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Still not well, but overall, feeling a lot better than before. Small fever and sore throat, still tired, still sneezing, but no pains. I'm reasonably hopeful I might actually be well again by Monday.

Nicked a meme from [ profile] dickgloucester.

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Weeeee! I finally got around to watching The Time Meddler - one of the handful of existing Doctor Who stories I hadn't seen yet. I did plan to watch it last year, when I was going through the First Doctor's stories in order, but then the news came that it was about to be released on DVD, and I decided to wait. Of course, then the release was delayed by a year... *sighs*

I'd nearly forgotten just how much I love the First Doctor. (Not quite the same way as Three, but anyway.) He's so much fun in his irascible old man persona. And while I think I prefer Ian & Barbara as his companions, I didn't really mind Vicki & Steven either (although Steven was a bit obnoxious). And The Time Meddler was a fun story (never mind that the Saxons of 1066 looked quite 1960s...)

And I had a Musti on me the whole time. She's so lovely. And a bit heavy...

Health update: cold still here. )
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Have spent most of the day alternating between the bed and the sofa, under Musti. Cut for pointless whining. )

And I'm trying to think of something good to say as well ... er, I think I managed to reschedule the health check-up for March. Not sure if that is good or not.


Feb. 26th, 2008 12:37 am
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That'll teach me to be all happy and stuff.

Have fever. Not too high (around 37,5) but high enough to make me take turns shivering and sweating, and very much feeling ill. And has been going on for a few hours now.
Voice seems to be going too - I'm sounding all weird and hoarse.

Have e-mailed to cancel tomorrow's doctor's appointment (not much point in running loads of tests to ascertain one's general health condition when one is ill, is there?) and am most doubtful about going in to work tomorrow. Might not be the best of ideas. Am hoping that I can do the work I'm supposed to be doing at home, provided that (a) someone sends me the program I need, (b) I get it to work.

Still no more toothache though, yay!

In better news, I am still all giddy about the [ profile] sshg_exchange reveals. Was lousy at guessing (I only guessed [ profile] camillo1978's, [ profile] septentrion1970's and [ profile] acciobook7's fics) but very glad to find out that some of my absolute favourites were written by some of my dearest friends here. And some others were new discoveries - I do love the anonymity of the exchange, it makes it so much easier to go read without any pre-formed opinions!

Fever :-S

Jul. 9th, 2007 10:54 pm
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I was hoping that the low fever that's been bothering me in the evenings for over a week now was finally gone... but looks like the rain I got caught in today has brought it back.

I do hate having this sort of low fever... not really enough to complain, not enough to justify not going to the office (especially as it's always gone by morning), but enough to make me feel utterly tired and achy and heated.

At least it's only four days until holidays. I really can't wait. Can finally catch up with reading and stuff again, I hope... I haven't even managed to read the last several [ profile] sshg_exchange fics.
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I expected Christmas to... well, suck, as it has done for most of my adult life, but I was at least looking forward to a nice long weekend, with rest and such.


I have no idea what it is with my immune system lately, but how can I go on the recommended walks if 15 minutes outside generally makes me come down with a cold? I think it took a whiff of wind on Saturday... and I was all dressed warmly and such, and not overdoing it... and yesterday had sore throat and an unpleasant headcold. And then my temperature dropped to barely over 36°C in the evening, which should have given me warning as to what would happen... pah.

So anyway, have hardly slept (difficult to do when I cannot breathe through my nose), sore throat, massive headache, so much need to blow my nose that it's all red and sore, and as if that's not enough, have been having fever over 38°C all day long and instead of going down, it's creeping up. So much for rest. Bloody headache. I have no idea how I am going to get to work on Wednesday, unless I make a miraculous recovery tomorrow. And I feel like whining, so this is what I'm doing here. ;-)

I haven't managed (or wanted) to spend much time at the computer today, and there's a limit to spending time in bed (especially when a certain kitty is trying to snuggle up with me), so the one positive thing about this Christmas is that I finished re-reading Order of the Phoenix today (hence my new lovely userpic, yay! figured it's about time to show my support for dear Severus). And now I've at least stopped shivering with cold and am sweating instead, which is a positive change, I suppose.
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I hate November. Yes, I know it's December already, but it feels like November. Dark and grey, grey, grey.

Why can't we have snow already? At least it would give some light. It's been weeks since I've seen anything that isn't greyness outside... well, I suspect there was some sunshine the other day, but as I've been waking up so late in the day lately, it's generally sunset about 2 hours after I get up, so I don't really get to experience it.

