Sep. 12th, 2008 09:37 am
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I should stop whining about it, really, but it's cold and getting colder. Forecast for the next ten days is 7-11°C, with rain a lot of the time. 7°C now and raining quite heavily ... don't want to go out to work. *weeps* And still no heating either at work or at home. Even the cats prefer to be curled up on a blanket with each other instead of warming me.

Where did the summer go, anyway? Not that we had much of one this year - one beach weather day (and not a very warm one at that) and that was it.

Attempted rather half-hearted shoe shopping yesterday but not with any luck - tried on three rather nice pairs but all felt a little bit off. A tiny bit, not much, but with shoes in the $150/€100 range, I want instant comfort. Then again, perhaps I should try new shoes when wearing proper shoes to start with, instead of trainers, as no "real" shoe will feel quite as comfy compared to those.

Of course, what I really need is rubber boots and not shoes, considering the weather. Grrrr.

Managed to get past the block in the exchange fic yesterday. With any luck and plot bunnies willing, I might get it done this weekend.


Sep. 8th, 2008 10:28 pm
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I have a vague feeling I should be working on the exchange fic, but for the second day in a row, I've opened the file and just ... nothing. I know, in principle, what ought to be there, but I cannot make myself write it. And I've started being plagued by doubts about the whole thing. Ah well, perhaps I just need a couple of days' break.

Felt completely drained yesterday - apart from installing more things, didn't really feel up to anything at all. Did finally get around to watching Doctor Who: The War Machines though, after having the DVD for nearly two weeks. Was good enough, but not among my favourite One stories. Can't really help preferring Ian and Barbara to all the other First Doctor companions. Still, it was new Who (one of the handful of stories I hadn't seen yet), so it was well worth it.

Tired today - did a lot of work and grocery shopping afterwards. The weather continues to be utterly sucky (cold, very windy, rainy) and I ended up wearing gloves. Feel like wanting gloves now too but they get in the way of typing... damn it, want heating turned on already. Remote central heating is all very well when it works but sadly it always means a month of freezing my extremities off in the autumn. Should get myself a nice cup of hot tea perhaps, but am so full after dinner. Grrr. And I'd really want ice cream.
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A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [livejournal.com profile] ubiquirk!!

I hope it's a wonderful day for you!

Cut for other ramblings. )


Mar. 6th, 2008 09:48 am
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When I last looked out of the window, some ten minutes ago, it was nice and clear.

Now there's a bit of a blizzard out there. WTF? Very pretty though, with large soft fluffy bits of snow. Not that it'll be so pretty at street level when I have to go into it, quite soon...

Just took advantage of my renewed credit card and pre-ordered the next few DW DVDs at Sendit. Woohoo! I'm very much looking forward to Black Orchid - one of my favourite Five stories. On the other hand, I could do without seeing The Invasion of Time again, but I fear I'm a completist... *sighs* Ah well, perhaps I'll want to rewatch everything in order some day, and it'll come in handy then. Also noticed that HP: OOTP has finally got all cheap, so got that too.


Dec. 26th, 2007 12:04 pm
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] ayerf!

In other news, need coffee now. Sleepy. Considering it was well past 2 that I went to sleep yesterday, not a big surprise.

At least I'm done with the Coldest Summer monster now. Must have gone to well over 100 drabbles - I should count them at some point. The bad thing is that I'm already hearing the patter of little bunny feet running around in my head... I hope they'll either go away for a while or stick to single/double drabbles.

It's not raining today, yay. Which is a good thing as we ought to go to and visit the cemetery and tidy up grandma's plot there. Really didn't feel like doing that yesterday as the weather was anything but pleasant.
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I'm feeling so wiped out right now that it's not even funny. Translated about 10,000 words today (not that I wanted to, but I didn't feel like taking work home for the weekend after the week I've had and I have a lot to do next week too), while spending the first half of the day in a rather soaked condition - was raining hard just when I was arriving at work in the morning, which meant crossing a river instead of a street, which meant not even getting to keep my feet dry... I'm so glad I had nice warm dry slippers waiting for me in the office.

