Mar. 9th, 2009 11:23 pm
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Am incredibly tired. Once again. Still.

At least I got my work done. And was reminded that I had noted down end of March / beginning of April as my first two weeks of holiday this year, and that we're to get the next big batch of work on 18 March, so if I could perhaps be somewhat flexible about the holiday... well, I don't have any plans made, apart from wanting to rest, so I figured I could be flexible.

Thus I somewhat unexpectedly find myself having a week off starting tomorrow. Which is nice, I suppose.

The last week's been quite awful. I've been in pain most of the time - my back's not in a good state at all, and I'm getting seriously fed up with my right leg, which has been sort of achy for a few years now but more insistent in recent months. It's not a strong pain but a more or less constant one, going all the way from the hip to the ankle, but mostly staying in the outer thigh. Most annoying. I suppose I'll need to go see a doctor about it some day, but so far, it's been so... vague, that I've not been sure what to complain about.

I did decide to actually start doing something about this awful state of unfitness and stuff last week though, and am determined to go out for a walk daily. Have done so for six days now. Not long walks, staying out for an hour perhaps, and hardly power-walking, but it's enough to exhaust me quite properly for now - my legs start aching far too quickly and I have zero stamina. But it's bound to start having an effect (preferably a positive one) some day. I hope. And today was pretty nice, climbing around in the fresh falling snow and stuff.

Just finished reading Wishing Well, a Ten & Martha book... not very impressed. Most new Doctor Who books have been good fanfic level, this one seemed weakish. And I spotted several things I'd have pointed out as a beta.
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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] lady_karelia!

Cut for Classic DW related squeeage. )

Earlier start at work today. Hmpf. Training. I don't really like training. But I suppose it'll be good to have.
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First, this was supposed to be the reaction post to the news about the casting of the Eleventh Doctor, but... I don't really know anything about the actor. So I'm going to hope for the best, even though I'd have preferred someone older.

Second, went for a walk by the river earlier today. We were actually planning for the beach, but by the time we got that far, the sun was setting and it was very, very cold (a wonderfully brisk -5°C otherwise, but very windy at the seaside, and my fingers and toes were all frozen), so we just turned back.

Got a bit trigger happy with the camera as it was - I'm officially in love with the new lens. It's a little difficult to consider things like colour rendition etc yet, or even sharpness (as my focus was probably all over the place, what with runny eyes and runny nose and shaky hands), but it's so fast in focusing. And quiet. And a joy to handle. And it's marvellous to have a camera that does not take a random pink shot every now and then, or refuse to turn off or on at random times.

Cut for picspam. Mostly ice. )


Sep. 8th, 2008 10:28 pm
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I have a vague feeling I should be working on the exchange fic, but for the second day in a row, I've opened the file and just ... nothing. I know, in principle, what ought to be there, but I cannot make myself write it. And I've started being plagued by doubts about the whole thing. Ah well, perhaps I just need a couple of days' break.

Felt completely drained yesterday - apart from installing more things, didn't really feel up to anything at all. Did finally get around to watching Doctor Who: The War Machines though, after having the DVD for nearly two weeks. Was good enough, but not among my favourite One stories. Can't really help preferring Ian and Barbara to all the other First Doctor companions. Still, it was new Who (one of the handful of stories I hadn't seen yet), so it was well worth it.

Tired today - did a lot of work and grocery shopping afterwards. The weather continues to be utterly sucky (cold, very windy, rainy) and I ended up wearing gloves. Feel like wanting gloves now too but they get in the way of typing... damn it, want heating turned on already. Remote central heating is all very well when it works but sadly it always means a month of freezing my extremities off in the autumn. Should get myself a nice cup of hot tea perhaps, but am so full after dinner. Grrr. And I'd really want ice cream.
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First, without any spoilers... I can't wait for next week and the Doctor Who season finale. I have managed to stay more or less spoiler-free, so if anyone knows anything specific about next week's episode, I'd rather not know.

