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We can has fixed stuff! The electrician came over yesterday and replaced all the power sockets and light switches, fixing what needed to be fixed inside. And he fixed all the lamps as well. We've been having the fuses blow at least a few times a month lately, and have been going through lightbulbs at the rate of a couple a week, so the situation was pretty dismal. Here's to hoping the new and improved situation will last. :-D

I have been branching out and trying new stuff lately. I finally got the courage to try the newish line of Hellus yoghurts - have had apple/spinach and pineapple/basil so far, and liked both of them surprisingly much. Tomorrow it's the turn of strawberry/tomato.

New work year has started off busy. Not a bad thing, considering that we're now thinking about getting the bathroom & toilet redone in the spring, too, and that won't be cheap. But it's the part of this place that really needs it badly, and we've been putting it off long enough.

And last but not least ... the [ profile] sshg_exchange has started! SQUEEEEEEE! I'm so very much looking forward to all of it.
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Vet visit this morning went fine - although Musti was going quite mad in her hunt for water earlier, which we hid away from her - no problems with anaesthesia, it seems. She just woke up some 20 minutes ago, very confused and wobbly, but managed to find water, drink a bit and then get back to her bed, so she seems okay. Poor thing has a half-shaved paw now; I managed to get most of the bandage off at least.

And the vet just called with the results - Musti has diabetes, yes. Extremely high blood sugar levels. I suppose this explains the rest of the problems being so persistent, too. Anyway, we're to go back sans Musti on Monday and get pills, which she'll have to take for the rest of her life. I just hope this means she'll be feeling better once she'll get started on the treatment.

Best get on with cleaning, now - we'll hopefully get an electrician come over later today to take a look at the situation. It's been getting beyond ridiculous and rather more worrying, lately, to have fuses blown for half the flat a couple of times a week, mostly when turning on the light somewhere. And we're going through lightbulbs at an enormous rate, too - when we're lucky, it's only the bulb that explodes, without taking the rest of the power with it.
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Have just spent a good hour, probably more, scrubbing the kitchen walls. Actually I just wanted to get rid of a coffee stain on the kitchen doorstep, but then I made the mistake of looking up, where I don't usually look, and saw just how horrid the upper parts of the walls looked above the stove and the cupboards/right below the ceiling... no wonder, as those are the out-of-reach areas.

So I've been climbing around on furniture, hoping fervently that I wouldn't be too heavy for it, and scrubbing. Not perfect, but it looks so much better now that I'm actually quite pleased with myself. Too bad the immediate area above the stove is beyond scrubbing - I suppose a new coat of paint would help, although actually tiles would probably be a better idea. And a new stove. And new cupboards.

I'm also feeling less guilty now about putting my foot down resolutely, after seeing the way the trees outside were attempting to fly around, and saying that I really don't feel like a walk today. I'm actually feeling semi-decent for a weekend day - no headache, no fever, no sore throat, just a blocked nose - and after last week, when I was feverish practically every day, I'd really like to start the next week off without a permanent state of having a cold. And at least I've done something useful at home instead of just sitting at the computer. (Which is what I'll probably be doing for the rest of the day anyway, heh.)
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Golden Compass meme snagged from [ profile] ayerf and [ profile] dickgloucester.

Clicky! )

Have dusted. Am noticing that single cat hairs are much more obvious on dusted surfaces. Brushed Musti & Pätsu too, Musti was quite thrilled. Kitchen is still a mess, but at least I've had food.

I'm nearly wanting to write some more of The Coldest Summer, even though I don't have any clear ideas right now. Hmpf. Certainly don't want to post more today, I'm half-feeling like I'm hogging GS100 as it is! I know I should really consider writing something else, but... I like drabbles. And I'd need to have a firmer idea to write something proper. The Potter Place prompts still haven't caught my fancy - I haven't even read anything posted yet, which is something I should remedy.

Busy day

Dec. 9th, 2007 03:23 pm
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I'm feeling rather pleased with myself today. Not that I've been achieving all that much, but for a change, I haven't just spent my Sunday doing absolutely nothing at all.

Not that I've got to dusting and other such fun, but at least I've changed the light bulb in the hallway (a bugger to get to even with a stool - I really wish I was 10 cm taller!), cleaned five pairs of boots/shoes, brushed Kribu (yes, that's part of housework, as she's shedding like crazy right now), sorted and put away piles of laundry, and even mended some home clothes (I was amazed I still remembered how to thread a needle... er, yes, I'm hopeless at housework). And written a whole 10 drabbles, which is a feat I've only managed once before. And all that before it was even 3 pm yet.

I'd need to brush Pätsu and Musti too really... but neither is quite as brush-loving as Kribu is. And there's still dusting to do. Hmpf. And the kitchen looks fairly horrid... pah. Need chocolate first. :-D
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I just realised it's Sunday and past 10 in the evening... so the weekend is as good as over. *is not happy*

Once again, I've managed to get nothing done. I don't know what it is about weekends lately (lately = at least the last year or so), but I can't seem to muster up any energy for anything. I even tend to forego eating as it takes too much effort to prepare something (although this reminds me that there are a couple of rolls with whipped cream in the kitchen - perhaps not the best sort of food so late in the day, but they are awfully tempting).

