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Musti's done with the new round of antibiotics. Cut for potential TMI. )

In other news, I caved in and got a permanent LJ account. It's really the draw of 15 GB of permanent storage space for pics and stuff that tempted me... that's something I foresee wanting and using for a long time. Provided LJ stays around, of course.
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Still cannot post more than a couple of sentences, it seems.

So you'll all have to do without a DW mini-review, I'm afraid. Unless I can manage to post something in the comments.
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Decided that since it's a new month (very important for the credit card bill ;-)), I could just as well take the plunge for a paid account. Now I just need to find/make better userpics...I'm not very good with making them apart from cropping and resizing random pics. Oh well. :-) At least I now I have the option! Even found a lovely Keith pic I just had to add.

Winter has arrived, it seems. 

Oh, and I got The Celestial Toymaker Target book today in the mail. Actually in the mailbox, didn't have to go to the post-office, which is nice when there is a snowstorm outside. Rather pleased about getting it as it seems to be fairly rare at eBay and generally goes for a bit more than what I got it for, so yay! Now I just need to get to the First Doctor novelisations at some point... perhaps once I've finally seen all the Hartnell stories. I'd just like to know what the next Hartnell DVD will be, in case it's one of the stories I haven't watched yet, so I could wait with that.
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Why do I have to have a headache ruining the little there's left of weekend? Pah! I'm blaming the switch to winter time, and the almost shockingly early darkness. Most annoying. Under usual circumstances, I would convince myself that ice cream would help, but I've already tried that today and it apparently hasn't.

I'm also a little annoyed with Firefox 2.0... It's nice in many ways, but it tends to crash every other time I'm exiting. And if the 1.5.x.x version was a memory hungry monster, then this is even worse. Seems to be eating up at least 120 MB of RAM steadily, even when minimised. And people complain about IE being a resource hog... of course, I haven't tried IE 7 yet, perhaps that will manage to compare with Firefox in that sense.

And I want more LJ userpics. *pouts* I feel I'm lacking a good selection of Third Doctor pics for every situation. I don't quite feel like getting a paid account just for that yet though... maybe eventually. I would like more than six pics I can use... *pouts some more*


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