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I ought to be working, but as I'll explode (or my brain will, anyway) if I don't take tiny breaks now and again, figured I could use this one for a bit of picspam. Went for a seaside walk on Sunday - nothing fancy, but there was sun and sea and birdies.

Cut for pics. )

Have been sucked in by the football European Championships - I did think I'd only keep one eye on the games this time around, while doing something else (reading, posting, etc) at the same time; even dusted off my laptop to have computer access on the sofa... somehow the plan has backfired and I've had a hard time not giving the TV my full attention. So far, I've been most impressed by Holland, although they're not my favourite team (I don't actually have a favourite this time around - I mostly decide on whom to favour by seeing which team has the best looking players, and generally that means cheering for the Southern teams).


Oct. 13th, 2007 07:03 pm
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Sometimes I wonder why I even bother being a football fan, considering that, well, I'm an Estonian football fan.


At least the second half was relatively okay - not that England needed to try too hard after securing the 3-0 lead in the first half. Overall, I think we played better in June in Tallinn, although my view may be biased by having seen that game at the stadium and for some reason, it always seems we play much better when I'm there to see it (never mind the inevitable losing, but I guess the atmosphere at the stadium makes it harder to judge the game more objectively).

Am contemplating whether there is even any point in going to the office on Monday. This week, I had two days with exactly nothing to do, and two days when I finally got a bit of work around 3 pm, when already wondering if I should just take off for the day. And one day when I actually had work to do. Then again, if I don't show up, the chances of getting work would be even less. And in spite of the rather nice September, I would prefer having a bit more work. Work -> more money to spend on lenses, after all. (Part of me wishes I'd never got into photography - it's certainly not one of the least expensive hobbies one could have.)

In better news, Musti seems to be doing better again, although she's still not quite as lively as she should be. But at least she doesn't spend all her time curled up apathetically and not even reacting when someone comes to see how she's doing. And she's been eating rather eagerly and running around a bit again.
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WE WON!!!! WE WON!!!!!

Okay, maybe it's a bit silly to be entirely too happy about beating Andorra 2-1, but it was a victory. With goals. With a last minute winning goal.

Never mind the completely useless referee that seemed to admire the acting skills of the Andorran players so much that he gave the ball to them whatever the situation (including when the wind seemed to have been strong enough to fell a player, as there weren't really any Estonians in the neighbourhood). Never mind that Zelinski was a bit silly and took off his shirt after scoring, after already having one yellow card, meaning red for him (he did have a very nice body though, so I don't really consider it a bad thing that he did, although perhaps it would have been wiser to wait another minute and do it after the game). Never mind that Klavan got sent off for an Andorran player falling onto him (I still don't quite get what he did to deserve that red card).

I'm just really happy right now - it was probably our only chance in this qualifying round anyway (although considering how utterly useless the Andorran team seemed, perhaps we will actually manage to beat them there too). And with a brand new coach, who's only been around for a couple of weeks, but made the brilliant decision to bring back Zelinski whom lots of people seem to have considered too old - with Oper out again, we really needed someone who has the proper instinct for getting the ball in.

Edit note: next time, I need to remember to wear something less... comfortable and baggy, as it seems security is actually getting tighter. And wearing baggy trousers seemed to have been an open invitation to get thoroughly groped all over by a little old lady. :-S
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I need to remember there's football tomorrow. Wouldn't do to leave the office and come straight home, only to realise that it was Wednesday.

Meaning I'll need to remember to take the ticket, and probably the scarf, too... hmpf. Especially as this is the last home game of this qualifying round, and the last chance to see Estonia actually being less than entirely useless, considering we're playing Andorra. Maybe we'll finally get that elusive first goal, or a point... a few goals and full three points would be awfully nice though. Not that I have anything against Andorra, but seriously, if we can't even beat them at home, then - well, there wouldn't really be Estonian football to talk about.

I wonder if I should take the camera or not... on the one hand, they might not like DSLRs in the stands, but on the other hand, this is Andorra and not England anymore, so security ought to be more relaxed. Then again, if I take the camera, I won't really focus properly on the game. Provided there is anything worthwhile focusing on. (Yes, after witnessing defeat after defeat after defeat, I'm not very hopeful. Such is the life of an Estonian football fan.)

In any case, it ought to be nice to spend some time in the fresh air tomorrow, considering that I have an entirely too annoying product use rights document to get done. It wouldn't really be so bad (a) if blasted Word could deal a bit better with 100+ page heavily formatted and tabled documents, without freezing and crashing every now and then, and (b) if blasted Trados didn't insist on changing the font of every single sentence in Word and causing loads of other formatting problems.


Jun. 7th, 2007 12:22 am
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My voice seems to be a bit... missing. A hazard of attending a game I suppose. Did a lot of cheering and shouting... not that it did much good.

Bleh. This was the first time since I became a football fan in 1990 that I was against England... so what do they do? Shoot bloody goals. Argh.

Oh well... it was a fairly good game, even if we did get somewhat slaughtered. I don't think we were that hopeless, really... had some decent chances, as usual, but - as usual in this qualification round - seem to be entirely unable to actually get the blasted ball in the goal.


Jun. 3rd, 2007 12:26 am
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Bloody Croats. Bloody referee. Bloody lack of luck on our side.

Yes, we lost. 0-1. Again. Still no points, no goals. And we're not that bad, dammit! We had way more chances. Way more corners. Argh!!


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