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Right. Saw Torchwood. General verdict - a bit meh, but I've seen worse.

Random spoilerish thoughts about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. )

Ought to do some more catching up with the SSHG exchange fics now... I seem to have a good 15 fics yet to read. Mostly the longer ones, although I've also noticed that I haven't just been skipping the longer ones but also the ones with higher ratings. Heh. There have been some real gems among the ones I've read though, and I've even got tentative guesses for the authors of a whole two fics (although I wouldn't be surprised if I was completely off the mark for at least one of them). I'm generally useless at guessing though, so with most, my guesses have been along the lines of "probably American / probably British".

Mystery sky

Jan. 3rd, 2007 08:26 pm
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Just noticed that there is a rather full moon up there in the sky. And clouds rushing around, gliding past it at gread speed. It might be a little windy, I think. I'm almost tempted to go for a few more moon pictures, but I think I'd like a lens with more tele reach for that... ah yes, I was planning to get a 70-300 mm one at some point.

So, 2007. Happy new year, anyone reading this! My new year's eve was as boring as they come... was surfing around randomly and trying to survive the sounds of the Great Battle outside, which seems to have lasted a good several hours. And trying to survive the neighbours. Eurgh. I really don't appreciate Russian disco (well, any kind of such horrid sounds, really) at full volume at 5 AM, with drunk people "singing" along to it, also at full volume. Bleh.

But I survived, and it's 2007. Will take some getting used to.

Finally caught up with Whoniverse )

I've also decided that at least as long as I'm allowed, I will "take it easy" with work. In other words, I've been careful to watch my workload and adjust it myself since getting back to work after my sick leave - I've decided to keep my daily load at 6000-6500 words, which I've steadily managed, and try to avoid doing either more words or more hours. Six hours is the absolute maximum I can take now, I think - keeping it at five is better. At least my back aches, which were starting to become pure torture before my extended sick leave, have got less now, on most days they're not even there, so it seems five hours is what my back can actually take of that chair.

I am feeling somewhat guilty over doing short days, but I've got to the point where I do need to take care of myself first and foremost. And objectively speaking, I don't think I'm being lazy or unfair to others, as 6000 words a day should be considered reasonable, I think.
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Considering the amounts of work they keep sending me home, I have a feeling they don't expect to see me back in the office for another week at least. Got another 16,000 words or so, yes, plus some smaller things. Heh. Oh well, at least I already did half the other big thingy today.

Fannish ramblings )
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Taking advantage of the situation of having done all the work I had... I know it won't last, but right now I don't plan to tell anyone. ;-)
I mean, I should be doing something anyway, what with having had a rather large workload only just yesterday, but I'm just too good. And have deserved a moment without more nastiness. ;-)

I'm feeling increasingly strange about my TV viewing. In a way, I'm feeling a lot more... mellow, than I used to. Maybe I'm growing old. Or maybe it's just that I'm so damn tired and exhausted from work lately that I don't really require depth. Random entertainment seems to be enough just now. As long as there is something worth my while there (characters, dialogue, random little moments, or even just potential), it's all good. So I'm being reasonably happy and entertained with the shows I've been watching lately... but not really, really into any of them. Not caring much one way or the other, really. (Which is probably a good thing, as one obsession at a time is enough, anyway.)


Oct. 31st, 2006 07:18 am
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It's raining. And it's +2°C outside. And it's not just raining but it's coming down all diagonally and looks a bit like slush, actually. *pouts*

I don't want to go out. *weeps*

Oh well. At least out = work = money. Money nice. Speaking of which, I think I'm going to keep that Torchwood part 1 DVD pre-order, as episode 3 did show potential beyond "ooh, look at us, we're adult, we can show people having sex in nightclubs". I hope they don't go much further with trying to redeem Owen's character though. I don't want to have to end up liking him. He's a creep -> not hot. They'd better remember that!


Oct. 24th, 2006 05:05 pm
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I'm noticing I'm not very good with subjects. *points above* Meh.

Anyway, Torchwood. No spoilers, but I have to wonder why they didn't call the show Angel in Cardiff or something like that. Apart from because it doesn't have a vampire called Angel, and there's more sunlight, and people speak with a Welsh accent, but hm... RTD seems to be a Joss Whedon fan, yes. (And I know this comment is highly unoriginal, but I can hardly be faulted for arriving at the same thought independently when viewing the first episode that probably half the people who watched it arrived at as well, can I?)

I must say I preferred the first episode to the second, but as a whole, I rather like it. (It's a good thing I liked Angel, I suppose!) Definitely enjoyed both episodes (yes, even the second) more than the second series of the mother show... well, good new Doctor Who has still been better than this so far, but then, it has only been two episodes - I'm sure the best of Torchwood is yet to come. Plenty there to intrigue, and I like the characters (hm, not sure I like Owen, but for a creep, he's so far been interesting too.) Interesting to see how things are in the new Who universe though... I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt that Rose was often more central to Who than the Doctor, and in the first two episodes, Gwen has absolutely been more important to Torchwood than Jack, although I certainly expected a Jack show. (I assume it will shift slightly, but it's pretty obvious Gwen and Jack will be the "main" characters and the others have a more supporting role.)

In other musings, whose bloody brilliant idea was it to give the tram lane over to cars as well? I spent one and a half hours on getting home from work today, and that's all in various forms of transport, that was (supposedly) moving. The tram's great from Kalev to Kosmos, and then from Kosmos the cars get to share the lane, and it took half an hour (yes, 30 minutes) from Kosmos to Viru... two stops. Bleh. It would have taken me less to walk that distance, except it was raining too hard and I still wanted to get a bit further. Maybe I should just take the bus from work straight to home, but then it's being stuck in traffic not just between Kosmos and Viru but between work and Kadriorg, and that thought is not that much more pleasant really.


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