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Went for a walk yesterday... terribly tired today; no wonder, as the walk + shopping after that took a good 3.5 hours.

And I started getting quite cold towards the end, which led to a bit of fever earlier today... was enough to make me worried, but as the fever's gone now, I do think this was just my usual reaction of getting a cold (and I do mean a cold, not some virus - when I actually start shivering of cold outside, I'm pretty much guaranteed fever later that day or the next day, but at least that tends to pass quickly).

Picspam from last weekend and yesterday. )

I also somehow ended up doing twice as much work over the weekend than I originally planned to... nearly 10,000 words yesterday and today. Should try and remember to stay away from it tomorrow!

Oh, and I have a Dreamwidth account now too: - I doubt I'll be using it for anything but name-parking for now, but it's there anyway.
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I'm back from a three hour walk. Very tired!

Was feeling absolutely awful to start with - was nauseuous and dizzy for almost all day (we only managed to finally get out by 5 pm or so), and the first half an hour I constantly felt something between wanting to throw up and just falling over and fainting, and I was too hot (but it wasn't warm enough to take the jacket off either), and just really feeling awful all over, but then eventually it started getting better. I think mint chewing gum and getting to the shade helped. And after that, I was feeling pretty good already, just really achy in the legs by the time we got home. So it was definitely worth the initial crap feeling.

Anyway, here's more picspam from earlier this week! )

Hmm. Should try and catch up with some more fic now.
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It's early Saturday afternoon and I'm too lazy for anything else right now, so it's picspam time!

All pics from this week, most from Tuesday's walk by the river, with a couple of exceptions. Common theme: spring. Nothing very artsy, I'm afraid.

Cut for pics. )

Today seems to be genuinely warm - around 15°C or so, and the first time this year that I woke up because I was too hot. Sunny. Windy, too, but that's kind of usual. Definitely need to go out later, but I still need to wake up a bit first... it's been an exhausting week, once again.
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Some more picspam from the weekend before last.

Today, I really should go out for some fresh air again - yesterday we got a bit of snow and it was cold and extremely windy, even if very sunny later on, so I didn't really feel like leaving home at all. Today seems still cold (around 0°C now) but again very sunny and much less windy.

Cut for picspam. )

Should consider posting my exchange fics to the archives at some point, too, but... I'm having those awful feelings of uncertainty again. Maybe because it's been months since I've written or posted anything. Suddenly it all just seems too scary again. Meh. I suppose I'll get over it.
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First, happy birthday to [ profile] evieeros!

Second, a day late but I finally managed to upload the second batch of pics from the other day's walk... have been lazy today and done about nothing whatsoever. It's nice to just laze around for a bit.

Snow and sea and winter picspam. )

I seem to have a thing for diagonals. I wonder if it's because I like diagonals, or because I'd like a wider field of view... suspect it's a bit of both.
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Have been good and going out for a walk daily now. A couple of times, I've even had a camera with me, but I haven't really been inspired to use it... today was an exception though. Went to the beach, which was absolutely lovely, and resulted in a few too many clicks.

Almost wish I'd have taken the big camera but the last time I held it, it felt like it was crushing me, so home it stayed. Probably a good thing, really, as it was easier to crawl around with a pocket camera. (And crawl around in the snow I did, as I've finally remembered and located my ski trousers that came as a set with the winter jacket - nice and warm and padded, so I didn't need to worry about sitting or kneeling or going down on all fours, trying to get a better angle.)

Picspam. Mostly ice. )

There is also a bunch of snow pics... but I'll post those tomorrow if I remember.

Have had an annoying achy feeling in the left eye all day today... and a headache now, too. Ah well, perhaps I got too much fresh air today.
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Still feeling rather... non-creative. Pretty much just numb and going through the motions. I expect it'll get better with time; at least there is work again, which helps in many ways.

Can one have commenting block, by the way, if one can have writer's block? I'm not even wanting to read fic these days as I have no idea what to say in the end. Can't even seem to come up with two words.

Anyway, the actual reason for this post: found a few random abstract shots from December which I kind of liked and realised I'd never posted.

Cut for the picspam. )
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As promised the other day... picspam! From, um, Wednesday, I think, when I got off work early and met mum for a short walk to / by the seaside. However, "early" is a relative concept and thus it still managed to get rather dark very quickly.

Cut for a bunch of pics. )

And now the snow's mostly gone once again and it's raining and there's wind. Lots of wind. Blegh.
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First, this was supposed to be the reaction post to the news about the casting of the Eleventh Doctor, but... I don't really know anything about the actor. So I'm going to hope for the best, even though I'd have preferred someone older.

Second, went for a walk by the river earlier today. We were actually planning for the beach, but by the time we got that far, the sun was setting and it was very, very cold (a wonderfully brisk -5°C otherwise, but very windy at the seaside, and my fingers and toes were all frozen), so we just turned back.

Got a bit trigger happy with the camera as it was - I'm officially in love with the new lens. It's a little difficult to consider things like colour rendition etc yet, or even sharpness (as my focus was probably all over the place, what with runny eyes and runny nose and shaky hands), but it's so fast in focusing. And quiet. And a joy to handle. And it's marvellous to have a camera that does not take a random pink shot every now and then, or refuse to turn off or on at random times.

Cut for picspam. Mostly ice. )
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Went out for a bit on Sunday - as usual in the winter, didn't make it to town while there was still daylight, but did catch a bit of the sunset. And stuff.

Cut for six frosty pics. )

Can stay home tomorrow but I do have work to do - translating an article with instructions on photographing nudes. So far, I've learned that one should rent a studio as inviting the model home does not appear professional, and if the model has a thick waist but shapely legs, one should isolate the legs and do abstracts. Or something.
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Am still trying to wake up - had my coffee cold this morning, as I spent time giving Musti her pill and completely forgot that I'd poured the coffee out already, and it was icky and disgusting and I had to force myself to drink it (I do wish something, anything, else worked the way coffee does to keep off the otherwise unavoidable afternoon headaches, as I really dislike coffee).

