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Hmm. This day has so far started off better than the last one ended.

My dear new external hard drive, which first refused to power down yesterday and then decided to ignore everyone completely (i.e. choosing to play hide and seek with the computer, not showing up anywhere at all), seems to have taken the time over the night, while plugged out, to reconsider things, and after being plugged in again, it's back, with all data intact. Yay.

And then, the latest Doctor Who episode wasn't that bad at all.

Doctor Who 3x07: 42 )

Random side question... would it always be a crime to murder one's neighbours? Especially when they are lovers of music?

It's not helping my headache, really, even if it is a little better today than it was last night...


May. 14th, 2007 09:53 am
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I've wondered about this many times, but I can't help but wonder again.

Why is it SO common for fic writers to mix up definitely and defiantly? It sometimes seems like this mistake is made in every second or third fic I read, especially using "defiantly" in the sense of "definitely" (very rarely the other way round). It shouldn't be that difficult for people to remember the difference, surely? I mean... just look at the word and try to pronounce it... should give an indication that something is off, no? I mean... sentences such as "This poison would defiantly kill her" make no bloody sense!!


And while I'm ranting, what is with people that cannot stick to the same tense within a fic, or at least within one chapter? Surely it should feel odd to them to write one sentence in present tense and the next in past tense? Or even worse, using both in the same sentence? Such as "She smiles and ran off." I'd understand if such mistakes were made by non-native speakers (heaven knows I make plenty of mistakes in English myself, especially when not bothering too much with the thinking and such), but when they're made by people whose first language is English... *sniffles sadly*


Apr. 17th, 2007 11:00 pm
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Why is it that when the blasted bus leaves three minutes early (without me), the next one does not come early but is right on time or even a minute or two late? Most annoying.

As I had an unexpected day off due to power outage at the office, I let myself be coaxed out for a walk, as the weather was nice and all... not really the best idea. Maybe it's because I was still tired from the walks over the weekend, but it's been a while since I've felt quite SO... old. And hurting. And exhausted. It's as if everything that could possibly feel off felt off... stabbing pains in the heart, stabbing pains in the stomach, dizziness, back aches, hip joint hurting... never mind my legs. I shouldn't feel like this at my age. But as nothing's actually wrong... bleh. I suppose I'm just too entirely out of shape after this winter.

At least it was fairly pretty. Saw lots of little flowers and I even got a new wallpaper out of the walk. A bit boring perhaps, but pretty anyway.

Small version of wallpaper )
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The important things about genetics that one learns from Doctor Who: if a cat person and a human decide to procreate, the result is a litter of perfectly ordinary kittens of various breeds. Very cute kittens, at that.

DW 3x03: Gridlock )

In other news, it seems it's suddenly got all warm outside. Which would be nice in principle, but unfortunately meant that I haven't really had much sleep, or good sleep for that matter... woke up in the middle of the night because it was just too hot. And never really managed to get back to sleep properly. And I have no idea what to wear if/when I'm dragged out for a walk or something today (which will most likely happen).
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I planned to gift myself upon the anniversary of my birth with a new lens... but of course, none of the stores I went today had that particular lens in stock.

I found that most disagreeable.

Oh well. Ordered it now... I've decided that a wide angle zoom is the one I, ahem, "need" the most right now (or in general - one that should come in handy now and then over the coming years, especially if I ever feel like doing some architecture photography). And I was all set on getting it today... not that I need it today, but would have been nice. *whines a little*

At least I didn't return home entirely empty-handed... directed mum to get me the new, restored, proper DVD of Kevade, and also finally got around to getting the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, as she insisted on getting me a birthday present. And cake. Cake's nice (I hope anyway, haven't tried that particular sort of cake before).

I was hit by the oddest realisation in various bookstores today though as I wandered around, trying to find something - anything - that might hold my interest, for mum to get me... and there was just nothing. Absolutely nothing in two entire large bookstores that as much as would have made me idly wonder if I'd want it or not... I just seemed to have zero interest in anything that looked even remotely like a book. I'm hoping that it's just... well... today, that I wasn't in the right mood for books, although bookstores have proven to be entirely uninteresting for me during several visits lately. Maybe when The Deathly Hallows gets released, it will make me more interested in actual books again.
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Spring seems to have arrived. And I've remembered what it was about sunshine that I don't like.

Had to go to Säästu today and it didn't take me more than five minutes or so in the heat & bloody sunlight to basically collapse... argh. I hate it. I hate it when I cannot breathe or think straight, just because there's some ruddy yellow ball up in the sky that is heating my brain.

*is pissed off*

Bleh. I suppose it didn't help that I've been slightly ill all weekend (typical) - slight fever all day yesterday and half a day today. At least the pounding headache that was my companion all yesterday decided to spare me today. I had to miss the Estonia-Russia football game I planned to go to, too... oh well, we lost anyway, so only the cost of the ticket lost. And it was warmer, more comfortable and less noisy to watch it on TV... yesterday, those were all good things.