I finally got the two books I bought on eBay a month ago. Apparently they were returned to the sender last week as undelivered, so he had to send them again. This time, the postal services did not manage to mess up, it seems. Yay!

And it appears that January's classic Who release is a box set of Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Sea Devils and Warriors of the Deep. YAY!

Warriors I'm not too keen on, as it was really one of the dullest, crappiest stories with Five (but at least it being in the set saves me all the agonising over having to get it separately just for the sake of completeness), but Silurians and The Sea Devils are two of my most favourite Three stories ever, so I'm really, really happy. (No, it has nothing to do with having the Doctor in a wonderfully tight T-shirt in Silurians, honestly!) And it's about time to get another Delgado!Master story on DVD, and a good one at that, considering that The Claws of Axos isn't exactly an undisputed classic.
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Autumn is definitely here, even if not officially yet. My way from the bus stop to the office is quite littered with mushrooms these days - mostly various ink caps but also some random ones. And leaves, lots and lots of pretty leaves. :-D

As I had the Optio W10 with me (damn, I'm SO glad to have a properly weatherproof pocket camera in the autumn!), I didn't let the rather unpleasantly cold and heavy rain & wind bother me too much and managed to snap a few pics anyway. Mostly mushrooms and fungi, but also some leaves and other stuff. And a few raindrops - was hard to avoid those!

Mushrooms & other autumn stuff pics behind the cut. )

Gah. Tired. This week has been rather busy at work so far and will continue like this for the rest of the week and at least until early October. Then again, more work = more money, so I shouldn't complain (as long as it slows down a little again at some point to let me get some rest).
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Two good things about today. Although it was sunny in the morning yesterday too, which didn't spare me from getting soaked to the skin by the time I got to the office.

It looks clearer today though, so hopefully there won't be a repeat of yesterday. (Had I realised it was raining that heavily, I would not have got off the bus two stops early, as I'm used to do in order to get at least some exercise... but what is usually a nice brisk 15 minute walk in fresh air is not all that pleasant when it's raining hard!) I have a bloody annoying headache as it is, probably because I did catch a bit of a cold yesterday... feeling all stuffy and sneezy.

On the bright side, the office should be... nice and people-less today. Practically everyone else is off kayaking, which I wisely opted out of, as I have this annoying habit of catching a cold at the drop of a hat, and as it's been raining (with temperatures around +10°C and strong winds) the whole week, I did not quite feel like spending two days off in the wilderness somewhere. It's just a pity I don't have this particular version of Trados at home that I need for this new work and need to go to town for it - on the other hand, it's exercise and fresh air.

And maybe (a very doubtful maybe, but who knows) I'll even manage to pull myself together and finally go and get myself new glasses after work. Depends if mum can be bothered to come to town for that or not - I'd rather not get glasses on my own, as I'd appreciate having someone to tell me how the various frames look on me (yes, there is the video option / looking at the various pictures on their computer, but I'd rather not as I absolutely hate looking at myself like that). And obviously I can't see it well enough myself, unless I press my nose against the mirror or something.
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Back at work from today. Even got some work eventually after spending the first two hours doing nothing (well, except for one six word job). Bleh... don't really want for the holidays to be over, but cannot be helped - and it was four weeks after all.

Finally got around to going to the beach today (after work, that is) - yay! Who knows, maybe the weather will turn all cold again tomorrow. The water was marvellous, although it felt surprisingly cold to start with - colder than last week at Stroomi (where I only really got my feet wet), and felt more like +18°C than the +20 that it apparently was. Perhaps it was the wind that made it feel cooler. In any case, once I boldly managed to get all of myself wet, it felt very nice.