I should be going out, getting some fresh air and all that, but going out in this weather's just making it all worse. Oh well, I will have to go out on Wednesday anyway, whether I want to or not... obviously, I don't want to, but to be honest, a full medical checkup is probably what I need right now, so I should be glad that it's obligatory and organised for me by the company. Maybe I'll finally find out what is wrong with me - although to be honest, I'm not sure what I worry about more: finding out that there is something wrong, or finding out that there is nothing wrong and I'm just going around fainting and feeling dead for no good reason at all.
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First time this week that I've been out... only to the post-office and back, but god I'm feeling dead. Just so very tired. I don't know if I'll ever feel not tired again... I don't really even remember what that felt like.

Bloody Internet was down most of the morning/day... seems to be backish at last. Yay. Seems to have been a general problem for my part of town.

Speaking of general problems for my part of town... I don't really appreciate getting - fully in Russian - ads/anonymous invitations to AIDS testing. I'm sure the cause is good and all that, but I'd rather not be dumped together with the anonymous mass of non-Estonian drug addicts and other risk groups that inhabit these areas. Heck, they might have at least had a few lines in Estonian... but no. Everyone knows, obviously, that this part of town is Russian... who cares that there are tens of thousands of Estonians living here too, right?

Bleh. Anyway. Got the Doctor Who new series 2 box at last. At least it looks sturdyish and all the discs were in their places, but I'm not entirely sure why all the squeeing over the cover art... the plastic slip cover is uncomfortable and the front side looks just dead boring, lenticular or not - actually I have no idea how it's supposed to work, as it seems it doesn't. Back cover does work at least, but a standing Cyberman next to a Dalek is... not really very imaginative art, is it? Insides look better at least. Not that it matters, as I don't particularly plan to actually watch any of it any time soon anyway.
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I seem to be in need of sleep. Slept until 12 yesterday and until 12:45 today... okay, so I didn't get to sleep until nearly 3 last night, but even so, I think I slept quite a bit. It's rather nice. :-D

What is not quite as nice is that my left shoulder and hip continue aching. No bruising though, which is odd. Oh well. And my back seems to have got hurt too - something I didn't even notice until yesterday afternoon. Not much, but there's some hurting in the left side, and a rather visible scratch as well (and not a kitty scratch for a change). I have no idea where I could have hit that. Have been trying to figure out my fall trajectory, but this doesn't seem to be working.

Pätsu is starting to get on my nerves though. She's been wanting a boy for over a month now, taking a break of a day or two now and then and then starting again with increasing enthusiasm. It's rather grating, not just the wailing (which can get bad enough) but that she doesn't care about where she does her business when she's like this... always have to stay on guard and see that she doesn't go to my bed or take my clothes, etc.
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It would seem that I'm a little more burnt out than I realised, if today morning is anything to go by. I don't think I've ever properly fainted before... panic attacks, near-fainting, dizzy spells, yes, but not full loss of consciousness and a rather more forceful contact with the hallway floor than I'd have liked to have experienced.

I have a feeling my left shoulder and hip (which seem to have taken the brunt of the fall, of which I have absolutely no recollection - when I came to, I did wonder for a while why I'd decided to lie down on the floor and not bed, where I was planning to head once I realised I was blacking out) will be somewhat black and blue in the coming days, but I seem to have been fortunate enough not to break anything. Apart from a strong bent in one handle of the glasses' (the only ones I have now) frames, which is now at a most awkward angle... usable but not very comfortable. Now I really do think I'll need a new pair of glasses.

And a small gash at the brow... I think the frames must have cut into the flesh. Fortunately it looks worse than it is, which is just a scratch, really, was just bleeding a little more as head wounds are wont to do... but I do have a bit of a headache on that side too. I suppose I must have bumped my head as well.

Pah. Not going to the office today, obviously, although after having lied down for a few hours I am feeling a little stronger again. I might even be able to do some work today. At least my sight and hearing seem back to normal and the terrible coldness is gone. I'm just a little shaken, which probably makes sense. I'm mostly just glad it hit me as I was going to have a shower and not five minutes later or so... wouldn't really have wanted to collapse in the bathtub
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I'm not sure the fresh air yesterday helped that much... feeling really rather crappy today. Headache, massive sneezing, sore throat again... no fever now at least (but some last night again). Plus my neck, shoulders, upper back and upper arms ache. A lot. Didn't feel it yesterday but I suppose it's a sign of how bloody unfit I've got... wouldn't surprise me if it's because of the camera yesterday. Although it's not really that heavy, so I guess I just need more practice. ;-)

I did feel the strain when taking vertical pictures, felt fairly strong muscle shake in the upper arms then (I think the weather didn't help). Bleh. (And then big idiot men write long posts in photo forums whining about the trend in having a few smaller DSLRs available too and saying all cameras should be huge bricks because they keep hitting the wrong buttons and don't have space for their fingers... just bloody get one of the bigger cameras yourself then!)

