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2007-04-28 02:43 pm
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Disappointed and tired

It's a nice sunshiny spring day. And I feel so... tired. And disappointed in people. Well... "people". I'm not sure they deserve to be called that. Lowlife scum, more like it.

I had a nice long rant about the events of the last two days in the Gutter in the Lounge, as - in a moment of clearer thought - I don't think such feelings as I had last night and this morning are fit for more public consumption. They don't go too well with my desire to think of myself as a tolerant, non-hateful, civilised person, so I'm going to be a hypocrite and go on pretending now, now that I've got the worst of that hatred out of my system.

I'm just so tired. And I keep wanting to cry a bit, when thinking about what has been done to my town.

I wonder if the worst is over now. I don't dare to hope though, not with 9 May still to come.
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2007-03-25 05:25 pm
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Spring? :-S

Spring seems to have arrived. And I've remembered what it was about sunshine that I don't like.

Had to go to Säästu today and it didn't take me more than five minutes or so in the heat & bloody sunlight to basically collapse... argh. I hate it. I hate it when I cannot breathe or think straight, just because there's some ruddy yellow ball up in the sky that is heating my brain.

*is pissed off*

Bleh. I suppose it didn't help that I've been slightly ill all weekend (typical) - slight fever all day yesterday and half a day today. At least the pounding headache that was my companion all yesterday decided to spare me today. I had to miss the Estonia-Russia football game I planned to go to, too... oh well, we lost anyway, so only the cost of the ticket lost. And it was warmer, more comfortable and less noisy to watch it on TV... yesterday, those were all good things.
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2006-11-22 05:52 pm
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*kicks computer, part 2*

There are certain tools I despise. So obviously I get a job requiring that very tool during the busiest time ever. And equally as obviously, it bloody crashes just when I'm finished with the work, but haven't yet managed to save (it's built in such a clever way that saving interrupts the work and isn't very convenient every 2 minutes). And then it obviously leads to crashing the bloody Windows with it.


So all I've managed to do today is anger myself over complete nonsense, and I haven't managed to do almost any of the actual real work I should be doing. So I ought to start with that now, never mind it's bloody 5:50 pm and I'm fairly tired already. Oh well.

And my leg is hurting, in the way that I'd just want to chop it off and throw it away.

/rant over, for now.
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2006-11-21 07:41 pm
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*kicks computer*

Why does a computer think it's a smashing good idea to freeze completely when I'm starting to send off finished work? *kicks computer*

Not a good day for work, today. Many annoyances. Stupid work. (Obviously it's not my fault it's stuff I have no clue about! :-)) Bloody licencing agreements, privacy statements, etc, are never the things to put me in the best of moods, and when it appears that all usernames and passwords needed for online databases (which I never use but would have appreciated muchly this time, as I needed to keep referring to stuff not translated by us) have expired, it's not the way to make me happy!

Maybe I should eat some tourists. Because that would make me happy. *Nods*