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My [ profile] sshg_exchange gift fic was posted today! It's called The New Order of Things (not entirely worksafe, if you'd rather not read R-rated things in public) and is wonderfully funny.

Thank you, mystery author! It was a real pleasure.

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We can has fixed stuff! The electrician came over yesterday and replaced all the power sockets and light switches, fixing what needed to be fixed inside. And he fixed all the lamps as well. We've been having the fuses blow at least a few times a month lately, and have been going through lightbulbs at the rate of a couple a week, so the situation was pretty dismal. Here's to hoping the new and improved situation will last. :-D

I have been branching out and trying new stuff lately. I finally got the courage to try the newish line of Hellus yoghurts - have had apple/spinach and pineapple/basil so far, and liked both of them surprisingly much. Tomorrow it's the turn of strawberry/tomato.

New work year has started off busy. Not a bad thing, considering that we're now thinking about getting the bathroom & toilet redone in the spring, too, and that won't be cheap. But it's the part of this place that really needs it badly, and we've been putting it off long enough.

And last but not least ... the [ profile] sshg_exchange has started! SQUEEEEEEE! I'm so very much looking forward to all of it.
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Still cold. Am on my third cup of tea within the last few hours. Contemplating sofa and blanket and kitty and book, but all that takes effort.

Managed to go out to town yesterday towards the evening but wasn't really in the mood for a walk. Dragged the big camera with me and ended up not even taking it out of the bag once. Spent some three hours shopping, instead... didn't find shoes in spite of trying on a few dozen pairs in at least five stores (mum got a pair though) but did get two new jumpers and two pairs of darker/thicker trousers for the autumn/winter. Columbia menswear once again - so they're a bit loose around the middle and loose around the thighs, but when one spends the days sitting at a desk, loose is considerably preferable to too tight.

And I'm more or less done with the exchange stuff. I think. Still need a title, among other things...


Aug. 31st, 2008 12:17 pm
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Decided that just maybe, trying a new power supply first might be a better idea than getting a whole new computer, especially since I had a spare one somewhere behind the bed linen in a cupboard.

Cut for computer stuff. )

Am feeling a little better today than yesterday (fever again yesterday) - lots of sneezing, but half of that might be due to the dust. And I've finally made a start on the challenging prompt - 1600 words yesterday, and I have a feeling I might actually get somewhere with it.

Right, need to turn off the computer now and reattach the side panels. Musti's already showed interest in the inside of the case, so can't really keep it opened up for long. And then I suspect some general cleaning is in order.
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First, happy birthday to [ profile] phistolemon_!

Second, my holidays are over and it's back to work today. Grrr. Nasty weather, cold and raining. Don't wanna go out at all, never mind to work... ah well. There'll be holidays again.

Third, HP meme, nicked from pretty much everyone. )

Fourth, I'm not panicking hugely on the Exchange front any more. Have something done - not something absolutely amazing, but it's a start. I hope. Unless it sucks completely and shouldn't be shown to anyone, ever. *wibbles*
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Weird weather today - rain/sunshine/rain/sunshine/rain and so on. Am somewhat wet, but also a bit baked.

Still wibbly about the prompts, but have a few semi-coherent ideas. Not very good ideas, but it's a start. *nibbles on [ profile] ayerf's arm for moral support*

And nicked this from [ profile] keladry_lupin. Definitely something to be tried again.

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I've got my [ profile] sshg_exchange prompts.


Shall have to just keep them in the back of my mind for a bit now, I suspect - with any luck, a plot bunny or two will bite. They certainly seem like something I should be able to do something with. In the meantime, I shall panic a bit (hopefully not too much - there is plenty of time, after all!), and perhaps, consider learning to do art...


Jul. 26th, 2008 04:23 pm
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Still haven't got anywhere - it's just too hot here to do anything. Don't feel like moving around much... managed to vacuum my floor though, amazingly, and am now fairly dead. Also located swimsuit but am not at all certain that I'll get anywhere near the beach today. Ah well, maybe tomorrow.

So here's some more recent kitty picspam. )

Still need to do dusting and put the washing away and so on... argh, heat and housecleaning is not the best combination ever.

Have taken a few more looks at the prompts at [ profile] sshg_exchange since this morning. So many I'd love to read! And some I'd really rather like to write, I think... of course, the possibilities of some make me cower in fear. Ah well, only three weeks (plus a bit) to wonder about my fate! *is excited*


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