Mar. 22nd, 2007 06:29 pm
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So. Holidays have come and gone. I did... nothing. Absolutely nothing. :-D

Random ramblings about holiday and work )

On the less positive front, Kribu seems to have caught some sort of kidney or urinary tract infection. We got pills for her to take, which is... not fun. For us. Have managed, with much effort and several hours spent, the first two doses now, but she's... not a good little person, when she doesn't want to be. She has a very stubborn streak, it seems - meaning that "yes, I love to eat pate whenever not offered, but when offered (with a nicely hidden dose of medicine in it), I'll struggle and run away and absolutely refuse to have anything to do with it" (and I don't think it should be that obvious that it contains the medicine, as Musti has been more than willing and eager to eat it instead... cats, honestly!!)

On the more positive front, I came across a rather nice article today thanks to the WIKTT list... Under his spell - discussing the Snape phenomenon together with a nice succinct list of why he just has to be good. Needless to say, I'm very much in agreement with more or less everything in the article (needless to say as it's been written by a Snape fan, yay!).

Time flies

Mar. 6th, 2007 08:40 pm
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I just realised that I've been home for four days now, together with the weekend... meaning that one quarter of my long-awaited holiday is over. *weeps uncontrollably*

And I've done absolutely nothing yet. Well, apart from doing my duty and going voting, that is, which of course meant catching a slight cold that kept me home yesterday. (But at least I can spend the next four years with a clear conscience, knowing I did everything in my power to make sure Keskerakond gets one more vote against them.) And today I didn't feel like doing much anything apart from re-discovering Zuma and finally completing the adventure game, finding one more level I'd never got to before - go me!

And I'm all caught up with 24, which for now seems to be the only American show left that I can be bothered to follow... even if it's getting sillier and sillier, and is trying to beat its own clichés... but Bill Buchanan has such pretty blue eyes, which is more than enough reason to put up with the rest. Obviously. ;-)

And why the hell does the mention of potions in Keith's You Don't Move Me make me think of Snape? :-S
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Just had to do a map thingy [ profile] chilliconcarne sent me... woo, looks like I've been to 8% of the world's countries.

Map here )

I do need to visit more continents eventually though, it seems. But then, by the time I'll have both enough time and energy to travel again, I should have enough money for a round-the-world trip anyway, so that might even be possible. Heh.


Jan. 13th, 2007 06:27 pm
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I somehow managed to pull a muscle in the sole of my right foot today when I got home from the post office. How does one pull a muscle in the sole anyway? Most annoying.

Getting 'Allo 'Allo series 5 volume 2 reminds me that I seem to be totally running out of shelf space, again. Should look into getting another DVD/book cabinet, I think... although hopefully this year won't be the kind of mad buying frenzy that last year was. I should really take a break and actually watch and/or read the stuff I've already got. Still, a new shelf or cabinet would be good to have, especially as the slow trickle of DW DVD releases will continue.

Hmpf. Tired. Hungry. Mostly tired though. Even with trying to keep my work hours at a minimum, five work days a week is really too much for me the way I am now. Although it should hopefully become easier again once I get used to it. I should think about when I'll want a holiday though... not that I'm entirely optimistic about actually getting the 12 weeks that I'm now owed from all the previous years, but perhaps I will actually get some rest this year. I just don't know what to do with that time... can't seem to muster up much enthusiasm for, well, anything these days.

Mystery sky

Jan. 3rd, 2007 08:26 pm
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Just noticed that there is a rather full moon up there in the sky. And clouds rushing around, gliding past it at gread speed. It might be a little windy, I think. I'm almost tempted to go for a few more moon pictures, but I think I'd like a lens with more tele reach for that... ah yes, I was planning to get a 70-300 mm one at some point.

So, 2007. Happy new year, anyone reading this! My new year's eve was as boring as they come... was surfing around randomly and trying to survive the sounds of the Great Battle outside, which seems to have lasted a good several hours. And trying to survive the neighbours. Eurgh. I really don't appreciate Russian disco (well, any kind of such horrid sounds, really) at full volume at 5 AM, with drunk people "singing" along to it, also at full volume. Bleh.

But I survived, and it's 2007. Will take some getting used to.

Finally caught up with Whoniverse )

I've also decided that at least as long as I'm allowed, I will "take it easy" with work. In other words, I've been careful to watch my workload and adjust it myself since getting back to work after my sick leave - I've decided to keep my daily load at 6000-6500 words, which I've steadily managed, and try to avoid doing either more words or more hours. Six hours is the absolute maximum I can take now, I think - keeping it at five is better. At least my back aches, which were starting to become pure torture before my extended sick leave, have got less now, on most days they're not even there, so it seems five hours is what my back can actually take of that chair.

I am feeling somewhat guilty over doing short days, but I've got to the point where I do need to take care of myself first and foremost. And objectively speaking, I don't think I'm being lazy or unfair to others, as 6000 words a day should be considered reasonable, I think.

Mmm. Food.

Dec. 23rd, 2006 12:25 am
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Back from the office Christmas dinner... mmm. Food. Good food. Feeling awfully heavy now for some reason though. ;-)

And weekend now, yay! Long one, too. Plenty of time to recover from the food. And eat some more, possibly. Oh, and The Runaway Bride should be on some time during the holidays... after half a year's break from new Who, I think I can almost manage watching Ten again. Although I might regret that afterwards.

