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No, the post title does not refer to dreading having today's set of Enchantment drabbles being ripped up properly by [ profile] a_bees_buzz who has kindly offered to beta them for me before posting (as I've had embarrassing gender mix-up issues sneak in a few times, I've finally decided to get over my fear and actually let someone see them before posting them for everyone!).

My dentist appointment is tomorrow. *wibbles*

I shouldn't really be too scared yet, as I don't expect to be hurt too much tomorrow (depending on what the first consultation / diagnostic stuff entails), but I've already had my stomach go all achy whenever I've taken the bus past the building the last few days. Gah.

Anyway, the other [ profile] palfow mentioned that I should take some videos of my cats, and I remembered I actually have a few. Not too many and none very good, but I did locate a few of them and uploaded some on YouTube yesterday.

So here's a clip of the innocent, angelic Kribu. )

And I should watch yesterday's episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures now, as I completely forgot about it yesterday.


Oct. 23rd, 2007 06:53 pm
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Morning trip to the post office proved entirely useless, as for some reason they're open 12-19 this week, instead of 9-19. However, I did get there after work, and have the Doctor Who: Planet of Evil DVD now, yay! Well, sort of yay, as it's not the best story ever, but I recall not minding it too much either.

Loved yesterday's episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, again. Although I think it may have been my least favourite episode of the show so far, but it was still good.

Decided to give in to the new plot bunny who attacked me last night and wrote a few more drabbles for GS100 after getting home. With any luck, the bunny won't run off on me now and perhaps there will even be more in this series - it would be nice to see if I manage to continue a story and squeeze out more than 3x100 words from one vague idea.
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The one bright spot about Mondays is The Sarah Jane Adventures. Really, I didn't even expect to like this episode so much, but I still did. It's just so much fun.

I've seen rumours about there possibly being a second season. Well, if Torchwood gets one, I'd be very glad if SJA did, too.

And I suddenly got a most inexplicable urge to find out what soolapulk would be in English. It wasn't in Saagpakk, to my great disappointment. But then, I'm not sure he was even familiar with them. I mean, I can't call them salt sticks with a clear conscience, even if it's the literal meaning, since the Western idea of salt sticks is quite different.

It's not that I need to know... but it bothers me that I don't. I like them, and should I ever need to refer to them in English, I don't want to say "small stick-shaped salty greasy baked pastry thingies with caraway seeds".


Oct. 9th, 2007 08:36 am
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No sore throat. Hands/wrists better. Got work yesterday (nice sort of work, too). Not currently raining. And I have a purring cat in my lap.

Today seems to be shaping up much better than yesterday was. Except that I planned to get up just now and get myself a cup of coffee. *eyes cat*

Loved yesterday's episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Team Sarah Jane is so much better than Team Torchwood in every way that it's not even funny. Well, actually it rather is, I suppose.

And I was lucky enough to snap a picture of Kribu sitting in a very small box yesterday morning.

Picture of Kribu (the cat) sitting in a box. )

Now, can I get to my coffee before my legs fall completely asleep under this cat or not...
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I don't really like saying much about the first part of two-parters, as far as TV shows are concerned (especially in new Who, I've found myself repeatedly squeeing over the first half just to find myself let down by the resolution), but without getting too spoilery (I hope), I really, really liked yesterday's episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, i.e. Eye of the Gorgon part 1. Lots of old ladies and lovely ominous looking old buildings... can it get any better? :-D

And Pentax has announced their version of the 18-250mm universal zoom lens - most probably a rebadged version of the Tamron lens, but this is hardly bad news, considering how highly regarded the Tamron seems to be among universal zoom lenses. Plus I like the Pentax design. I was planning to get the Tamron one at some point (have held back so far as it's not that cheap) for a travel/general walkaround lens, but once the Pentax one is out, I can have a choice. Will depend on the price of the Pentax I guess - if it's similar, and if the lens is considered comparable, I'd likely get that one instead.

More annoyingly, stupid MyBook has once again decided to disappear from my drives' list. Meaning I'll need to remember to unplug it again to see if it comes up the next time... gah, now I don't remember what I did the last time, if I unplugged the power or the drive from the computer or both. *scowls at the stupid external drive*
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Yesterday was for some reason one of the most tiring days I've had in a while. I suppose the three hours of sleep had something to do with it, but in any case, I was feeling nearly dead most of the day - even had to leave work relatively early as I was just feeling awfully dizzy and had to focus more on trying to stay on the chair (as opposed to falling off it) than on the work.

Today was fortunately considerably better, although I'm again feeling wiped out, but that should be temporary. Getting a full night's sleep helped, as did the fact that I finally got done with the 52,000 word file I've been working with on and off for a few weeks now - I swear, there were times I thought it would never get done. I really dislike having to work with single files that are this large, as it's so damn hard to actually see the progress.

By the way, in case anyone had doubts, cats are not normal people. While cleaning out the closets, I found several single socks which I randomly tossed aside at the time, hoping to find the partners for them... so they ended up on the scanner. Which is also where Kribu ended up this morning - on the scanner, right on top of the bunch of socks. *rolls eyes*

I took a picture, of course. )

Oh, and I actually remembered The Sarah Jane Adventures yesterday. I do have to say that I like it a whole lot more than Torchwood - probably because it's not trying to pretend it's, um, "adult", and doesn't seem to be taking itself too seriously. It's plain goofy fun as far as I'm concerned - not exactly the best thing evah!!!111 - but honestly, I can't find much to complain about either, considering its target group and what it seems to be set out to achieve.

Random thoughts behind the cut - not too spoilery but if you don't want to know absolutely anything about the first two-parter, you have been warned. )

Mystery sky

Jan. 3rd, 2007 08:26 pm
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Just noticed that there is a rather full moon up there in the sky. And clouds rushing around, gliding past it at gread speed. It might be a little windy, I think. I'm almost tempted to go for a few more moon pictures, but I think I'd like a lens with more tele reach for that... ah yes, I was planning to get a 70-300 mm one at some point.

So, 2007. Happy new year, anyone reading this! My new year's eve was as boring as they come... was surfing around randomly and trying to survive the sounds of the Great Battle outside, which seems to have lasted a good several hours. And trying to survive the neighbours. Eurgh. I really don't appreciate Russian disco (well, any kind of such horrid sounds, really) at full volume at 5 AM, with drunk people "singing" along to it, also at full volume. Bleh.

But I survived, and it's 2007. Will take some getting used to.

Finally caught up with Whoniverse )

I've also decided that at least as long as I'm allowed, I will "take it easy" with work. In other words, I've been careful to watch my workload and adjust it myself since getting back to work after my sick leave - I've decided to keep my daily load at 6000-6500 words, which I've steadily managed, and try to avoid doing either more words or more hours. Six hours is the absolute maximum I can take now, I think - keeping it at five is better. At least my back aches, which were starting to become pure torture before my extended sick leave, have got less now, on most days they're not even there, so it seems five hours is what my back can actually take of that chair.

I am feeling somewhat guilty over doing short days, but I've got to the point where I do need to take care of myself first and foremost. And objectively speaking, I don't think I'm being lazy or unfair to others, as 6000 words a day should be considered reasonable, I think.


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