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Picked up my shiny new computer yesterday, so today was spent setting it up. Especially as I wasn't in the mood to go out - managed to stub my toe on the sofa yesterday, so it's all bloody and bruised. Not broken though from what I can tell, just hurts a bit if I try to put full weight on it.

Cut for boring computer stuff. )

All this computer stuff (and dust flowing around) has given me a rather nasty headache. And I haven't written a word today (not really worried about it, but still). And I just watched Estonia getting beaten by Belgium in the World Cup qualifiers ... 3:2 doesn't look too bad as the result, I guess, especially for an away game, but Belgium really was so much stronger. Grrr.

Oddly enough I'm almost missing the laptop now. And I hated using it when I had to switch to it last week. *sheds a single tear*


Aug. 26th, 2008 08:40 am
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My left knee hurts. Rather badly. For the third day now. It's hurt before, too, but never to this level - the last three days have been just ... well, it doesn't matter much whether I sit or walk or lie down, it's just hurting. Stairs are especially bad. It's getting a little less, I think, but grrrr.

Sunday was all achy ... the knee, left ankle, lower back, left wrist. Right side to a lesser amount. It was incredibly annoying. The weather, which has been cold and rainy, hasn't really helped.

Work grumbles. )

The work thing makes me rather glad I started on the Exchange last week already, as I really have no idea how much time and energy I'll have left after work. Not for a single word yesterday, anyway.

In better news, I now have a tablet. Only got around to installing it yesterday and giving it a very brief try before putting it away (can't have it lying around when not in use, not with curious kitties around who love to sleep on mousepads!) - it will take some getting used to but I suspect it'll be fun once I get the hang of it. I'd mostly just like to get into drawing a bit again, for myself. And it should be a help eventually with photo editing, too. (Which also means that mum was showing interest. If I get the hang of it at some point and it appears to be useful, I rather fear I'll have to buy a second one...)
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Have been trying to spend less time at the computer the last few days - hands/wrists/arms not feeling well at all. I blame work, as it's where the problems are the most evident - yesterday was especially bad, having sudden flashes of pain reaching into the fingers several times an hour. At least it got better in the evening again, although it does remind me that I should once again take it easy for a while.

So having football to watch is probably a very good thing in that way, too. Although I rather think I need more and bigger cushions for the sofa if I spend much more time there - back's been killing me the last two days by bed time.

Anyway, more picspam from Sunday's walk. )

Read the 800 word new JKR pre-HBP snippet... nope, not making me any more impressed by James and Sirius. On the other hand, it did confirm my opinion about them (not that it needed confirming), so I suppose that's good.


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