Mar. 9th, 2009 11:23 pm
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Am incredibly tired. Once again. Still.

At least I got my work done. And was reminded that I had noted down end of March / beginning of April as my first two weeks of holiday this year, and that we're to get the next big batch of work on 18 March, so if I could perhaps be somewhat flexible about the holiday... well, I don't have any plans made, apart from wanting to rest, so I figured I could be flexible.

Thus I somewhat unexpectedly find myself having a week off starting tomorrow. Which is nice, I suppose.

The last week's been quite awful. I've been in pain most of the time - my back's not in a good state at all, and I'm getting seriously fed up with my right leg, which has been sort of achy for a few years now but more insistent in recent months. It's not a strong pain but a more or less constant one, going all the way from the hip to the ankle, but mostly staying in the outer thigh. Most annoying. I suppose I'll need to go see a doctor about it some day, but so far, it's been so... vague, that I've not been sure what to complain about.

I did decide to actually start doing something about this awful state of unfitness and stuff last week though, and am determined to go out for a walk daily. Have done so for six days now. Not long walks, staying out for an hour perhaps, and hardly power-walking, but it's enough to exhaust me quite properly for now - my legs start aching far too quickly and I have zero stamina. But it's bound to start having an effect (preferably a positive one) some day. I hope. And today was pretty nice, climbing around in the fresh falling snow and stuff.

Just finished reading Wishing Well, a Ten & Martha book... not very impressed. Most new Doctor Who books have been good fanfic level, this one seemed weakish. And I spotted several things I'd have pointed out as a beta.
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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] lady_karelia!

Cut for Classic DW related squeeage. )

Earlier start at work today. Hmpf. Training. I don't really like training. But I suppose it'll be good to have.
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We can has fixed stuff! The electrician came over yesterday and replaced all the power sockets and light switches, fixing what needed to be fixed inside. And he fixed all the lamps as well. We've been having the fuses blow at least a few times a month lately, and have been going through lightbulbs at the rate of a couple a week, so the situation was pretty dismal. Here's to hoping the new and improved situation will last. :-D

I have been branching out and trying new stuff lately. I finally got the courage to try the newish line of Hellus yoghurts - have had apple/spinach and pineapple/basil so far, and liked both of them surprisingly much. Tomorrow it's the turn of strawberry/tomato.

New work year has started off busy. Not a bad thing, considering that we're now thinking about getting the bathroom & toilet redone in the spring, too, and that won't be cheap. But it's the part of this place that really needs it badly, and we've been putting it off long enough.

And last but not least ... the [ profile] sshg_exchange has started! SQUEEEEEEE! I'm so very much looking forward to all of it.
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Went out for a bit on Sunday - as usual in the winter, didn't make it to town while there was still daylight, but did catch a bit of the sunset. And stuff.

Cut for six frosty pics. )

Can stay home tomorrow but I do have work to do - translating an article with instructions on photographing nudes. So far, I've learned that one should rent a studio as inviting the model home does not appear professional, and if the model has a thick waist but shapely legs, one should isolate the legs and do abstracts. Or something.
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I just heard the line "sit on my shoulder like a little bird" as "shit on my shoulder like a little bird".

Granted, it's a live version of You Don't Have to Mean It, and Keith's slurring a bit, so perhaps that is what he sung. (And maybe I've always just thought it was supposed to be "sit" and it's actually not? Hmm.)

Also (and not related to the above), why use "fish-eating sea birds" if one can say "piscivorous marine avian fauna" instead? Now I'm just wondering why this report uses one in one paragraph and the other in another.

*gets back to work*
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I am done. With work. The huge huge huge project we've been doing since January, and with the deadline today midnight.

I think some other people still have a few lines left, but we should have no problems getting it done, and I've finished my bit.

It feels strange, really. No work for the weekend... can't remember when that last happened, in early September I think. Am planning to perhaps even go to town tomorrow, to do some shopping or something, provided there's energy left after tomorrow's Musti-carrying. Dead tired, but fresh air good.

(I wouldn't be surprised if next week I'd be posting whining about the lack of work. Heh. Just one week of normal work now - provided there is any to do - and then a week off. Woo!)
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Am so very, very tired. Seven days of this work left, and then it should be over - have been promised (well, ordered) a week off in the second week of December. That should come in handy.

Not really having much energy for work any more... the last several days have definitely been going sluggishly. Blegh. I know it's only one week left and I should make an effort, but... so very tired.

On the other hand, we finally have winter. Cut for picspam. )

Have been torturing poor Musti three times a day with the ear drops - at least it's just today and tomorrow left, now. We're promised a snowstorm tomorrow and Monday... not much looking forward to carrying Musti to the vet on Monday if that happens! Ah well, will manage. The poor thing will probably be getting quite cross with us already, though. And I'd really like some good news for a change, there... at least Musti's been noticeably more energetic this week, running around more and so - mostly running around trying/hoping to get to the other cats' food (we're being very strict with keeping her on diet food now; just hope it will eventually help), but whatever works!

