Jul. 13th, 2007 08:50 am
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It seems to be my clumsy week. Just noticed earlier that I've got a horrid big bruise on my knee (I think I hit the knee on the edge of the bathtub the other day, but promptly forgot about it), and now I managed to get my foot caught on a chair... immediate large bruising on top of my foot now too. (That's one place where I can't remember having one before.)

At least it's not raining today, so I can hope I won't slip on the street or something...
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Managed to break my glasses this morning, yay. The older ones, the ones I wear indoors. Bleh.

At least I have the other pair too (or I wouldn't be typing this now)... I haven't yet managed to wear them for a whole day in the couple of years I've had them, as it's just too much strain on the eyes for some reason, so I've only used them outdoors... I guess I'd better get used to them now though. Bleh. Again.

So I guess I'll need to get around to getting new glasses at some point... I hope I can keep the old frames at least, not just for the cost but also because they were actually reasonably comfortable, and finding new ones that fit is never an easy task.

Anyway, better get to work... apart from Monday, I've not really been able to work that well this week. Just haven't managed to focus too well, and work's been going slower and slower. I think last week's efforts are showing, most probably... I'm just too bloody tired to do anything. I don't suppose it helped, strictly speaking, that I, um, accidentally stumbled across some Snape/Hermione fanfic the other evening, which kept me up a little longer than I should have, but that's another point entirely.


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