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The Muse - this time in the shape of [ profile] chilliconcarne, to whom I moaned about a lack of ideas and who dutifully provided one without any hesitation - was kind to me, so ... Scoffy, here is your birthday ficlet! I hope you enjoy it. As requested - SSHG, a snowy day. ~900 words, very tame. Warning for fluffiness. Not betaed.

Fic: Snow Day )
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I begged for a prompt from [ profile] ayerf the other day, so that I could write something for her birthday, figuring I'd need several weeks to come up with something. However, a bunny bit, and this is it.

SSHG, sort of anyway. PG-13 at the most. About 2400 words. The prompt: Crookshanks meeting Severus for the first time (could be the first time, in Hermione's third year, or for the first time as the man in Hermione's life, or both). Not betad.

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Finally got around to uploading Measuring Up to the various archives. Up now on FFN, and hopefully within a few days also on TPP and Ashwinder. Provided it doesn't have too many commas in the wrong places, LOL!

As usual, there is also picspam - this time from yesterday, before shopping. Cut for picspam. )

[ profile] juno_magic buying a new camera has made my desire for the Canon A650 IS come back... I've been tempted by that very same model a few times now, but so far, have resisted. I keep reminding myself that I really don't need yet another compact camera, but does my mind listen? Nooo...


NSFW Jun. 27th, 2008 10:37 pm
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Happy birthday to [ profile] shiv5468! I hope you have a fabulous day.

In your honour, a tiny little plot bunny decided to show up, and gave me this.

A fluffy ficlet for Shiv. )


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