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Am still trying to wake up - had my coffee cold this morning, as I spent time giving Musti her pill and completely forgot that I'd poured the coffee out already, and it was icky and disgusting and I had to force myself to drink it (I do wish something, anything, else worked the way coffee does to keep off the otherwise unavoidable afternoon headaches, as I really dislike coffee).

And Pätsu just finally, after days of trying, managed to get my laptop out of the shelf and threw it down. :-/ I think it works - turned it on briefly and seemed fine, but I didn't try the DVD drive or anything else beyond basic turn-on, as all the cables are put away. It wasn't a big fall, maybe from about 30 cm, and corner-first... more like a slide, I suppose, and it is a business-class laptop which ought to mean a tougher shell. But still. Argh. That cat.

As I'm still too out of it to do much else, here's a handful of pics from last week and yesterday. Snow all gone, sniffle. Cut for picspam. )

Am tired and a bit achy. Managed to take a tumble down the stairs yesterday on the way out, as the stairwell was quite dark and I missed a step. Not a big fall, but my knees and hands didn't appreciate it anyway. I was wiser on the way back - still no lights - and used the phone flashlight. Which reminds me that I really should get that new phone I want, and give my current one to mum, whose phone isn't working too well any more.


Sep. 17th, 2008 06:58 pm
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First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] annietalbot! I hope it's been a great day so far!

Second, I just managed to fall asleep on the bus home and missed my stop by two stops. Grrrr. It's very embarrassing to suddenly wake up, wonder "what the hell is this stop doing here?", scramble up from your seat and rush out. At least it woke me up properly.

I blame work for dedding me too much. Apparently we're well behind schedule with the big project (which I couldn't work on for a month as I had other work, so they had to make do without me), so we've all been ... encouraged ... to work harder.

And Pätsu has for a week now been opening the kitchen cupboard where various spice and seasoning stuff is kept every night and throwing stuff out. This morning, she had put chicken seasoning on plums. And spread laurel on the floor. She's never done this before but it appears it's her new hobby, now.


Aug. 31st, 2008 08:34 pm
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Well, at least I know now that it wasn't the power supply or the dust causing the random restarts.

New desktop shopping tomorrow, I suppose. Although I'm not sure the timing's the best, what with the start of the school year and all - they're probably going to be busy. Well, won't get it any sooner if I put it off longer.

Bleh. Will need to see if I've forgotten to back up anything I need, although I hope it'll last long enough to let me transfer everything properly.

And I have had a fever for most of the weekend, including right now. I suspect the cold and moist air and no heating aren't helping, as I'm also quite sneezy. I do hope I get better by tomorrow though as I'd rather not work on the laptop (and don't know if I can risk actually doing work on the desktop now).

And I spent half the day scrubbing the kitchen walls high up and part of the ceiling, too, as Pätsu (who likes to sleep on top of a cupboard, right under the ceiling) seems to have scratched her ear bloody in the night ... it's amazing how far and wide blood drops can splatter when a cat shakes her head. It looked like someone had been butchered in the kitchen in the morning. Pätsu seems quite fine now though.
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First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] mundungus42!! Hope you're having a great day!

The desktop computer seems to behave, mostly, although Firefox is being stupid and has messed up my friends page completely (seems it can't find the stylesheet or something). Individual LJ pages apart from the friends page and my own posts work fine, but I've had to fire up IE to be able to check LJ properly - everything works there.

The floor is covered with small pieces of cardboard as both Kribu and Musti have been eagerly ripping the box my tablet came in apart while sitting inside. I wish they'd realise that if they demolish it, they won't have a nice box to sleep in - it's large enough that the twins actually managed to share it the other day (although half of Kribu was hanging over the edge).

And I'm sleepy - no idea what made me get up at 8:30 on a Saturday. Possibly the sun, which is a rare thing these days.

Edit note: yet another example of how whining about something in public helps. After posting this, the next refresh of the friends page finally worked (and yes, I had tried it before, several times over an hour). No more IE, yay!


