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Went for a shortish walk in the old town today after work, as the weather was actually nice again for a change. Happened to have the camera with me too, so here's a handful of totally random Tallinn old town pictures.

Lots of pictures behind the cut. )

I remembered I'd signed up at Ipernity a while ago, so I decided to try it out and put more pics from today's walk up there (well, these are there too, but there's lots more there!).
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I was going through my this year's photo folders (and some of last year's, too) and I realised that at least 95% of the pictures I take are of cats, flowers, bugs, leaves, wild mushrooms, birds, snow, the sea, the river, greenery in general or totally random details, when in town - nails sticking out from walls, pavement tiles, road blocks, cracks in walls, paint peeling off, etc. It's actually very difficult if not nearly impossible to find any actual town pictures that give even some sort of overview/idea of what is on the picture! And the pictures I do have are pretty much all of either the old town or parks or the harbour. The rest just isn't too interesting to take pictures of. *sighs*

I do still have the Optio W10 folders from last year and the FZ5 stuff (from when it was still "my" camera, not my mother's) to look through, and I assume there is something back among the old Optio 330 pics, and the Fuji F10 ones... but looking at the Fuji photos is a daunting task best undertaken when I have holidays again, I think (considering it's been mum's primary camera for a while now, which means there are well over 30,000 pictures there now).

Anyway, a small selection of anything approaching 'Tallinn pics' behind the cut. )

I really should go and take pictures of more random areas at some point. When/if I can figure out what to take pictures of. :-D


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