I did sort of get started with cleaning up / reorganising another closet though. As in taking everything out and piling it all up on the sofa. *sighs* I did mostly manage to sort through the stuff and separate everything into neater little piles, and throw away any old socks and the like that should have been thrown out a long time ago, but I think a lot of the shirts and such would need ironing, and if there's one thing I'm useless at, it's ironing. Bleh.

Anyway, I did find enough energy to watch The Time Warrior and the documentary, woo! More thoughts about The Time Warrior, Sarah Jane and season 11 behind the cut. )

Stupid day

Aug. 25th, 2007 10:03 pm
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I tried to do some housework today. As it's much needed, and the place is a mess.

Didn't even get too far in the kitchen... *sighs*... well, at least I got rid of any kitty-produced messes there. Which were more numerous this morning than usual.

I did plan to reorganize my bed linen / towel closet completely, but only got to building cute little piles of stuff all over the sofa and now I'm thinking I should actually put them in the closet, but I just... can't be bothered. Maybe later. (Although it's 10 pm... maybe tomorrow, then.)

In other news, I've found a new favourite ice cream - milk-based (I think, as it feels a lot "lighter" than the usual cream-based ones), nice thin crispy dark chocolate glazing, containing a generous amount of Siberian pine nuts. It's very nice of the small local stores to stock Russian ice creams as quite a few of them are rather lovely. Maybe it's because their general taste and feel remind me a bit of my childhood ice creams, as our own ones have started to tend to feel richer and heavier in the last few years - still very good, but I don't always want too rich stuff, especially in the summer / in warmer weather.

Hot :-S

Aug. 6th, 2007 06:47 pm
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Have just spent a couple of hours going through my "small random stuff" closet, sorting out the things I might need or want to keep for sentimental reasons and throwing the rest away... got one big bag full of trash. And managed to fill four drawers of the new drawer cabinet, where the small random stuff will hopefully stay a little more organised.

Damn it's too hot for stuff like that though. Where did last week's 14°C and rain go? And I still need to go to the store.

Did a meme thingy too. )
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My hands are a bit achy from screwing.

Um. That probably didn't come out entirely right. In any case, spent hours yesterday assembling the new kitchen cabinets... not entirely done yet, still need to affix the back and the doors, but the drawers and the cabinet parts and everything else is done.

There were entirely too many screws. A sonic screwdriver would have been nice... or even an electric one, but since we generally don't need one, we don't have one.

The kitties were being terribly helpful of course. At some point Musti decided to lie down on the instruction booklet and play with the hammer, and as soon as I finally brought myself a pillow to sit on (hours on bare floor proved to be a bit much for my behind), Kribu gratefully curled up on it. And Pätsu knocked over most of the containers into which I had sorted all the various screws etc. And then of course there was all the running around the bits and right over them and trying to lie down on whatever we were working on at the moment... it was obviously a lot of fun.

I hope we can finish the thing off today without me hurting my back again as much as it ended up aching last night. But it is very pretty, compared to the mess there was before, anyway.
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The delivery time announced yesterday - approximately 17:19 - turned out to be approximate indeed... the furniture arrived half an hour earlier. But as the delivery guys called in advance to confirm that someone would be there to receive it, it wasn't really a problem.

So anyway, now we have two boxes containing pieces of what I assume is the kitchen cabinet set, and one box containing my shelf. Will have to start assembling that first... should be managable today.

And earlier, I also received my new Sigma 17-70mm lens... woo! I don't really know just how great it will be at macros, but it certainly focuses much closer than any other lens I have... can practically shove it against the target (not that this would be practical with insects) and it still seems to focus just fine, even though the specifications state 20 cm as the closest focusing distance. Will have to see how well it works in practice, I think. It's certainly pretty, and quite noticeably heavier than the kit lens (which it's going to replace as the "short range universal zoom lens", I think), which isn't necessarily a good thing... but something I knew in advance, so that's okay. What will take some getting used to is that the zoom ring works in the opposite direction compared to Pentax lenses.

I ought to stop buying new lenses for a while now though. It's addictive. I mean, I'm already thinking that "oh, but I still need a universal zoom lens for when I want to travel" (note the "need" there... I've been thinking about the Tamron 18-250mm , which is supposed to be pretty decent, but it's also not very cheap), and then there are the Pentax "pancake" primes which are terribly tempting... *sighs wistfully*
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Just got an e-mail from the furniture store where I bought my new book/DVD shelf and kitchen cabinets... "Your order will be delivered to you tomorrow at approximately 17:19. We will do our best to make sure that the delivery takes place within +/- 30 minutes of that time. :)"

I do love their approximations... accurate to the minute, and with half an hour's error margin. Heh.

I'm looking forward to the new things though. Especially the shelf, which I greatly need. I already bought the paint for it yesterday, to make sure it sort of fits in with the rest of the shelves... and the kitchen ought to look better too once we get that space organised. Not that I know what we will do with the cupboard full of books that is there now... we have entirely too many books, really. Although actually, I think it's more that we have entirely too few rooms that could be dedicated to them.


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