Long weekend should give me a chance to get through Order of the Phoenix though. Then it's just to read The Half-Blood Prince again, and then the - hopefully not overlong - wait for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows can start properly. I really want that book already... although on the other hand I don't, as it's all over then. Plus I have a nasty feeling that Snape might die. I really cannot see a living happily ever after scenario for him (in canon anyway), damn.
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I wonder if I should experiment with skipping coffee completely for a while. I'd rather not, as no morning coffee leads to rather unpleasant headaches in the day from past experience, but perhaps Pepsi or tea would help there... I've been feeling so nauseous and sick in the mornings this last week or more that it might almost be worth a try.

The last time it was that bad, switching to white coffee helped... but now I'm already drinking around 70 ml of cream per cup (just the one cup in the morning, I have rarely managed or desired more than that for years now), and that seems about the limit for me. And the nausea is back. I suspect something in coffee just doesn't quite agree with my stomach. Blergh. I mean, it's not natural... it actually took me an extra half an hour today morning to get into any sort of shape to get myself together enough for work.

Maybe just taking a break would help, until I'm feeling stronger again all over.
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I'm so glad I don't work in a post-office (or anywhere else where one has to deal with, well, people - ewww!). Just spent 25 minutes in a queue observing people. It seems people aren't always the most reasonable creatures. It's rather funny really, especially when you get to yelling matches between the post office lady and a customer, the latter telling the former that she obviously cannot read and the former telling the latter that he obviously cannot write. Such fun!

Except of course that I'd have preferred to avoid all that and just collect my books (Alien Bodies and The Eight Doctors, both of which I'd entirely forgotten buying), as my own business there took about exactly 30 seconds.

At least I didn't faint, which is always good. And I made it home without more than just some lightheadedness and nausea, but those I'm used to (although to be honest, this week has been worse than I expected, especially the mornings, when I've not managed to eat and just focusing on staying more or less coherent has been taking an effort, but I suspect it's mostly just because I have become unused to getting up so early and I haven't been getting nearly enough sleep).

I wonder why none of the booths at the market stock either Hommiku or Õhtu Haps... most annoying, really.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm slowly getting back in the mood for Keith Richards' solo stuff. Which is nice. It's been a while since I've actually listened to it properly. So the middle part of Struggle doesn't quite take my breath away like it used to, but this is a good thing anyway as I think I've had enough difficulties with breathing lately. ;-) And it's still fabulous. So... insistent, deceptively simple, straightforward, raw, demanding but unassuming at the same time... beautiful, even if I wish it was twice as long. One of the few things I can actually listen to semi-loudly these days, as it seems I've lost my taste for loud music in the last few years. A sure sign of advancing age and all.
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So. First day back at work... the second in nearly a month now.

Random ramblings cut )
It's so weird how dead and just... not doing anything I was for weeks. I mean, with staying home for weeks, one would think I could at least keep up with the handful of TV shows I watch. At least I'm all caught up with Torchwood now - Random Shoes was... hm... okay, I suppose. A nice little story. A little dull though. But I suppose a little dull is sometimes preferable to cyberwomen and countryside cannibals.

But I haven't even watched last week's BSG - I think the one with the boxing has scared me off for a while. ;-) I'll get to it though. At least it's just one episode to catch up with, unlike with Robin Hood where it's two... not that I quite know why I even bother with that.

On the other hand, having gone through huge amounts of fanfic lately (I suppose that's where my time has gone, not that I noticed), I got the urge to start Harry Potter from the beginning again, and have made actual progress! Started on... um... Friday, I think, and am now already a quarter of the way into The Prisoner of Azkaban. It felt so good to sit down and read properly again. And this is the first time I've read the first books in English (only read OotP and HBP in English originally), so that's a nice treat.
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I've been eating way more sweets lately than I probably should. But I can't much seem to help it. At least I'm enjoying something. ;-)

And Kaubamaja's food department now has Giotto... dangerous knowledge, that. They're damn addictive for me. At least they were relatively easy to ignore as long as I had to travel out of the country to get them. Now I must learn to use self-control, or I'll ruin my bank account... considering I haven't been to the office for three and a half weeks now, and haven't done much work after the first, I should exercise some restraint. ;-)

So, it would seem that the March Doctor Who DVD is Survival... ho-hum. I suppose that as the last classic story, it will probably have nice extras (I very much doubt it would be a standard release), but it's really one of my least favourite McCoy stories. Oh well, after this year's rather excellent string of releases, I assume it's only natural that the next batch would leave me a bit cooler - the New Beginnings set isn't exactly my three favourite stories either (I wasn't that keen on Tom Baker's last season in general, and while I rather enjoyed most of Peter Davison's era, Castrovalva almost made me fall asleep). Maybe they'll have something more interesting in line for April, then - any Pertwee would do just fine, thank you. Or even any Hartnell, for that matter.

I'll get them all anyway, of course. Which reminds me - Sendit's got New Beginnings up for pre-order at under £18, which really isn't bad for three stories in one go. Should go and place the order.


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