Sep. 12th, 2008 09:37 am
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I should stop whining about it, really, but it's cold and getting colder. Forecast for the next ten days is 7-11°C, with rain a lot of the time. 7°C now and raining quite heavily ... don't want to go out to work. *weeps* And still no heating either at work or at home. Even the cats prefer to be curled up on a blanket with each other instead of warming me.

Where did the summer go, anyway? Not that we had much of one this year - one beach weather day (and not a very warm one at that) and that was it.

Attempted rather half-hearted shoe shopping yesterday but not with any luck - tried on three rather nice pairs but all felt a little bit off. A tiny bit, not much, but with shoes in the $150/€100 range, I want instant comfort. Then again, perhaps I should try new shoes when wearing proper shoes to start with, instead of trainers, as no "real" shoe will feel quite as comfy compared to those.

Of course, what I really need is rubber boots and not shoes, considering the weather. Grrrr.

Managed to get past the block in the exchange fic yesterday. With any luck and plot bunnies willing, I might get it done this weekend.


Sep. 10th, 2008 06:34 pm
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Just got home from work. Tired. Hungry. Cold. And the bloody MSN Messenger won't work.


At least the rest of the Internet, obviously, still does.

*goes hunting for food*


Sep. 8th, 2008 10:28 pm
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I have a vague feeling I should be working on the exchange fic, but for the second day in a row, I've opened the file and just ... nothing. I know, in principle, what ought to be there, but I cannot make myself write it. And I've started being plagued by doubts about the whole thing. Ah well, perhaps I just need a couple of days' break.

Felt completely drained yesterday - apart from installing more things, didn't really feel up to anything at all. Did finally get around to watching Doctor Who: The War Machines though, after having the DVD for nearly two weeks. Was good enough, but not among my favourite One stories. Can't really help preferring Ian and Barbara to all the other First Doctor companions. Still, it was new Who (one of the handful of stories I hadn't seen yet), so it was well worth it.

Tired today - did a lot of work and grocery shopping afterwards. The weather continues to be utterly sucky (cold, very windy, rainy) and I ended up wearing gloves. Feel like wanting gloves now too but they get in the way of typing... damn it, want heating turned on already. Remote central heating is all very well when it works but sadly it always means a month of freezing my extremities off in the autumn. Should get myself a nice cup of hot tea perhaps, but am so full after dinner. Grrr. And I'd really want ice cream.


Aug. 26th, 2008 08:40 am
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My left knee hurts. Rather badly. For the third day now. It's hurt before, too, but never to this level - the last three days have been just ... well, it doesn't matter much whether I sit or walk or lie down, it's just hurting. Stairs are especially bad. It's getting a little less, I think, but grrrr.

Sunday was all achy ... the knee, left ankle, lower back, left wrist. Right side to a lesser amount. It was incredibly annoying. The weather, which has been cold and rainy, hasn't really helped.

Work grumbles. )

The work thing makes me rather glad I started on the Exchange last week already, as I really have no idea how much time and energy I'll have left after work. Not for a single word yesterday, anyway.

In better news, I now have a tablet. Only got around to installing it yesterday and giving it a very brief try before putting it away (can't have it lying around when not in use, not with curious kitties around who love to sleep on mousepads!) - it will take some getting used to but I suspect it'll be fun once I get the hang of it. I'd mostly just like to get into drawing a bit again, for myself. And it should be a help eventually with photo editing, too. (Which also means that mum was showing interest. If I get the hang of it at some point and it appears to be useful, I rather fear I'll have to buy a second one...)
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Good thing about holidays being over and being back at work again: am not feeling so entirely apathetic any more.
Bad thing about holidays being over and being back at work again: am feeling quite, quite dead.

The week's been tougher than I expected, somehow, although there's not really been anything particularly nasty to do. Just... this current project, of which we've now started stage two, is so very exhausting. Although as I got some 65,000 words of something else today, I'll spend the next few weeks doing that. Eugh. Expect whining (provided I'm not too dead to whine).

Had to do grocery shopping today so met mum in town after work and walked around a bit first - she brought my camera along as well, but I wasn't really feeling inspired. Ah well, got a few pics anyway. Very random Tallinn picspam. )

I wanted to see how many pics the new camera battery is good for on one charge but as I might go out for a walk tomorrow, decided not to risk it and put it charging now... have taken just under 1000 pics so far and it started showing battery low indicator some 100 pics ago. Can count on about a thousand shots per charge then, I suppose.

Might also go and see Indiana Jones tomorrow, depending on whether I'll manage to get up early enough to wash my hair. Hmmm.


May. 24th, 2008 08:05 pm
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Have been suffering from complete apathy for the last three days. Wednesday was the last day I actually felt semi-alive... spent the day in Viljandi with mum (and took a multitude of pics, but haven't really even managed to look at them) and felt fine, but I wonder if it exhausted me more than I realised.

Can't really seem to muster up much enthusiasm for, well, anything. And I'd be hard pressed to say what I've actually done since Wednesday evening... sat and stared at the computer, I suppose. I apologise for not being around much, but quite honestly, I've not managed to come up with much anything to say. Am really not looking forward to returning to work on Monday, although perhaps I should be - maybe it would actually shake me out of this current funk.

Had an odd urge today to see if there's any fun Brandon/Marianne fic around, but it seems that 98% of all Austen fanfic is dedicated to Pride and Prejudice. Hmpf. Did find a few things on pemberley.com, but on the whole, either I'm just not finding it or there is actually a severe lack of it.
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So tired. Also feeling a bit feverish, but I think it's from exhaustion. And stressed. And irritable. And all in all not in the best of moods.

Fed up with work, and it's only Monday... I'd really be looking forward to my two weeks of holidays (in two weeks), if they didn't start with getting a tooth pulled out, most likely. *sighs*

More picspam from previous Sunday's walk. )

Gah. Want sleep but have been waking up early in recent days/weeks... around 5 today. Most annoying.
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Have spent most of the day alternating between the bed and the sofa, under Musti. Cut for pointless whining. )

And I'm trying to think of something good to say as well ... er, I think I managed to reschedule the health check-up for March. Not sure if that is good or not.


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