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Jul. 29th, 2011 02:15 pm
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Let's see if I can also post... I think I'll leave making a picspam post to whenever LJ is working properly again, especially as I haven't got any picspam prepared yet. So here's just a short(ish) overview of what I've been up to. (Erm, yes, depending on one's definition of short(ish).)

DiaCon Alley: great fun! Met up with [personal profile] ayerf at the Liverpool Street train station upon my arrival to London; we headed straight over to St Pancras from there and off to Canterbury.

Cut to spare the f-list from all the blabbering. )

The trip was absolutely wonderful, but now I'm exhausted. Didn't do anything yesterday, and now it seems I've picked up a cold somewhere - very sore throat today and slight fever - so I don't think I'll want to go out today, either.

At least I do have stuff to do at home - will have to start betaing [personal profile] ayerf's [community profile] sshg_exchange fic, the first chapter of which is already in my greedy paws. I'm so glad I got mine handed in before the trip - don't think I'd have the energy to deal with it now. (Also, that meant that I didn't have to be too scared of Shiv when meeting her. The Eye of Shiv is intimidating enough when turned at Other People.)

Right, glad I've saved this as the dozens of attempts at posting all day long haven't worked... *eyes LJ threateningly*

(Note: posting this to DW now instead, just so I wouldn't lose it. I doubt the crossposting to LJ will work either, but we'll see.)
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My Crookshanks POV ficlet Meetings has been nominated in the Drabble/Snapshot category in the OWL awards!

Congratulations to everyone else whose wonderful stories have been nominated. Voting was extremely difficult in most of the categories.


Jul. 19th, 2008 11:37 am
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Went for a short walk in Kadriorg yesterday after work with mum, who brought my camera along - still with the macro lens attached.

I have to admit that while I wouldn't pick it as the walk-along lens to bring with me on a holiday, I'm starting to enjoy the rather odd fixed focal length (135mm equivalent - imagine the field of view sort of stuck on the 4x zoom point for compact cameras), as it both limits what I can shoot but also makes me look around more for targets suited to that field of view. And it's a very, very fine lens - I'm really loving the colours and the sharpness.

Cut for pics. Birds, random people, water, etc. )

Am hoping to get some quality reading time at last this weekend. Last week was pretty bad work-wise - started getting a bit dizzy too often, so I tried to limit my computer time at home, sticking to LJ and reading news and such instead of lengthier things.

Am also seriously considering the SSHG exchange. Damn scared, but too tempted. And I've even managed to think of some prompts, which I fear suck, but ... maybe I'll still come up with better ones, too. Just worried that the muses & plot bunnies will not be cooperative, but on the other hand... I should manage something short at least, surely? And I was really tempted to join the last time already, when I'd not even written anything at all yet, so I'm thinking I'd end up regretting it too much if I didn't this time.

Cat picspam

May. 4th, 2008 03:07 pm
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Tired. Lazy. Spent the day in Pärnu yesterday. Took a gazillion pics, so there might be eventual picspam. Provided I'll ever get around to it. So tired...

Wondering about the HP: HBP film casting. Speculation / potential spoilers? )

Watched DW: The Poison Sky earlier. Not the best episode ever, but entertaining enough. And major squee regarding an old skool Who mention there!

Finally, some recent kitty picspam. Mostly Pätsu this time. )
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Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] shiv5468! I hope you have a fabulous day.

In your honour, a tiny little plot bunny decided to show up, and gave me this.

A fluffy ficlet for Shiv. )
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The most wonderful thing about a three-day weekend is realising, in the evening of the second day, that there is a one more whole day of lazing about ahead. Well, maybe lazing about - have to go shopping tomorrow - but not work, at least.

The cats were pretty yesterday. And I had a camera. Kitty picspam behind the cut. )

Have been busy today, for a Saturday. Fingernails had grown to an uncomfortable length again, so dealt with those (awfully much effort, and it takes forever - all the cutting, and then the filing, and then more filing). Have read more fic. Finally got up enough courage again to post something to the archives - decided to upload the jelly baby ficlet to TPP and Ashwinder. Now the fingernail-biting days of scary waiting will start...

