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Went out for a walk today and got lots of pretty pictures, but then I remembered I'd yet to post the second batch of Sunday's fluffy snow pics... which I'd even uploaded already. So those will take precedence.

Snowy picspam. )

I also realised I've posted nothing but picspam lately. My brain's just not been capable of producing anything else this week, it seems. Have done quite a bit of work, which has been rather exhausting, mentally as well as physically (especially on Monday and Tuesday when I stayed at the office rather later than usual). And there's just not been anything to post about.
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Had the camera with me when going to the grocery store today, and took quite a few snowy macro pics. And there's a few more of Musti, too.

Three cat pics. )

Nine snow pics. )

There will probably be more snow picspam tomorrow or so, as I seem chronically unable to narrow down the choice of what to post. Ah well.

Am rather tired and a little bit cold. And tomorrow means back to work. At least there is a weekend again in just five days!
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I dumped a bunch of recent pics from the camera to the computer again today, so it's picspam time! Mostly P├Ątsu being evil, and then some snow from my way to work this morning.

Pics behind the cut. )

I've found some chocolate on my desk. Yay!
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Took the new camera out today and as I missed one bus (one not so nice thing about winter - icy streets are not conducive to running, so I just let it go without even trying), I had a bit of time to take a few snaps at the bus stop. There's still some snow left from Saturday, especially outside central town.

Snow picspam )

I also have a dentist appointment booked for next week. To say that I'm scared would be an understatement, but I've been putting it off long enough. Which means I have to pay the price now (both metaphorically and literally, as I don't expect the whole thing to come cheap).

Got done with work early today, so instead of just snoozing at my desk I spent the time in a more productive manner and wrote the next four drabbles for the Enchanted series (I really wish I could have thought of a better title but eh, I suppose it will work). Hopefully there'll be more actual work again tomorrow.

And last but certainly not least, happy birthday to [ profile] chilliconcarne!
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Yay - snow at last! We had an entirely snow-free October this year, which was just odd - usually there are at least some mild snow showers.

Not that I expect it to stay, but it's rather pretty right now.

One snow picture and kitty picspam behind the cut. )

Spent hours trying to come up with nominations for the [ profile] sshg_awards - that was so hard! Remembering all my old favourites, then actually finding them all for the links and for checking the publishing dates, and then deciding on the categories, which was just... I kept wanting to have at least four categories for each story. And then I came up with 30 stories all in all or so, and after posting remembered that there were still a few more I'd have wanted to nominate. I can't nominate absolutely everything old I've ever liked though, can I?

Hmpf. Need to finish my coffee before it gets cold, and then consider going out... might be fun. Might be cold and wet, too. *ponders*


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