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Dragged myself out for a walk in the Tallinn Botanical Gardens today with mum, but got caught in a thunderstorm. Got rather wet and am still quite cold... at least it was pretty there.

Managed to have grilled chicken with my mashed potatoes today, which is definite progress on the food front. Am starting to feel nearly human again.

Remembered that I took some pics on my post office / shopping walk on Thursday, so here's a selection.

Picspam, including dandelion fluff. )

The wonderfully cute dandelions and [ profile] ginny_weasley31's request for fluff yesterday prodded the thought-to-be-dead plot bunny into a sudden action yesterday evening, so I wrote a set of drabbles for [ profile] grangersnape100. Which were a bit silly, but hey, I'd started to give up hope completely.
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Achievements today: scrubbed mouse pad clean in the morning. I can haz shiny clean mouse pad now! No cat hair or chocolate stains! For all of two days, possibly, but still. It's pretty. I hardly dare to touch it.

Also wrote a double drabble for [ profile] grangersnape100. Not hugely pleased with it, but a tiny bunny bit and I jumped at the chance of getting a bit of exercise with the writing again. Seem to have gone rusty.

Can't be bothered to review the Torchwood S2 finale and the DW S4 starter, hence no spoiler cuts, but Torchwood was better than I expected, and I hugely enjoyed DW's Partners in Crime. And I really do like Donna. I have a moderately good feeling about this season, especially now that I'm not that annoyed by Ten any more.

Back aches. Not the neck/shoulder/upper back pain at least any more, but middle/lower back has been bothering me all day. Blegh. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Work continues being exhausting, unfortunately, but with any luck, I won't need to stay quite as late every day this week as I did last week.


Dec. 18th, 2007 08:49 pm
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I realised today that I've got exactly five work days left until the London trip. This makes it seem so very close!

Work was exhausting today (what else is new?). Did finish everything big I still had though, plus a number of ultra-urgent small things, all to be done within an hour or ASAP, which left me feeling a little chaotic, but at least I got everything done. And then I got some more work to keep me busy for a few days, yay.

The Coldest Summer is turning into a bloody novel. Not what I expected, considering I never even had a plot to start with. I don't even have the faintest idea how many drabbles I've written for it already, but too many. I should make an effort to tie it up still this year... it would help if I knew how I wanted to end it. I should never complain about the lack of plot bunnies again. Of course, the problem is that I've become rather fond of the story, as meandering as it has been.

I want a cat in my lap, but they're all being busy sleeping in my bed. *sighs*

ETA: Kribu must have heard the sigh, because I now have a cat!
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I'm so glad plot bunnies have decided to return.

Two days ago, I was getting into an entirely terrified state due to having signed up for the Order round robin at [ profile] grangersnape100 and feeling completely dried up - not a single thought in my head (er, lots of random thoughts, but nothing even vaguely useful for writing), and I'd opened and closed Word a couple of times without getting any further than typing a solitary I or A and then deleting it and closing the program...

So yeah, it was a big relief when the latest bunny attacked. I'm not entirely happy about my contribution to the round robin story, as I felt it wasn't really going anywhere, but on the other hand, it could have been worse.

Now I'm itching to continue The Coldest Summer (er, I mentioned I suck at titles, yes?), even though I have no idea what to write! And even though I've already written 7x100 words today. But I want to know what happens next... dear Merlin, it's sad when the author wants to write just to find out what is going on in the story. (I do know it's not going to involve the Japanese ski jumping team, which [ profile] chilliconcarne just suggested. My plot bunnies might be odd, but not that odd!)
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1. Sleet. Or something between sleet and wet snow. Not comfy for walking in town!

2. Had my first "proper" dentist visit. Still alive. ;-) Was not too horrid, but this was really just the beginning... have now five visits booked in January, when the real work will start. Am not looking forward to it!

3. Still happy about the [ profile] grangersnape100 plot bunny that bit yesterday. I was so certain on Sunday that all my bunnies had gone into hibernation for the winter. It was a completely silly bunny, but hey, better than nothing.

4. Need to start working. Don't want to. *sighs* Oh well... the sooner I start, the sooner I get done. Besides, with the gazillion dentist visits ahead, I'll need the money.

5. Should go and exchange some pounds some day but after last weekend's craze when the local Russians had apparently decided that the kroon will be devalued any minute and rushed to empty the banks & exchange offices of all foreign currency, I don't know if going to exchange kroons for something else is a good idea right now! Don't want to give the wrong impression.
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No, the post title does not refer to dreading having today's set of Enchantment drabbles being ripped up properly by [ profile] a_bees_buzz who has kindly offered to beta them for me before posting (as I've had embarrassing gender mix-up issues sneak in a few times, I've finally decided to get over my fear and actually let someone see them before posting them for everyone!).

My dentist appointment is tomorrow. *wibbles*

I shouldn't really be too scared yet, as I don't expect to be hurt too much tomorrow (depending on what the first consultation / diagnostic stuff entails), but I've already had my stomach go all achy whenever I've taken the bus past the building the last few days. Gah.

Anyway, the other [ profile] palfow mentioned that I should take some videos of my cats, and I remembered I actually have a few. Not too many and none very good, but I did locate a few of them and uploaded some on YouTube yesterday.

So here's a clip of the innocent, angelic Kribu. )

And I should watch yesterday's episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures now, as I completely forgot about it yesterday.
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I already managed to forget that I had more pics to post from yesterday... grr, hate being old and senile.