Jul. 26th, 2008 04:23 pm
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Still haven't got anywhere - it's just too hot here to do anything. Don't feel like moving around much... managed to vacuum my floor though, amazingly, and am now fairly dead. Also located swimsuit but am not at all certain that I'll get anywhere near the beach today. Ah well, maybe tomorrow.

So here's some more recent kitty picspam. )

Still need to do dusting and put the washing away and so on... argh, heat and housecleaning is not the best combination ever.

Have taken a few more looks at the prompts at [ profile] sshg_exchange since this morning. So many I'd love to read! And some I'd really rather like to write, I think... of course, the possibilities of some make me cower in fear. Ah well, only three weeks (plus a bit) to wonder about my fate! *is excited*
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Weekend. At last. A long one, at that - Monday and Tuesday are off due to being national holidays.

Which also means that it's two days lost as far as work goes... meaning that yes, I had to take work home, because I really don't want to find that oops, it's deadline day and I'm still sitting on a few dozen files to translate. Even did a bit today - not too much, but then, it is Saturday, and doing a few files is better than none.

I have also got around to attaching the new macro lens to the camera and trying it out. Photo talk )

Picspam. )

Teeth are feeling awkward. It feels as if quite a bit of the temporary filling I got on Tuesday has worn off already, and I've been quite careful with it... not chewing much with it, not using force when brushing teeth, and all that. I don't think it's going to last until October - at this rate I'll be glad if it survives the holiday weekend. Which means I've been trying to eat with the other side now - the one where the ex-tooth was still six weeks ago - and it's making the gums on that side a bit sore. I assume it's just a matter of getting used to it, though. But I do dearly wish I wouldn't need to have these constant teeth issues now... ah well. Porridge and soup are good.

Hands still not the best, so I should probably relocate to the sofa. Football soon, anyway.
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Ex-tooth is feeling considerably better. Still on soft food, which is getting annoying (and I keep drooling at thoughts of the most common food items, such as a slice of bread), but I've managed to have some strawberries, which were delicious. But the tenderness and swelling are as good as gone. On the other hand, I've lost a bit of weight - seem to be barely over 52 kg now, which can probably be explained by the recent enforced lack of chocolate and real food.

Also managed to drag myself out yesterday, for post office and grocery shopping, which (combined with a walk, some 3-4 km altogether) took a good couple of hours. Got some lovely pics, but haven't got around to doing anything with them yet. The weather is lovely and sunny, but still staying firmly under 10°C and with wind, really not nearly as summery as it looks.

Recent kitty picspam. Mostly Kribu, with a bit of Pätsu. )

Finished reading Doctor Who: Sting of the Zygon yesterday. Will probably start The Last Dodo today. I really am enjoying the Ten & Martha books, although when reading several Ten books in a row, the authors' desire for Tennish dialogue (especially the multitude of repetitions of some random word) can occasionally become a little tiring. Ah well.

Cat picspam

May. 4th, 2008 03:07 pm
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Tired. Lazy. Spent the day in Pärnu yesterday. Took a gazillion pics, so there might be eventual picspam. Provided I'll ever get around to it. So tired...

Wondering about the HP: HBP film casting. Speculation / potential spoilers? )

Watched DW: The Poison Sky earlier. Not the best episode ever, but entertaining enough. And major squee regarding an old skool Who mention there!

Finally, some recent kitty picspam. Mostly Pätsu this time. )
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The most wonderful thing about a three-day weekend is realising, in the evening of the second day, that there is a one more whole day of lazing about ahead. Well, maybe lazing about - have to go shopping tomorrow - but not work, at least.

The cats were pretty yesterday. And I had a camera. Kitty picspam behind the cut. )

Have been busy today, for a Saturday. Fingernails had grown to an uncomfortable length again, so dealt with those (awfully much effort, and it takes forever - all the cutting, and then the filing, and then more filing). Have read more fic. Finally got up enough courage again to post something to the archives - decided to upload the jelly baby ficlet to TPP and Ashwinder. Now the fingernail-biting days of scary waiting will start...

