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Nicked from [ profile] harmony_bites. And while I'm generally wary of asking for prompts with a promise to actually write something, I am determined to manage this time. ;-)

To the first ten people who comment, I will write a drabble. (Well, I promise at least a drabble; I won't promise not to write a ficlet if I can't manage a drabble.)

You must give me:
* a fandom option: in my case, Harry Potter (for this challenge only, I'm going to say I'm open to trying also other than SS/HG), Doctor Who (no Eight or audio/book companions, please, as I haven't read any EDAs or listened to any audios), and Babylon 5.
* a character (for genfic) or a pairing (if you want a little romance)
* a keyword to use in the drabble or a color or other prompt.

In return, you must post this meme yourself and take on the first 10 requests.
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Nabbed from a lot of people, most recently [ profile] ayerf and [ profile] dickgloucester, as this might be quite a bit of fun.

If you could force me to write anything, what would it be? One story only per person.

I'm putting the same disclaimer they did up – this does not mean I'm going to write them. I just want to know. And if I'm inspired, well... then I'm inspired.


Sep. 8th, 2008 10:28 pm
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I have a vague feeling I should be working on the exchange fic, but for the second day in a row, I've opened the file and just ... nothing. I know, in principle, what ought to be there, but I cannot make myself write it. And I've started being plagued by doubts about the whole thing. Ah well, perhaps I just need a couple of days' break.

Felt completely drained yesterday - apart from installing more things, didn't really feel up to anything at all. Did finally get around to watching Doctor Who: The War Machines though, after having the DVD for nearly two weeks. Was good enough, but not among my favourite One stories. Can't really help preferring Ian and Barbara to all the other First Doctor companions. Still, it was new Who (one of the handful of stories I hadn't seen yet), so it was well worth it.

Tired today - did a lot of work and grocery shopping afterwards. The weather continues to be utterly sucky (cold, very windy, rainy) and I ended up wearing gloves. Feel like wanting gloves now too but they get in the way of typing... damn it, want heating turned on already. Remote central heating is all very well when it works but sadly it always means a month of freezing my extremities off in the autumn. Should get myself a nice cup of hot tea perhaps, but am so full after dinner. Grrr. And I'd really want ice cream.


Aug. 31st, 2008 12:17 pm
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Decided that just maybe, trying a new power supply first might be a better idea than getting a whole new computer, especially since I had a spare one somewhere behind the bed linen in a cupboard.

Cut for computer stuff. )

Am feeling a little better today than yesterday (fever again yesterday) - lots of sneezing, but half of that might be due to the dust. And I've finally made a start on the challenging prompt - 1600 words yesterday, and I have a feeling I might actually get somewhere with it.

Right, need to turn off the computer now and reattach the side panels. Musti's already showed interest in the inside of the case, so can't really keep it opened up for long. And then I suspect some general cleaning is in order.
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I've been idly speculating for a while that I might at some point need a new desktop computer as the current one is getting rather too slow for my liking and is prone to freezing up whenever I've had Firefox open for more than half a day. Sadly it's at an age where upgrading isn't possible really - would have to get a new motherboard, CPU, compatible RAM and graphics card, as compatible parts don't seem to be around any more - so it's basically getting a whole new computer.

Computer rant. )

In more positive news, I got my Doctor Who: The War Machines DVD on Tuesday (stuck, barely, in the mailbox - where it just doesn't fit. am so glad I got there before anyone else did) - and today I received the notice from Sendit telling me they've dispatched it. *raises eyebrow*

In even more positive news, I actually had a few ideas for the possible more challenging exchange prompt today when on my way home on the bus. Perhaps I will actually manage to make a start on it today.


NSFW Jun. 27th, 2008 10:37 pm
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Achievements today: scrubbed mouse pad clean in the morning. I can haz shiny clean mouse pad now! No cat hair or chocolate stains! For all of two days, possibly, but still. It's pretty. I hardly dare to touch it.

Also wrote a double drabble for [ profile] grangersnape100. Not hugely pleased with it, but a tiny bunny bit and I jumped at the chance of getting a bit of exercise with the writing again. Seem to have gone rusty.

Can't be bothered to review the Torchwood S2 finale and the DW S4 starter, hence no spoiler cuts, but Torchwood was better than I expected, and I hugely enjoyed DW's Partners in Crime. And I really do like Donna. I have a moderately good feeling about this season, especially now that I'm not that annoyed by Ten any more.