The trip home unfortunately was less nice, as there was also a gang of eight youths or so coming from the beach on the bus, in high spirits -> lots of restless pushing and shoving each other (and other people) and playing "music" VERY LOUD and "singing" (yelling, that is) along - all about the bronze soldier. *bangs head at desk repeatedly* And when a friend of mum's whom we met on the bus asked them to calm down (in Estonian), they got awfully mad of course and started yelling at her, telling her to speak Russian, shouting/yelling the "song" even louder and making all sorts of obnoxious comments, most of which I fortunately did not understand (alas, I did understand enough to know it was not nice). And then they called her a nationalist fascist and a Nazi, duh (I occasionally wonder if it's all they're capable of saying). And then the oldest of the guys (18-20-ish) kicked her, too - yay, what a tough guy, attacking a woman in her fifties. Gah. I hate people, sometimes more than other times.

The sea was still nice though. If the weather stays as it is, I'm hoping I'll get off work early enough to go again.
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I guess that in most other places, +30°C would not sound too horrid, but up here in the north it's always a bit too much. Bleh. Has been around that for most of this week now, and I'm feeling quite molten already.

Had to take a walk to the post office today... actually survived, go me! ;-) It was totally too warm for feeling anything close to comfortable though, and the slight wind that there was was even hotter than the air. I am so not looking forward to going to work on Monday, as this sort of weather will apparently last for a while yet.

Anyway, got some grapes and strawberries and bilberries from the market (honestly, in this weather, I haven't really felt like eating anything more substantial for a while now) and picked up the new DVDs that had arrived in the post-office - the Stones' The Biggest Bang set (woo! new Stones! although for a four disc set, the choice of songs looks a little boring) and the Doctor Who Time Flight / Arc of Infinity double set, which I'm trying to feel enthusiastic about, but really just got due to being a completist. Not two of my favourite Fifth Doctor stories. (Although Time Flight might actually fall in the "so bad it's good" camp.)

Speaking of Doctor Who DVDs, it appears that Destiny of the Daleks is as good as confirmed as the November release, so I guess that puts an end to my hopes for more Third Doctor releases this year. At least we're getting The Time Warrior in a month, but just one Three release this year is a bit disappointing, what with Pertwee being the second-longest serving Doctor and all. I do like Tom Baker, so I'm not exactly complaining as such, but on the other hand, eleven Fourth Doctor releases in one year compared to just one Third Doctor and zero First or Second Doctor releases does seem a little odd (I can only assume that the fans of the black-and-white era are not too happy). Oh well, one can hope that next year there will be more Three stories - there are all those persistent rumours regarding The Sea Devils (and possibly The Silurians) after all, and not a single Pertwee Dalek story has made it to DVD yet.
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Decided that since it's a new month (very important for the credit card bill ;-)), I could just as well take the plunge for a paid account. Now I just need to find/make better userpics...I'm not very good with making them apart from cropping and resizing random pics. Oh well. :-) At least I now I have the option! Even found a lovely Keith pic I just had to add.

Winter has arrived, it seems. 

Oh, and I got The Celestial Toymaker Target book today in the mail. Actually in the mailbox, didn't have to go to the post-office, which is nice when there is a snowstorm outside. Rather pleased about getting it as it seems to be fairly rare at eBay and generally goes for a bit more than what I got it for, so yay! Now I just need to get to the First Doctor novelisations at some point... perhaps once I've finally seen all the Hartnell stories. I'd just like to know what the next Hartnell DVD will be, in case it's one of the stories I haven't watched yet, so I could wait with that.


Oct. 31st, 2006 07:18 am
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It's raining. And it's +2°C outside. And it's not just raining but it's coming down all diagonally and looks a bit like slush, actually. *pouts*

I don't want to go out. *weeps*

Oh well. At least out = work = money. Money nice. Speaking of which, I think I'm going to keep that Torchwood part 1 DVD pre-order, as episode 3 did show potential beyond "ooh, look at us, we're adult, we can show people having sex in nightclubs". I hope they don't go much further with trying to redeem Owen's character though. I don't want to have to end up liking him. He's a creep -> not hot. They'd better remember that!


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