And Pätsu just finally, after days of trying, managed to get my laptop out of the shelf and threw it down. :-/ I think it works - turned it on briefly and seemed fine, but I didn't try the DVD drive or anything else beyond basic turn-on, as all the cables are put away. It wasn't a big fall, maybe from about 30 cm, and corner-first... more like a slide, I suppose, and it is a business-class laptop which ought to mean a tougher shell. But still. Argh. That cat.

As I'm still too out of it to do much else, here's a handful of pics from last week and yesterday. Snow all gone, sniffle. Cut for picspam. )

Am tired and a bit achy. Managed to take a tumble down the stairs yesterday on the way out, as the stairwell was quite dark and I missed a step. Not a big fall, but my knees and hands didn't appreciate it anyway. I was wiser on the way back - still no lights - and used the phone flashlight. Which reminds me that I really should get that new phone I want, and give my current one to mum, whose phone isn't working too well any more.
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Finally managed to look through the pics I took on Monday, when we still had pretty snow. Why can't I ever just pick a handful for posting? Gah.

Cut for pics. Might take a while. )

Since then, we've got rain and it's been thawing quite a bit, so there's very little left - and what there is, is all dirty and slushy. Grrrr. But it was very pretty while it lasted!

Right, off to the vet's with Musti now... I just hope these antibiotics will work. No sign of them working yet, but she's only had two injections so far, so perhaps it's too soon to hope for any improvement.
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Am so very, very tired. Seven days of this work left, and then it should be over - have been promised (well, ordered) a week off in the second week of December. That should come in handy.

Not really having much energy for work any more... the last several days have definitely been going sluggishly. Blegh. I know it's only one week left and I should make an effort, but... so very tired.

On the other hand, we finally have winter. Cut for picspam. )

Have been torturing poor Musti three times a day with the ear drops - at least it's just today and tomorrow left, now. We're promised a snowstorm tomorrow and Monday... not much looking forward to carrying Musti to the vet on Monday if that happens! Ah well, will manage. The poor thing will probably be getting quite cross with us already, though. And I'd really like some good news for a change, there... at least Musti's been noticeably more energetic this week, running around more and so - mostly running around trying/hoping to get to the other cats' food (we're being very strict with keeping her on diet food now; just hope it will eventually help), but whatever works!

Right, lunch break over, back to work. *sighs* Seven days left, just seven more days...


Nov. 1st, 2008 10:19 pm
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*waves feebly*

Apologies for not beind around much lately - I've made the occasional effort to comment, but mostly, I've just been too tired.

One more month of this to survive. Blegh.

Have mostly been working at home but did go in on Tuesday and had a camera with me, so here's a handful of extremely random shots. Click here for pics. )

Other than work, not much else has happened. Have barely managed to find 2x0.5 hours in the last few weeks to watch The Sarah Jane Adventures (yay!) and finally managed to catch up with a couple of fics today. Have to take Musti to the vet's on Monday, as she's started to leave red droplets around now and then - something with her bladder or kidneys, I assume. :-/ At least she seems quite herself otherwise. Am hoping it's treatable, anyway, needless to say (and more than a little bit worried, but trying to stay optimistic).
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Stoopid Windows Live Messenger kicked me off and isn't letting me back on again. *kicks stoopid Messenger*

So here are a few completely random trial shots from today with the Pentax A40.

Cut for picspam. )

*is tired*
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Back from the dentist. DONE! YAY!! Well, until next year, but for the moment, I'm done. Feels so... weird.

Must start working now, but it's a little complicated with a large cat stretched out on top of me/shoulder/chest/back paw in my navel. Hmpf. So here's some picspam from last week.

Cut for picspam. Trees and water and stuff. )

Whew, have been released from under the cat... this is one major problem when working from home. I am generally not clawed, purred at and used as a pillow in the office.
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I think I've had enough of work for today... gah, getting really more tired every day. On the other hand, am making good progress with work, and am thus hoping for relatively nice pay for both September and October. Will come in handy with the dentist bills!

So here's a bunch of pics from last Friday evening, right around/immediately before sunset.

Cut for autumn pics. )

Blegh. Seem to have a bit of a headache. At least there are plums.
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Have had a relatively busy Saturday morning - had coffee, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, scrubbed the walls where the cats sleep (and sneeze), and picked out a handful of pics from last Sunday's walk at Pirita, mainly in the convent ruins.

So here's the picspam before I have to start working.

Cut for the pics. )

Right, time to work... mum seems to want to go out today too as it's lovely and sunny, so I ought to get at least a few dozen lines done before that.
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In my somewhat futile attempt to catch up with all the pics I've taken in recent months, I found a handful from late July and August that I've not posted yet...

Cut for picspam. )

Still struggling with figuring out a title for my exchange fic. Ah well, I expect I'll come up with something eventually.

Should've gone out today but I've spent most of the day sneezing and just feeling really tired. The week's finally caught up with me, I think - was really busy work-wise.
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Has been a while since I've done a picspam post... still haven't managed to tackle my Paris pictures properly, or others since then, but as I went for a short walk with mum in Kadriorg yesterday (it stopped raining, yay, although still cold and windy) after work, I figured I can just as well post a handful before I forget about those, too!

Ten pics behind the cut. )

Contemplating going out soon... currently not raining but has been on and off all morning, and it's very grey and windy outside. (Inside too, really, even with the window closed.) But there might be something interesting going on in the harbour - a Red Bull fly day or something like that.


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