Apr. 25th, 2009

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It's early Saturday afternoon and I'm too lazy for anything else right now, so it's picspam time!

All pics from this week, most from Tuesday's walk by the river, with a couple of exceptions. Common theme: spring. Nothing very artsy, I'm afraid.

Cut for pics. )

Today seems to be genuinely warm - around 15°C or so, and the first time this year that I woke up because I was too hot. Sunny. Windy, too, but that's kind of usual. Definitely need to go out later, but I still need to wake up a bit first... it's been an exhausting week, once again.
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I'm back from a three hour walk. Very tired!

Was feeling absolutely awful to start with - was nauseuous and dizzy for almost all day (we only managed to finally get out by 5 pm or so), and the first half an hour I constantly felt something between wanting to throw up and just falling over and fainting, and I was too hot (but it wasn't warm enough to take the jacket off either), and just really feeling awful all over, but then eventually it started getting better. I think mint chewing gum and getting to the shade helped. And after that, I was feeling pretty good already, just really achy in the legs by the time we got home. So it was definitely worth the initial crap feeling.

Anyway, here's more picspam from earlier this week! )

Hmm. Should try and catch up with some more fic now.


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