Apr. 21st, 2009


Apr. 21st, 2009 11:16 pm
kribu: (Kribu haigutab)
Just spent about an hour crawling around on all fours under mum's desk, untangling the awful mess of cables and reconnecting everything (and finding about five loose ones belonging to things we don't have any more) and removing a huge pile of dust while at it... I did try and not breathe too much, so I'm hoping it won't trigger a sneeze and cough fest. My poor knees are rather annoyed with me though.

On the plus side, mum now has a working computer and a new monitor - ordered it yesterday, arrived today. A lovely (I hope, it got good reviews) 22'' Dell 2009WA. It looks very sleek and shiny and all black. For some reason, it came with a wrong power cable (three-pronged; we only use two-pronged ones) but it seems that whatever the old monitor's fault was, it wasn't with its power cable, so we could just use that.

Tired now. If there's any configuring needed, it'll have to wait until tomorrow, together with whatever updates mum's computer needs after having been offline for a couple of weeks. Did about 6000+ words of work earlier, and also went out for a two hour walk by the river - found a surprisingly large amount of different spring flowers blooming, although they're hard to spot among all the old grey grass. Busy day!


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