Nine pics behind the cut. )

I'm starting to wonder whether I'll ever actually get anywhere with Enchanted - possibly because it's already so long - but I'm hoping that once I actually get to opening Word later and start typing, I'll know where it's heading. Well, I know where I want it to go eventually, but right now I'm not entirely sure how to get there. We'll see, I suppose. Perhaps I've hit my first tiny writer's block. Hmm.
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Once again, the weekend appears to be over without me having achieved anything worthwhile. Oh well.

I did go out for a shortish walk though... shortish because it was actually bloody cold (wouldn't have been otherwise but I really should have worn warmer gloves!) and also as we didn't get out until 3 pm, it was rapidly getting dark. Already as it was, pretty much all of the pics I took were at ISO 800 or 1600.

Random autumn pics behind the cut. )

So apart from that and getting squashed under some cats (I have pictures of that too, but none uploaded yet), I didn't really do anything... well, wrote a bit more of Enchanted at least (once I had access to the keyboard again). It's getting far longer than I expected, but it seems I don't get to choose what to write. Hmm.
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Took the new camera out today and as I missed one bus (one not so nice thing about winter - icy streets are not conducive to running, so I just let it go without even trying), I had a bit of time to take a few snaps at the bus stop. There's still some snow left from Saturday, especially outside central town.

Snow picspam )

I also have a dentist appointment booked for next week. To say that I'm scared would be an understatement, but I've been putting it off long enough. Which means I have to pay the price now (both metaphorically and literally, as I don't expect the whole thing to come cheap).

Got done with work early today, so instead of just snoozing at my desk I spent the time in a more productive manner and wrote the next four drabbles for the Enchanted series (I really wish I could have thought of a better title but eh, I suppose it will work). Hopefully there'll be more actual work again tomorrow.

And last but certainly not least, happy birthday to [ profile] chilliconcarne!
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I, er, seem to have accidentally bought a new camera.

Gushing about new camera. )

Anyway. Wrote four more Enchanted drabbles for GS100... I am starting to suspect that my tendency to ramble on is starting to seep into drabbles, too, as I was hoping to actually start getting to the point in this set. Instead I got more background, and not very original one at that. But then, I can always pretend it just needed to be told before moving on to the story proper.

I've also realised I entirely suck at making up titles. Perhaps it would be easier if I had more of a story planned, instead of having to come up with a title before having any idea where the plot might be heading.
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I'm generally not too fond of Mondays but today's not been too bad. There was some sunshine in the morning, which helped put me in a decent mood, I think.

Also, work went better than last week - just 6000 words left to do of this project, and then I can finally get back to the other larger one I didn't even get to touch for all of last week. At least I could focus on the work again today, which is always a good thing.

I just realised that tomorrow's the last day of having to torture Musti with the ear drops - she's been tolerating it surprisingly well, but it's becoming obvious she's getting slightly fed up with it and now attempts to run away as soon as she sees the little container. She seems pretty much back to normal, which is good (and her appetite has returned with a vengeance, which is not necessarily that good, as I think she's put on even more weight).

I think I'm finally reaching the end with Haunted - about time, after 21 drabbles (posted parts 19-21 today)! With any luck, should get it done tomorrow, and with a happy ending, too. Once I work out the details on how to kill off Hermione, that is.


Oct. 25th, 2007 08:08 pm
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For some reason, I got even less work done at the office today than yesterday, although today's meeting lasted less than an hour and I worked longer. I don't think I was in the right mood for work today. It'd better feel easier tomorrow, if I want to get it done sooner rather than later.

Tiredness is not good for writing. It's still good exercise though. And a way to test my self-discipline. I had no idea how difficult writing just 300 words can be! At least with parts 7-9, I'm getting to the part I was initially thinking about when the bunny first bit. It's still feeling all aimless though, probably because I have no idea where I'd want to end up, but for the sake of the exercise, I suppose I should just let the muse (heh) guide me.

I dearly wish my English was better, as I now keep second-guessing most everything I write. It's probably not horrid, but I don't like the constant doubts I'm having.

The MLC bunny struck its teeth quite viciously into me again on my way home, so I guess it's not planning to go anywhere yet. Pah. Well, it'll just have to wait.


Oct. 23rd, 2007 06:53 pm
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Morning trip to the post office proved entirely useless, as for some reason they're open 12-19 this week, instead of 9-19. However, I did get there after work, and have the Doctor Who: Planet of Evil DVD now, yay! Well, sort of yay, as it's not the best story ever, but I recall not minding it too much either.

Loved yesterday's episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, again. Although I think it may have been my least favourite episode of the show so far, but it was still good.

Decided to give in to the new plot bunny who attacked me last night and wrote a few more drabbles for GS100 after getting home. With any luck, the bunny won't run off on me now and perhaps there will even be more in this series - it would be nice to see if I manage to continue a story and squeeze out more than 3x100 words from one vague idea.
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I don't think the weekend has done me much good. Feeling quite cold & a bit ill, and immensely tired for no reason at all - I've certainly had more than enough sleep, and haven't done anything remotely exhausting. Although I suppose that sleeping and sitting at the computer can both be exhausting.

*blames the weather*

Wrote another drabble for GS100... quite crappy this time, but I couldn't resist. I think it's more a proof for my current rubbish state of mind than writing skills, such as they are. I blame [ profile] chilliconcarne for putting the thought of Snape in lederhosen in my head. Evil, that's what he is.

Musti's still not quite well. I'm not liking this... although considering that I've been quite as apathetic over the weekend, perhaps the weather's affecting her the same way. I'm hoping she'll get better soon, as I'd rather avoid a visit to the vet if possible.


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