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When will people get it that the thing you screw in front of the camera is called a lens? Not a lense. Certainly not a len.

Lens is the singular, nominative case.

And the plural of that is not len's. It's not lens', even. It's also not lens. It's lenses.


Edit note: I do realise that lense seems to be an almost generally accepted alternative for the singular. The rant was mostly caused by all the people on photography forums thinking it's len for the singular and len's, lens' or lens for the plural.


Jan. 21st, 2009 01:50 pm
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My monitor at home seems to have died this morning, so I will be around even less.

Still have the laptop, but I might just be taking more breaks from the computer at home anyway, until I can go and get a decent new monitor. Which will probably be a problem, since it looks like there aren't any decent 19'' 4:3 ratio monitors available any more.
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I've been idly speculating for a while that I might at some point need a new desktop computer as the current one is getting rather too slow for my liking and is prone to freezing up whenever I've had Firefox open for more than half a day. Sadly it's at an age where upgrading isn't possible really - would have to get a new motherboard, CPU, compatible RAM and graphics card, as compatible parts don't seem to be around any more - so it's basically getting a whole new computer.

Computer rant. )

In more positive news, I got my Doctor Who: The War Machines DVD on Tuesday (stuck, barely, in the mailbox - where it just doesn't fit. am so glad I got there before anyone else did) - and today I received the notice from Sendit telling me they've dispatched it. *raises eyebrow*

In even more positive news, I actually had a few ideas for the possible more challenging exchange prompt today when on my way home on the bus. Perhaps I will actually manage to make a start on it today.

*iz deaf*

Dec. 3rd, 2007 12:02 am
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I've got old.

Went to see Foreigner / Alice Cooper today (no, I have no idea why a double bill of those two!) .. I didn't really know much about Foreigner, apart from Cold as Ice and I Want to Know What Love Is, so I wasn't expecting much, but I actually enjoyed them. (And they even played those two, so I could even go "yay, I know this song!".)

Alice... hmm. The band was good. Very young and energetic. Which was really the problem, I think, as (a) Alice was not so young and energetic, (b) the band was LOUD and Alice was not, and (c) pretty much every song had either got a new and, well, energetic arrangement or had been sped up about five times compared to the studio versions, so... well, it's not necessarily a good thing when you go to see someone whose fan you've been for a good 20 years and can recognise about five songs after they've been played for a while and have a vague feeling about the rest that you should know them too, but when you can't make head or tails out of the lyrics and the music sounds different too... *sighs*

So we left before it was over. It sounded better outside the hall, to be honest, but it was a bit too cold to stand outside and listen. I think I'll do my future Alice listening from the CDs, preferably at very low volume.

So yes, I feel old. And quite deaf too, now. And a little disappointed, but I did get an enjoyable 1.5 hour show first, and there were bits of Alice I enjoyed... like him stabbing someone in the beginning and hitting band members with a crutch at some point.
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Quite drained. Hate the current work. Feeling moderately crappy. Weather sucks - snow gone, having rain and wind instead. Winter time sucks too, it's like bloody midnight when it's not even 4 pm yet. Wanted to eat grapes but mum (who had already finished off her share) took them away to take artsy pictures, and I haven't got them back yet.

I don't even have a kitty as they're all spread out fast asleep in several places on my clothes. Other clothes, not the ones I'm currently wearing.

Er, yes. At least I got some drabbles written, although today's set was hard work.
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Gah. Tired, and the week hasn't even started properly yet.

Doesn't help that I woke up due to an especially bad coughing fit just after 4, and didn't really manage to fall asleep again afterwards, as every time I tried, I got another coughing fit. I suppose being good yesterday and finally getting to clean/sort out the clothes closet and the wardrobe caused too much dust to fly around. I do hate having apparently developed a dust allergy in the last few years... summers are OK (possibly because of being able to keep the window open all the time?), but the rest of the year, getting close to loose dust is... not good.

So I've had about three hours of sleep and half a night of dry hacking cough, and now I have to go to work, which promises to be especially unpleasant this week. *sighs*
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Went back to the store after work with the glasses and showed them the chipped lens... the manager was of course immediately defensive and started with the "there is NO way this could have left our opticians like this, it very much looks like it's been chipped afterwards, bumped into something", quite clearly hinting that I must have done something myself, and "how could it be possible not to notice it immediately".

Rant regarding glasses, cut for length. )

In better news, there are lovely mushrooms again growing right by my workplace, so I snapped a few pics.

