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In the office, but without work for a change. Hmpf.  As much as I've been complaining about too much work recently, no work at all isn't really that much better. On the other hand, this should give me a chance to catch up with reading various boards and fics and what not.

And get used to the new glasses, too.

At least it's Friday. I don't know where this week's gone to, but I'm rather looking forward to the weekend = sleep.
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It only took about nine months, but I actually managed to go and put in an order for new glasses today. Well, two pairs of glasses - one pair of photochromic and one pair of clear ones. Should get them by 26 September at the latest.

Gah. I hope they'll be decent - they'd better be. The frames I picked out did feel somewhat comfortable when I tried them on, but of course, that's with the half-millimetre thick plastic they have in them now... having glass inside might screw things up again, but we'll see.

Took about an hour to get everything settled - I must say, the service at that store is always very nice. I must have met the friendliest sales person ever, and she was actually friendly in a truly nice way, not overwhelmingly so, but actually helpful and all that. It's so rare around here to have sales people like that, and to have someone's full attention for an hour.

Damn these things are expensive though. Frames are one thing, one doesn't have to go for the most expensive ones (and I didn't - picking out those I liked best, one pair turned out four times cheaper than the other), but the lenses... *shudders* Decided to leave getting optical sunglasses for next year - I doubt there'd be much use for them this year, and I think I spent enough for one visit.


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