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Still cold. Am on my third cup of tea within the last few hours. Contemplating sofa and blanket and kitty and book, but all that takes effort.

Managed to go out to town yesterday towards the evening but wasn't really in the mood for a walk. Dragged the big camera with me and ended up not even taking it out of the bag once. Spent some three hours shopping, instead... didn't find shoes in spite of trying on a few dozen pairs in at least five stores (mum got a pair though) but did get two new jumpers and two pairs of darker/thicker trousers for the autumn/winter. Columbia menswear once again - so they're a bit loose around the middle and loose around the thighs, but when one spends the days sitting at a desk, loose is considerably preferable to too tight.

And I'm more or less done with the exchange stuff. I think. Still need a title, among other things...
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On my way to work today, my, um, foot seems to have slipped. So I quite accidentally landed in the camera store which is right beside us. And, uh... somehow I was given the Pentax K20D to play with, and it turned out to be not nearly as much larger and heavier than the K100D as I'd feared, and... um. Do I need to tell the rest? ;-)

Thing is that mum told me this morning that she'd even be willing to buy my K100D from me. So it appears that she really is serious about wanting a DSLR. Which sort of would have meant that I'd have been left quite DSLR-less. And there really didn't seem to be any point (apart from the price) to buy another K100D, or its successor K200D, or K10D (the predecessor to K20D) for that matter, so I decided to go for the biggest and bestest that Pentax has got.

Also, as an excuse, while I got another tooth fixed this morning (nothing awful this time, although I suspect there may be tenderness once the anaesthetics wear off as there was quite a bit of blood around), I also got told that next time (in two weeks, eek) I'll get the one quite irreparable molar pulled out. So I'll need comforting. Lots and lots of comforting. I am thinking a new shiny camera will help. Can't hurt at least.

Right. Should start working now, I suspect, as all that money I've just spent will need to be regained.


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