Right, lunch break over, back to work. *sighs* Seven days left, just seven more days...
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A few days ago, my finger slipped a bit in an online store, as fingers are wont to do (when they're mine anyway)... it's quite scary how dreadfully easily that can happen!

So today the courier came by and I now have an, um, new camera. Because I didn't have a black compact yet. And because it's pretty. And because I really do love Pentax colours outdoors, especially the greens. *hides in shame* It's also smaller and slimmer than any of my other compacts, and as a plus, it shares the battery with my Pentax W10, which is always nice.

And I also got a pretty new mouse - a Razer Diamondback with a frosty blue light - but a new mouse is something I actually need, as the scroll wheel of my current one stopped working ages ago. I just wish I could have got a nice office mouse instead of a gaming one, as I don't exactly need a gaming mouse, but looks like office mice with extra side buttons are hard to come by these days, and it's something I refuse to give up.

And now I need to get back to working. *sighs* The 10-12 hour days, seven days a week, are really starting to get to me - I feel definitely more tired and achy with every passing day. Can't wait for ... hm, December, probably, when I might actually get a day off again.
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Back from the dentist. DONE! YAY!! Well, until next year, but for the moment, I'm done. Feels so... weird.

Must start working now, but it's a little complicated with a large cat stretched out on top of me/shoulder/chest/back paw in my navel. Hmpf. So here's some picspam from last week.

Cut for picspam. Trees and water and stuff. )

Whew, have been released from under the cat... this is one major problem when working from home. I am generally not clawed, purred at and used as a pillow in the office.
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Snagged from [ profile] keladry_lupin. And no big surprise - in fact, I'd have been surprised to get anything else!

Cut for the Austen quiz result. )

In other news, I've done over 26,000 words of the new big work thing since Friday, so I'm rather pleased with myself (to be fair, there are a LOT of repetitions there, which pleases me to no end). Plus over 1000 lines of the other work, which I was supposed to leave aside for now, but as it seems to be going extremely badly otherwise, I felt like being nice and doing a bit. Now, what to do next... *ponders*


Sep. 17th, 2008 06:58 pm
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First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] annietalbot! I hope it's been a great day so far!

Second, I just managed to fall asleep on the bus home and missed my stop by two stops. Grrrr. It's very embarrassing to suddenly wake up, wonder "what the hell is this stop doing here?", scramble up from your seat and rush out. At least it woke me up properly.

I blame work for dedding me too much. Apparently we're well behind schedule with the big project (which I couldn't work on for a month as I had other work, so they had to make do without me), so we've all been ... encouraged ... to work harder.

And Pätsu has for a week now been opening the kitchen cupboard where various spice and seasoning stuff is kept every night and throwing stuff out. This morning, she had put chicken seasoning on plums. And spread laurel on the floor. She's never done this before but it appears it's her new hobby, now.
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A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] ubiquirk!!

I hope it's a wonderful day for you!

Cut for other ramblings. )


Aug. 26th, 2008 08:40 am
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My left knee hurts. Rather badly. For the third day now. It's hurt before, too, but never to this level - the last three days have been just ... well, it doesn't matter much whether I sit or walk or lie down, it's just hurting. Stairs are especially bad. It's getting a little less, I think, but grrrr.

Sunday was all achy ... the knee, left ankle, lower back, left wrist. Right side to a lesser amount. It was incredibly annoying. The weather, which has been cold and rainy, hasn't really helped.

Work grumbles. )

The work thing makes me rather glad I started on the Exchange last week already, as I really have no idea how much time and energy I'll have left after work. Not for a single word yesterday, anyway.

In better news, I now have a tablet. Only got around to installing it yesterday and giving it a very brief try before putting it away (can't have it lying around when not in use, not with curious kitties around who love to sleep on mousepads!) - it will take some getting used to but I suspect it'll be fun once I get the hang of it. I'd mostly just like to get into drawing a bit again, for myself. And it should be a help eventually with photo editing, too. (Which also means that mum was showing interest. If I get the hang of it at some point and it appears to be useful, I rather fear I'll have to buy a second one...)
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First, happy birthday to [ profile] phistolemon_!

Second, my holidays are over and it's back to work today. Grrr. Nasty weather, cold and raining. Don't wanna go out at all, never mind to work... ah well. There'll be holidays again.

Third, HP meme, nicked from pretty much everyone. )

Fourth, I'm not panicking hugely on the Exchange front any more. Have something done - not something absolutely amazing, but it's a start. I hope. Unless it sucks completely and shouldn't be shown to anyone, ever. *wibbles*
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Have been having a rather eventless holiday weekend so far. Did some work on Saturday and yesterday, should do a bit today too - raining quite heavily, so not much else to do anyway. I am thinking it's better to do a bit of work every day instead of lazing around doing nothing for a few days and then exhausting myself trying to catch up.