And it's raining today. Grrr.

I know I should really go out anyway... I need a new mouse, for example. But I suppose I can still survive without that for a few days. It's just the scroll wheel acting up and mostly not working... just need to remember to use the keyboard scroll wheel more then for now. And arrow keys. Still annoying... the mouse isn't even that old, so it's not an expense I counted on having any time yet. Now for the search for a usable mouse that has a couple of extra buttons without being an over the top l33t gamer mouse costing a fortune... seems this middle range isn't that well catered for these days (i.e. the middle ground between the most basic mice, which I don't want, and the ultra super mega übercool gaming mice, which I certainly don't want).

And I think that's enough whining for now. ;-)


Nov. 17th, 2006 05:22 pm
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I think people at work have decided that I'll be better off dead. Or they'll be better off with me dead. Or something. I heard they're already letting people use my desk and computer, so maybe they want my workplace for someone else and have decided to, um, hint to me that I shouldn't return, and to make quite sure that won't happen, they're trying to kill me, too.

In other words, I got more work, yes... "15,000 words ASAP" to be exact... plus a few more things. ...yay? :-S

Have struggled all day with a file I got the other day... not that many words but it's all 1-2 word strings, which makes the file 12 MB large, which means that it's SLOOOOOOOOW. As in "type a word and then wait for three minutes for the letters to appear on the screen" kind of slow. Which isn't very motivating, to be honest. I think I'm getting to the end soon, but I'm just getting so fed up with it that I can't seem to make that last effort... pah.
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I wonder if it's doing all this work that is making sure I'm not actually getting any better... have had fever again every evening now, and massively sneezy mornings. In any case, the nice people at work are making sure I won't have a chance to go wandering about in the cold moist weather and get worse, what with sending me a bit more work. And then a bit more work. "A bit" meaning a full day's workload again or so.

On the other hand, the work I did in the first three days this week would just rather nicely cover the 70mm f/2.4 prime that Photopoint has just started selling... argh!! I need to remind myself I don't need a full collection of primes at every imaginable focal length. I'm not a photographer! I don't even dare to change the lens anywhere but at home! (At least I've got better at that. Of course, the more often I change it, the more likely I'm going to face the issue of sensor cleaning at some point, which is something I don't yet want to think about. I should get some cleaning kit though, at least an air blower.) I need to remember that there are really only two more lenses I "need"... one normal one with a bit more range than the kit lens... the Sigma 17-70mm should do nicely there, plus it's a macro lens, covering that need too, and then a cheapish telezoom... yet bloody Pentax keeps seducing me with those small flat limited primes which are just so very, very pretty and small...


Pah. I should start working instead of daydreaming about prime lenses. (And who the hell daydreams about prime lenses anyway? It's a bit silly.) And take advantage of the fact that I don't have a kitty climbing around me at the moment.
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Had fever again last night, and sneezing like... like, well, someone that sneezes a lot. (Hmpf, this was supposed to come out wittier.) I wish I could get rid of that morning sore throat thing, where I can't really make a peep for the first hour or two after getting up as my throat's too sore. At least it disappears for the rest of the day.

Just started with work when I got a call from the bank (this is getting obnoxious), this time from my personal account manager, offering individual investment consultation. I don't want individual (or any other sort of) investment consultation... I don't want to invest into anything. Why do bank people think that as soon as you start earning a bit more than the average person, you immediately want to give all that money to them? I'd rather invest in other things, such as DVDs. Or lenses.

Mmm... lenses... after taking a few pics yesterday at home with the 50mm f/1.7 at home (fine lens, that!), I'm starting to desire the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 prime too that Photopoint is now offering... not just because it's even brighter (the depth of field makes it difficult to use anything below f/2.2-2.5 anyway) but because 50mm is a bit too impractical at home. And then there's still the Sigma 17-70mm zoom that is better range and brighter than the kit zoom... and then I'd still want a (cheapish) bigger zoom with more reach anyway, say a 70-300mm or something like that. Grrr. Have I mentioned I hate DSLRs?
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Well, yay, because that means I can work at home! Of course, if I had known I wouldn't be getting work until half past one, I could have watched Torchwood in the morning or something... now I have 20,000 words (which, I think, I'm expected to do in three days or so) and shouldn't really be wasting time on anything else... oh well, I have a cold, I'm allowed to take breaks. ;-)


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