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Am feeling better today - tooth pain was all gone in the morning, the sun was shining, it was pretty. (Tooth is still sensitive now though - has started making me notice it again in the evening, but at a minor annoyance level, not agonising pain.)

Caught an earlier bus today, and as I had the Fuji with me, and as the weather was gloriously sunny, got off at Lauluväljak to take some pics of the sea before catching the next bus onwards to town. Weather was... well, sunny, yes, but also slightly cold due to the massive wind that I wasn't quite expecting. Ah well, it was really very, very pretty. And the last few nights have been cold enough again to even have a tiny bit of ice on the shore.

Picspam: Musti + icy water. )

The rest of the day was suckier, although I got quite a bit of work done (not that it matters, with time-based rates...). Of course, now I'm feeling a bit cold. Perhaps tea would be in order... *toddles off to the kitchen*

Icy picspam

Feb. 9th, 2008 05:55 pm
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Went to the post office to get my Doctor Who: The Time Meddler DVD but ... we got there 14:53. Post office closes at 15:00 on Saturdays. Usually, this means that 3 pm is the time when the door is closed and people aren't let in any longer, but today ... well, let's say the cleaning lady guarding the door when we got there was NOT going to let anyone in any longer. She was quite furious. I think anyway, as she went on and on in Russian, so I'm not entirely sure what she was saying, but I think she said there were too many people inside already and we could just piss off.


So after fuming a bit, mum and I headed to Kadriorg instead, where there are some ice sculptures on display. Only for today, I suspect, as they were terribly busy melting.

Needless to say, there be picspam. )

I did take pics of other things than ice too, but they'll have to be left for another post.


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