Am starting to give up on hope of ever writing something creative again. Perhaps if a period with less work comes around again, but as things stand now, that's not very likely for at least another year. Work's just completely sapped me of any creative thought I might occasionally have had. A pity, but what can one do?

[ profile] phistolemon_ tagged me for the "what's in your bag" meme, so here it is. Very boring, I'm afraid, but this gave me a good reason to clean out some of the trash in the bag and to test the new 30mm lens, too.

The contents of my bag. )

Tagging... whoever wants to put the contents of their bag on display.

Went out yesterday - visited grandma's grave at the cemetery and took a short walk at Pirita afterwards, from the river to a supermarket and then home. As I had the small Pentax in my bag, there is also some random picspam.

Picspam. )

It's odd how I don't even remember having the W10 for half a year and then it's summer and lots of light outdoors and I fall in love with that little camera all over again. Of course, the recently announced W60 is even more appealing with its even higher levels of waterproofness and ruggedness and more zoom... argh, must stop desiring more cameras. *slaps self*
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Weekend. At last. A long one, at that - Monday and Tuesday are off due to being national holidays.

Which also means that it's two days lost as far as work goes... meaning that yes, I had to take work home, because I really don't want to find that oops, it's deadline day and I'm still sitting on a few dozen files to translate. Even did a bit today - not too much, but then, it is Saturday, and doing a few files is better than none.

I have also got around to attaching the new macro lens to the camera and trying it out. Photo talk )

Picspam. )

Teeth are feeling awkward. It feels as if quite a bit of the temporary filling I got on Tuesday has worn off already, and I've been quite careful with it... not chewing much with it, not using force when brushing teeth, and all that. I don't think it's going to last until October - at this rate I'll be glad if it survives the holiday weekend. Which means I've been trying to eat with the other side now - the one where the ex-tooth was still six weeks ago - and it's making the gums on that side a bit sore. I assume it's just a matter of getting used to it, though. But I do dearly wish I wouldn't need to have these constant teeth issues now... ah well. Porridge and soup are good.

Hands still not the best, so I should probably relocate to the sofa. Football soon, anyway.
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Good thing about holidays being over and being back at work again: am not feeling so entirely apathetic any more.
Bad thing about holidays being over and being back at work again: am feeling quite, quite dead.

The week's been tougher than I expected, somehow, although there's not really been anything particularly nasty to do. Just... this current project, of which we've now started stage two, is so very exhausting. Although as I got some 65,000 words of something else today, I'll spend the next few weeks doing that. Eugh. Expect whining (provided I'm not too dead to whine).

Had to do grocery shopping today so met mum in town after work and walked around a bit first - she brought my camera along as well, but I wasn't really feeling inspired. Ah well, got a few pics anyway. Very random Tallinn picspam. )

I wanted to see how many pics the new camera battery is good for on one charge but as I might go out for a walk tomorrow, decided not to risk it and put it charging now... have taken just under 1000 pics so far and it started showing battery low indicator some 100 pics ago. Can count on about a thousand shots per charge then, I suppose.

Might also go and see Indiana Jones tomorrow, depending on whether I'll manage to get up early enough to wash my hair. Hmmm.
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So tired. Also feeling a bit feverish, but I think it's from exhaustion. And stressed. And irritable. And all in all not in the best of moods.

Fed up with work, and it's only Monday... I'd really be looking forward to my two weeks of holidays (in two weeks), if they didn't start with getting a tooth pulled out, most likely. *sighs*

More picspam from previous Sunday's walk. )

Gah. Want sleep but have been waking up early in recent days/weeks... around 5 today. Most annoying.
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On my way to work today, my, um, foot seems to have slipped. So I quite accidentally landed in the camera store which is right beside us. And, uh... somehow I was given the Pentax K20D to play with, and it turned out to be not nearly as much larger and heavier than the K100D as I'd feared, and... um. Do I need to tell the rest? ;-)

Thing is that mum told me this morning that she'd even be willing to buy my K100D from me. So it appears that she really is serious about wanting a DSLR. Which sort of would have meant that I'd have been left quite DSLR-less. And there really didn't seem to be any point (apart from the price) to buy another K100D, or its successor K200D, or K10D (the predecessor to K20D) for that matter, so I decided to go for the biggest and bestest that Pentax has got.

Also, as an excuse, while I got another tooth fixed this morning (nothing awful this time, although I suspect there may be tenderness once the anaesthetics wear off as there was quite a bit of blood around), I also got told that next time (in two weeks, eek) I'll get the one quite irreparable molar pulled out. So I'll need comforting. Lots and lots of comforting. I am thinking a new shiny camera will help. Can't hurt at least.

Right. Should start working now, I suspect, as all that money I've just spent will need to be regained.
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Have spent most of the day alternating between the bed and the sofa, under Musti. Cut for pointless whining. )

And I'm trying to think of something good to say as well ... er, I think I managed to reschedule the health check-up for March. Not sure if that is good or not.


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