor. I guess it's back to the vet's tomorrow, providing we can get an appointment... I have to see if I can stay home / work home tomorrow.
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Apparently Musti has ear infection, in both ears. Not that this is "good news" as such, but it's certainly a relief in a way - at least it's something treatable.

She got a bunch of injections at the vet's and medication for her ears (which we'll have to continue with). And she'd eagerly rushed to eat right after getting back home and spent some time running around afterwards, says mum, so I suppose whatever the injections were (including pain killers, I would guess), she must have felt better immediately.

She's back to being a bit apathetic now, but one can't exactly expect miracles. At least I'm hopeful she'll be getting better now. And she just climbed into my lap and started purring.

And I actually got several bits of work today - all smallish things, but still, better than nothing. And might get a bigger thing tomorrow, too, possibly.
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I don't think the weekend has done me much good. Feeling quite cold & a bit ill, and immensely tired for no reason at all - I've certainly had more than enough sleep, and haven't done anything remotely exhausting. Although I suppose that sleeping and sitting at the computer can both be exhausting.

*blames the weather*

Wrote another drabble for GS100... quite crappy this time, but I couldn't resist. I think it's more a proof for my current rubbish state of mind than writing skills, such as they are. I blame [ profile] chilliconcarne for putting the thought of Snape in lederhosen in my head. Evil, that's what he is.

Musti's still not quite well. I'm not liking this... although considering that I've been quite as apathetic over the weekend, perhaps the weather's affecting her the same way. I'm hoping she'll get better soon, as I'd rather avoid a visit to the vet if possible.

Still dead

Sep. 12th, 2006 08:17 pm
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As the subject says, I'm still dead. Deader than before, even, if that was possible.

Really annoying things going on at work... no one to blame either, just stupid computers and programs that do entirely unexpected things and revert back the work I thought I was done with. Spending 1.5 hours on something that I'd already completed a few days ago (or thought I'd completed) ... not my idea of fun. Bleh.

At least there is only one more time of taking Musti to the vet needed. The poor thing has an ear infection too. And the joint thing is going to be a recurring issue, it seems... the vet said that she'll hopefully be okayish for the next six months or so after this round of treatment, but it may come back again. Unless she loses weight, but I cannot see that happening.

I should watch more First Doctor today, but with only six stories of the classic show left to watch, I almost don't want to do it, as I like knowing I still have some more left to see. If that makes sense. *weeps* Why oh why did the BBC have to destroy so many of the First and Second Doctor stories??? I like Hartnell, especially now that I've got into the whole very lovely old-fashioned slow storytelling.

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Musti seems to have a joint inflammation... or something like that. She got lots of shots (antibiotics, painkillers, vitamins) and I have to take her back to the vet's for the next four days for more shots. For once in my life I wish I had a car, as carrying a bag with a 6-7 kg kitty for about 2 km there (and the same back) is not quite the kind of fun it might sound like. ;-) At least she seems a lot livelier already, running around and climbing up things and such. And being very, very hungry.

Also picked up a few packages from the post office... RTD's New Adventure Damaged Goods and four Target novelisations, two First and two Second Doctors (I've decided to try and get the novelisations for the incomplete/missing TV stories), woo. Now I need to find places for them.
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Kitties. Mum had booked a vet appointment for Musti today but she refused to get into the bag (and without an extra pair of hands to help, it is difficult to make a kitty do something she doesn't want to do), so the appointment got re-booked for tomorrow. We can only hope that we manage to get her into the bag together.

And I am feeling decreasingly enthusiastic about work this week... might have something to do with having had a bit too much of it. Work overdose is not much fun. Hmpf.


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