Back aches. Not the neck/shoulder/upper back pain at least any more, but middle/lower back has been bothering me all day. Blegh. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Work continues being exhausting, unfortunately, but with any luck, I won't need to stay quite as late every day this week as I did last week.
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I've been looking over Haunted (I'm eve so grateful to Buzzy for the corrections! they were very useful, although a few made me headdesk as I really should have known those things) in preparation for posting it on TPP (and probably on as well - not sure about Ashwinder yet), and I can't decide how to do it.

I mean, should I post it all in one? I think it was about 25 drabbles, so not exactly a hugely long story. On the other hand, I did write it with a few mini-cliffies / natural breaks, so I'm thinking splitting it up into a few chapters would be better. Three drabbles per chapter seems a bit too few though - maybe in chunks of six or so per chapter? Argh. So hard to decide!

And then there's the question of what to do with the alternate endings... add them as an extra chapter? Would TPP accept something like that?

ETA: Have decided on six drabbles per chapter & posting the alternate endings as a separate chapter. Thanks to everyone for advice!
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Not really much reason for whining - just feel like complaining because the days off are over and I need to get back to work tomorrow. Pah. Oh well, at least it's just two days and then it's time for London, yay!

Watched the Doctor Who Christmas special earlier.

Some random thoughts; some possible spoilers. )

Had a solitary little bunny bite me in the afternoon - posted here at [ profile] grangersnape100. I'm very relieved it all fit into just 100 words.


Dec. 26th, 2007 12:04 pm
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Happy birthday, [ profile] ayerf!

In other news, need coffee now. Sleepy. Considering it was well past 2 that I went to sleep yesterday, not a big surprise.

At least I'm done with the Coldest Summer monster now. Must have gone to well over 100 drabbles - I should count them at some point. The bad thing is that I'm already hearing the patter of little bunny feet running around in my head... I hope they'll either go away for a while or stick to single/double drabbles.

It's not raining today, yay. Which is a good thing as we ought to go to and visit the cemetery and tidy up grandma's plot there. Really didn't feel like doing that yesterday as the weather was anything but pleasant.
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It's a nice ... grey, wet, rainy, windy ... Christmas day, yay. Should go out at some point, I suspect, but perhaps not just yet.

Went to get a tree yesterday - a bit late, yes, but it paid off in the sense that we got a rather nice 2m tree quite cheaply. I suppose shopping for a tree in the evening of the 24th is not something too many people are expected to do! And we haven't had a tree for years - I don't even remember when we last had one, but it was a long time ago.

Tree and kitty picspam. )

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Or at least enjoying the start of the week, if you don't celebrate.

With any luck, I should get The Coldest Summer finished today or tomorrow. Not that I know yet how it's going to end, but I'm hoping it will come to me once I start writing (at some point in the evening).
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Hmm. Well, I didn't want to take the big camera with me today at first for the walk as mum was planning to go to town and I figured it'd be too dark by the time we got there, and the grey twilight isn't the best time to take pics... but I'm rather glad I stuck it in the bag anyway, as we decided to skip town and go to the seaside after all. And I'm doubly glad I had the new 18-250mm lens on it, as the versatility really is nice for walks like this.

And as it was just before 3 pm, we were there just in time for sunset, yay!

Sunset & sea picspam. )

Headache's still sort of there, although it was better for a while earlier after I'd resorted to ibuprofen, which I generally try to avoid... but it was getting too bad already. Oh well, it'll go away once it gets fed up with being there, I hope. Perhaps food will help.

I'm trying to get my muse to cooperate and tell me what should happen now in The Coldest Summer, but the muse seems to have decided that now would be a good time to desert me. Hmpf. *shakes fist at the muse*
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To everyone on my friends list and everyone else as well

Häid jõulupühi!

Randomness and kitty picspam. )

Five days off ahead, yay! And then two more days at work and then five days in London - double yay!


Dec. 18th, 2007 08:49 pm
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I realised today that I've got exactly five work days left until the London trip. This makes it seem so very close!

Work was exhausting today (what else is new?). Did finish everything big I still had though, plus a number of ultra-urgent small things, all to be done within an hour or ASAP, which left me feeling a little chaotic, but at least I got everything done. And then I got some more work to keep me busy for a few days, yay.

The Coldest Summer is turning into a bloody novel. Not what I expected, considering I never even had a plot to start with. I don't even have the faintest idea how many drabbles I've written for it already, but too many. I should make an effort to tie it up still this year... it would help if I knew how I wanted to end it. I should never complain about the lack of plot bunnies again. Of course, the problem is that I've become rather fond of the story, as meandering as it has been.