Also finished reading a Doctor Who book - The Price of Paradise, which wasn't too bad, I suppose (but my expectations when it comes to new Who tie-in books are anything but high, considering their nature). Now I only have one more book with Rose to read, and then I can finally move on to reading books with Martha.
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I did actually plan to post more snow pics today, but was talked into posting more kitty picspam instead... so here's a handful or two from this morning, when I had a few spare minutes before going to work.

Sleepy cat picspam. )

Fairly tired, again, but at least today I have reason to be tired as I did quite a bit of work. Also, realised that this Friday seems to be a day off, so I should really attempt to do five days' work in four days. Which might mean somewhat longer days in the office than I'd like.
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Had the camera with me when going to the grocery store today, and took quite a few snowy macro pics. And there's a few more of Musti, too.

Three cat pics. )

Nine snow pics. )

There will probably be more snow picspam tomorrow or so, as I seem chronically unable to narrow down the choice of what to post. Ah well.

Am rather tired and a little bit cold. And tomorrow means back to work. At least there is a weekend again in just five days!
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Woo. Work week done. Somehow this week was so tiring, even though I didn't do very long days.

Downloaded some more recent pics from the Fuji to the computer, so...

kitty picspam! )

Have also spent half the evening on YouTube, watching and re-watching a lovely clip of Keith Richards and Norah Jones singing Love Hurts. Objectively speaking, I know Keith's singing is not the best in the world. Subjectively, I adore it. It's an acquired taste, I suppose.
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I dumped a bunch of recent pics from the camera to the computer again today, so it's picspam time! Mostly Pätsu being evil, and then some snow from my way to work this morning.

Pics behind the cut. )

I've found some chocolate on my desk. Yay!
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As the damn toothache (which is stronger than yesterday, and Ibuprofen barely manages to keep it down to tolerable levels, so no pain free moments at all for me today) has kept me away from doing anything requiring brain activity, I played around with the Pentax and the 50mm f/1.7 prime lens earlier, when there was still light. (Sort of, anyway, as most pictures ended up at ISO1600 anyway, with apertures from f/1.7 to f/2.0 - it's a dull and grey day today, yes.)

Mostly Kribu, as she was already in place on mum's bed. She completely refused to pose though, constantly moving her head whenever I'd locked focus. Which sucks a bit, when one is trying to go for a narrow depth of field and thus doesn't have a large margin for focusing errors!

Lots of kitty picspam. )

Right. I think some more The Sea Devils is in order, especially as the episode I last watched yesterday ended with a very scary cliffhanger, with the Master attempting to kill my Doctor. I wonder if he'll survive! ;-)
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Am feeling better today - tooth pain was all gone in the morning, the sun was shining, it was pretty. (Tooth is still sensitive now though - has started making me notice it again in the evening, but at a minor annoyance level, not agonising pain.)

Caught an earlier bus today, and as I had the Fuji with me, and as the weather was gloriously sunny, got off at Lauluväljak to take some pics of the sea before catching the next bus onwards to town. Weather was... well, sunny, yes, but also slightly cold due to the massive wind that I wasn't quite expecting. Ah well, it was really very, very pretty. And the last few nights have been cold enough again to even have a tiny bit of ice on the shore.

Picspam: Musti + icy water. )

The rest of the day was suckier, although I got quite a bit of work done (not that it matters, with time-based rates...). Of course, now I'm feeling a bit cold. Perhaps tea would be in order... *toddles off to the kitchen*
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Why do I have the feeling that picspam makes up 2/3 of my recent posts? (And the rest is memes?)

Gah. Anyway, yesterday was pretty - sunnyish and not storm-class windy - although cold, which meant that my hands were absolutely frozen 20 minutes into the walk. Which meant complete reliance on auto mode (there was no way I was going to fiddle with anything more complicated than pressing the shutter button, which was hard enough) and thus some exposure problems... ah well. At least I got to take my wide angle lens out for some fresh air ... for the second time since I bought it, I think. About time, considering it's the most expensive piece of glass that I own!