Two random mushroom photos behind the cut. )
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It's so good to be home after a long day. Got a bag of cat litter on my way home from town, as none of the stores close to home seemed to have the kind we prefer, and I have to admit that even for me, there occasionally are times when I semi-wish that I (a) had access to a car, (b) lived in a house with a lift. Even though the bus stop is very close, carrying the cat litter + other shopping for that distance and then up the stairs to the fourth floor is not my favourite way of spending my evenings.

On the more positive note, there were post office notices in the mailbox when I got home, so I dragged myself out again to go to the post office. Yay for Babylon 5: The Lost Tales and Doctor Who: The Time Warrior DVDs! I'm really rather happy - firstly, brand new B5 (I resisted the temptation to seek it out on the net), and secondly, The Time Warrior! Finally some Third Doctor on DVD - it's been a while since July last year. And I did love Sarah Jane's introduction.

On the more negative note, Sendit posted the DVDs last Thursday, so it took them a week to get here, which is very good... but on the other hand, it indicates that mail is actually moving between the UK and Estonia. And I still haven't got the two books I bought on eBay, which were posted to me three weeks ago. I do actually trust that the guy posted them when he said he did, as I've bought a number of books from him over a couple of years and he's always been prompt and fair (and with excellent feedback from 1000+ people), so I'm starting to have a rather unpleasant feeling about the package having disappeared in the mail. At least it was only under £10, so not a huge loss if they don't turn up, but I'd rather like to have the books... grrr.

I'm really quite knackered now though after the walk to the post office (and to the supermarket from there, and then back home again). And there's something wrong with the floor lamp... something loose inside, I think, as it refused to be turned on (and the bulb's okay). And I detected a hole in my shoe, which means I'll need to go hunting for new trainers soon.
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Back at work from today. Even got some work eventually after spending the first two hours doing nothing (well, except for one six word job). Bleh... don't really want for the holidays to be over, but cannot be helped - and it was four weeks after all.

Finally got around to going to the beach today (after work, that is) - yay! Who knows, maybe the weather will turn all cold again tomorrow. The water was marvellous, although it felt surprisingly cold to start with - colder than last week at Stroomi (where I only really got my feet wet), and felt more like +18°C than the +20 that it apparently was. Perhaps it was the wind that made it feel cooler. In any case, once I boldly managed to get all of myself wet, it felt very nice.

The trip home unfortunately was less nice, as there was also a gang of eight youths or so coming from the beach on the bus, in high spirits -> lots of restless pushing and shoving each other (and other people) and playing "music" VERY LOUD and "singing" (yelling, that is) along - all about the bronze soldier. *bangs head at desk repeatedly* And when a friend of mum's whom we met on the bus asked them to calm down (in Estonian), they got awfully mad of course and started yelling at her, telling her to speak Russian, shouting/yelling the "song" even louder and making all sorts of obnoxious comments, most of which I fortunately did not understand (alas, I did understand enough to know it was not nice). And then they called her a nationalist fascist and a Nazi, duh (I occasionally wonder if it's all they're capable of saying). And then the oldest of the guys (18-20-ish) kicked her, too - yay, what a tough guy, attacking a woman in her fifties. Gah. I hate people, sometimes more than other times.

The sea was still nice though. If the weather stays as it is, I'm hoping I'll get off work early enough to go again.
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I don't generally care about local politics enough to bother about commenting on it, but today seems to be an especially busy news day.

Lots of lovely news regarding Keskerakond. )

In other news, just one more day until holidays, yay! Although I did say at work today that if they really have problems, they can occasionally ask me if I could take a few things... I mean, it's four weeks and just maybe I'll be bored enough on a few days. And I don't have to say yes. And I'd get to choose what to do, if I do choose to do something.
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People piss me off. Especially today.

1. Spent the morning attempting to explain common sense to newbies at B5TV, which took up a whole lot of time (and I don't really even know if I got through to them) and made me miss the new fics posted in [ profile] sshg_exchange (the gift exchange has produced some rather fabulous fics so far). Being an admin is not always fun.

2. Spent the day translating licensing stuff, which was immensely boring, and had the previous parts of the project translated somewhere else, apparently by people without any sense of terminology, consistency, style or grammar.

3. Had my toe (in sandals, hence bare) stepped on by some idiot bloke on the bus that was not happy with the bus being crowded and lots of people wanting to get off at his stop, as it took time and meant he had to wait... at least he didn't push me out of the bus, which happened to some other unfortunate person.

4. Was approached on the bus by a stinking drunk who pressed himself way too close to me for comfort and addressed me with the question "I was wondering how someone can have such an idiotic face as you" and then declared he was god. And that I was an idiot to not want anything from him. And when I told him I needed to get out now (as it was my stop), I was also informed that only idiots live in Lasnamäe. Yay.


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