I want a cat in my lap, but they're all being busy sleeping in my bed. *sighs*

ETA: Kribu must have heard the sigh, because I now have a cat!
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I was planning to come home, sit down and write, but as I'm presently having exactly zero ideas for the GS100 Order round robin, I figured I'd just do a picspam post instead. And hope that ideas will arrive after dinner. I was accosted by a few plot bunnies for The Coldest Summer on my way home, but none at all for Yuletide Potions... *sighs* I trust they'll come later though.

So here's the second batch from Tuesday night out. Less street views, more random details & abstracts.

Picspam! )
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I really ought to learn to take less pics. Or at least become better at culling. But I always like so many of them! And I didn't even have my Pentax with me, just the small Fuji.

Anyway, after a lot of deliberating, I narrowed yesterday's results down to 22 pics... so it's going to be two sets again. I'm really hoping the dark parts won't all look too dark... that's the problem with monitors, everyone's will look different!

On to the picspam! )

Now I need to go and catch up with some more fic reading... amazing what one day without time for any of that can do when one is following several WIPs. Of course they all got updated then! At least I'm reasonably pleased with the drabbles I wrote today... now I just wish I knew where it should go next! Grrr.
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Golden Compass meme snagged from [ profile] ayerf and [ profile] dickgloucester.

Clicky! )

Have dusted. Am noticing that single cat hairs are much more obvious on dusted surfaces. Brushed Musti & Pätsu too, Musti was quite thrilled. Kitchen is still a mess, but at least I've had food.

I'm nearly wanting to write some more of The Coldest Summer, even though I don't have any clear ideas right now. Hmpf. Certainly don't want to post more today, I'm half-feeling like I'm hogging GS100 as it is! I know I should really consider writing something else, but... I like drabbles. And I'd need to have a firmer idea to write something proper. The Potter Place prompts still haven't caught my fancy - I haven't even read anything posted yet, which is something I should remedy.

Busy day

Dec. 9th, 2007 03:23 pm
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I'm feeling rather pleased with myself today. Not that I've been achieving all that much, but for a change, I haven't just spent my Sunday doing absolutely nothing at all.

Not that I've got to dusting and other such fun, but at least I've changed the light bulb in the hallway (a bugger to get to even with a stool - I really wish I was 10 cm taller!), cleaned five pairs of boots/shoes, brushed Kribu (yes, that's part of housework, as she's shedding like crazy right now), sorted and put away piles of laundry, and even mended some home clothes (I was amazed I still remembered how to thread a needle... er, yes, I'm hopeless at housework). And written a whole 10 drabbles, which is a feat I've only managed once before. And all that before it was even 3 pm yet.

I'd need to brush Pätsu and Musti too really... but neither is quite as brush-loving as Kribu is. And there's still dusting to do. Hmpf. And the kitchen looks fairly horrid... pah. Need chocolate first. :-D
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I'm so glad plot bunnies have decided to return.

Two days ago, I was getting into an entirely terrified state due to having signed up for the Order round robin at [ profile] grangersnape100 and feeling completely dried up - not a single thought in my head (er, lots of random thoughts, but nothing even vaguely useful for writing), and I'd opened and closed Word a couple of times without getting any further than typing a solitary I or A and then deleting it and closing the program...

So yeah, it was a big relief when the latest bunny attacked. I'm not entirely happy about my contribution to the round robin story, as I felt it wasn't really going anywhere, but on the other hand, it could have been worse.

Now I'm itching to continue The Coldest Summer (er, I mentioned I suck at titles, yes?), even though I have no idea what to write! And even though I've already written 7x100 words today. But I want to know what happens next... dear Merlin, it's sad when the author wants to write just to find out what is going on in the story. (I do know it's not going to involve the Japanese ski jumping team, which [ profile] chilliconcarne just suggested. My plot bunnies might be odd, but not that odd!)
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1. Sleet. Or something between sleet and wet snow. Not comfy for walking in town!

2. Had my first "proper" dentist visit. Still alive. ;-) Was not too horrid, but this was really just the beginning... have now five visits booked in January, when the real work will start. Am not looking forward to it!

3. Still happy about the [ profile] grangersnape100 plot bunny that bit yesterday. I was so certain on Sunday that all my bunnies had gone into hibernation for the winter. It was a completely silly bunny, but hey, better than nothing.

4. Need to start working. Don't want to. *sighs* Oh well... the sooner I start, the sooner I get done. Besides, with the gazillion dentist visits ahead, I'll need the money.

5. Should go and exchange some pounds some day but after last weekend's craze when the local Russians had apparently decided that the kroon will be devalued any minute and rushed to empty the banks & exchange offices of all foreign currency, I don't know if going to exchange kroons for something else is a good idea right now! Don't want to give the wrong impression.


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