Picspam. Mostly random buildings and reflections. )

Spent yesterday evening at home freezing ... at least it seems to be better now. Of course, the weather has also taken a turn for the warmer (=just above 0°C, sleet/rain, windy, disgusting). No going out today, yay.

Also just spent a quarter of an hour playing with Musti, throwing some wrapped-up tinfoil around and having her chase it all over the sofa and the floor. It's been a long time since Musti's been so playful, what with her arthritis and weight problems - but we've been lazier feeding them lately, and it seems both Musti and Kribu have become livelier. It's so great to see them running around and playing again.
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Gah, Saturday's almost over! Not fair. At least I've not been completely idle today, in spite of the cold... have now got a headache, and still have a slight fever, but I did manage to change the bulb earlier, so at least there is light. And do manicure, which is on my most hated things list, so I generally tend to put it off as long as possible... but the nails were getting in the way of typing. And I dusted a bit, and cleaned my monitor screen, yay.

And I located my laptop, which I've been neglecting since summer... heh. Windows needed 28 updates.

More ancient kitty picspam. )

Watched the first four episodes of Doctor Who and the Silurians earlier... was a bit worried that I wouldn't like it as much as I remembered liking it, but it's still good. Well, the Silurians are a bit silly, but damn I liked Three. *sighs wistfully* So wonderfully arrogant. And funny. And dishy. And where's all the Three/Liz fic that so ought to be out there? They definitely fancied each other. Although not as much as Three fancied Bessie. *sniggers*

Really, everyone who is even vaguely interested in classic Who should watch some Three. Preferably starting with his first season.
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Eugh. Dentist. At least there was no major stuff done today after all, as the dentist I was going to has apparently decided to switch jobs from next week and is going to work somewhere at Nõmme, which is on the other side of town and thus not good for me. So he didn't want to start anything today that would take several appointments to get done. Which is sensible.

I am thus also spared of the remaining three appointments I had for January, as the new dentist I was handed over is quite busy in January, so I now have three appointments for February instead.

Cut for potentially squicky details. )

Training is starting to have an effect - I'm actually starting to understand the principles. Not that I like them, but anyway. I also had a very hard time keeping my eyes open today.

And then I got home and was instantly occupied.

Occupation the Pätsu way. )

It's hard to type like this!
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It's a nice ... grey, wet, rainy, windy ... Christmas day, yay. Should go out at some point, I suspect, but perhaps not just yet.

Went to get a tree yesterday - a bit late, yes, but it paid off in the sense that we got a rather nice 2m tree quite cheaply. I suppose shopping for a tree in the evening of the 24th is not something too many people are expected to do! And we haven't had a tree for years - I don't even remember when we last had one, but it was a long time ago.

Tree and kitty picspam. )

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Or at least enjoying the start of the week, if you don't celebrate.

With any luck, I should get The Coldest Summer finished today or tomorrow. Not that I know yet how it's going to end, but I'm hoping it will come to me once I start writing (at some point in the evening).


Dec. 18th, 2007 08:49 pm
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I realised today that I've got exactly five work days left until the London trip. This makes it seem so very close!

Work was exhausting today (what else is new?). Did finish everything big I still had though, plus a number of ultra-urgent small things, all to be done within an hour or ASAP, which left me feeling a little chaotic, but at least I got everything done. And then I got some more work to keep me busy for a few days, yay.

The Coldest Summer is turning into a bloody novel. Not what I expected, considering I never even had a plot to start with. I don't even have the faintest idea how many drabbles I've written for it already, but too many. I should make an effort to tie it up still this year... it would help if I knew how I wanted to end it. I should never complain about the lack of plot bunnies again. Of course, the problem is that I've become rather fond of the story, as meandering as it has been.

I want a cat in my lap, but they're all being busy sleeping in my bed. *sighs*

ETA: Kribu must have heard the sigh, because I now have a cat!


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