Also finished reading a Doctor Who book - The Price of Paradise, which wasn't too bad, I suppose (but my expectations when it comes to new Who tie-in books are anything but high, considering their nature). Now I only have one more book with Rose to read, and then I can finally move on to reading books with Martha.
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Have been feeling better today after the utterly pointless yesterday, so I let mum drag me out. Didn't go anywhere in particular, just walked around central town a bit, mostly behind and around the national library & a little bit in the old town, and then did some much-needed grocery shopping.

13 pics behind the cut. )

Watched the introductory round of the Estonian Eurovision Song Contest final last night... bleh. Hasn't been this dull and uninspiring in ages. It's not that most of the songs were awful as such, it's mostly that I had forgotten all about them 2 seconds into the next one. The only one I semi-liked and which has been growing on me (and which thus probably has no chance of being voted winner) was this one: Ice Cold Story.

Right. Need to go and read (and review) some exchange fic now! I'm feeling a bit bad about being so behind, but I've been just mentally too tired in general lately to read more than one fic a day most of the time... if I did, I just wouldn't get much enjoyment out of them.
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Right. Saw Torchwood. General verdict - a bit meh, but I've seen worse.

Random spoilerish thoughts about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. )

Ought to do some more catching up with the SSHG exchange fics now... I seem to have a good 15 fics yet to read. Mostly the longer ones, although I've also noticed that I haven't just been skipping the longer ones but also the ones with higher ratings. Heh. There have been some real gems among the ones I've read though, and I've even got tentative guesses for the authors of a whole two fics (although I wouldn't be surprised if I was completely off the mark for at least one of them). I'm generally useless at guessing though, so with most, my guesses have been along the lines of "probably American / probably British".
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Still not feeling too great, but nothing like yesterday - nose still blocked (and sore from yesterday, although I put plenty of cream on it last night - which burned like hell, but was worth it) and throat could be a bit less sore, but in general, I'm hopeful it'll have passed by tomorrow.

Speed typing meme. )

Pirate name meme. )

Also got a few more random London pics uploaded, so here they are.

Eight London pics. )

I've actually managed to make a tiny start in catching up with all the reading... although I've only managed to read a few of the shorter exchange fics so far. Should get myself some tea and get on with it.
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I have a cold. Had a fever too when I got up but that seems to have gone down, mercifully. Throat still sore although I can at least speak now, unlike when I got up. And I still need to blow my nose every 2 minutes or so. (Where does all that stuff come from, anyway?)

Anyway, here's a bit of random London picspam. I still haven't got around to looking at my photos, but mum has done that and started choosing the prettier ones, so I'm just nicking whatever she's deemed worthy.

Four pics behind the cut. )

I've also finally got around to unpacking a bit and organising the stuff I brought home... got The Prestige DVD as a present from [livejournal.com profile] chilliconcarne and [livejournal.com profile] elen_ancalima, which was nice as I'd wanted to buy that anyway. And then I got a special edition of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - [livejournal.com profile] chilliconcarne had been kind enough to edit out everything without the Sheriff in it. I suspect it makes for a much better film that way.

I also got a Harry action figure (hmm, mostly to make sure mum won't get too suspicious of my having only Snape & Hermione figures). It's rather unfair how Harry seems to have no trouble standing up on his own! And his jacket can almost be removed. On the other hand, his wand keeps falling off all the time.

Want tea now.
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Yay - snow at last! We had an entirely snow-free October this year, which was just odd - usually there are at least some mild snow showers.

Not that I expect it to stay, but it's rather pretty right now.

One snow picture and kitty picspam behind the cut. )

Spent hours trying to come up with nominations for the [livejournal.com profile] sshg_awards - that was so hard! Remembering all my old favourites, then actually finding them all for the links and for checking the publishing dates, and then deciding on the categories, which was just... I kept wanting to have at least four categories for each story. And then I came up with 30 stories all in all or so, and after posting remembered that there were still a few more I'd have wanted to nominate. I can't nominate absolutely everything old I've ever liked though, can I?

Hmpf. Need to finish my coffee before it gets cold, and then consider going out... might be fun. Might be cold and wet, too. *ponders*


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