But I've really liked this season so far, and for once, I'm hoping that the last episode won't totally disappoint me.

Now that this is off my chest... I'm annoyed. Tried on a couple of pairs of trousers yesterday when shopping, as I'm getting to a point where I soon won't have anything without holes left, and... well, needless to say, it was a yet another pointless waste of time. Tried a pair size 38, which looked like they might fit, but couldn't get them over my hips. Argh. And then a pair labelled XL (apparently size 36 / US size 8 / UK size 10) which fit snugly but a tiny bit too snugly - sadly they didn't have them a size or two bigger (the next one was 42, which would have been overkill). (And just in what sort of world does size 36 equal "extra large" anyway? no, this was not the children's department...)

Maybe I should give up and start wearing skirts, or something. Because obviously someone built like me is not meant to wear women's trousers. *is annoyed*

Finally, there is picspam from the last few days. )
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Did a "how many countries can you name in five minutes" quiz thing... amazing how the brain tends to go into lockdown mode when you see the seconds ticking away! And having to try and remember the English spelling really isn't helping with the speed, either.


Also, a couple of springy pics. Willow catkins. )

More Doctor Who tonight. Yay! And Sendit's posted my Black Orchid DVD - one of my favourite Five stories, as I recall. Yay again!
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Achievements today: scrubbed mouse pad clean in the morning. I can haz shiny clean mouse pad now! No cat hair or chocolate stains! For all of two days, possibly, but still. It's pretty. I hardly dare to touch it.

Also wrote a double drabble for [ profile] grangersnape100. Not hugely pleased with it, but a tiny bunny bit and I jumped at the chance of getting a bit of exercise with the writing again. Seem to have gone rusty.

Can't be bothered to review the Torchwood S2 finale and the DW S4 starter, hence no spoiler cuts, but Torchwood was better than I expected, and I hugely enjoyed DW's Partners in Crime. And I really do like Donna. I have a moderately good feeling about this season, especially now that I'm not that annoyed by Ten any more.

Back aches. Not the neck/shoulder/upper back pain at least any more, but middle/lower back has been bothering me all day. Blegh. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Work continues being exhausting, unfortunately, but with any luck, I won't need to stay quite as late every day this week as I did last week.
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The most wonderful thing about a three-day weekend is realising, in the evening of the second day, that there is a one more whole day of lazing about ahead. Well, maybe lazing about - have to go shopping tomorrow - but not work, at least.

The cats were pretty yesterday. And I had a camera. Kitty picspam behind the cut. )

Have been busy today, for a Saturday. Fingernails had grown to an uncomfortable length again, so dealt with those (awfully much effort, and it takes forever - all the cutting, and then the filing, and then more filing). Have read more fic. Finally got up enough courage again to post something to the archives - decided to upload the jelly baby ficlet to TPP and Ashwinder. Now the fingernail-biting days of scary waiting will start...

Also finished reading a Doctor Who book - The Price of Paradise, which wasn't too bad, I suppose (but my expectations when it comes to new Who tie-in books are anything but high, considering their nature). Now I only have one more book with Rose to read, and then I can finally move on to reading books with Martha.


Mar. 6th, 2008 09:48 am
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When I last looked out of the window, some ten minutes ago, it was nice and clear.

Now there's a bit of a blizzard out there. WTF? Very pretty though, with large soft fluffy bits of snow. Not that it'll be so pretty at street level when I have to go into it, quite soon...

Just took advantage of my renewed credit card and pre-ordered the next few DW DVDs at Sendit. Woohoo! I'm very much looking forward to Black Orchid - one of my favourite Five stories. On the other hand, I could do without seeing The Invasion of Time again, but I fear I'm a completist... *sighs* Ah well, perhaps I'll want to rewatch everything in order some day, and it'll come in handy then. Also noticed that HP: OOTP has finally got all cheap, so got that too.
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Weeeee! I finally got around to watching The Time Meddler - one of the handful of existing Doctor Who stories I hadn't seen yet. I did plan to watch it last year, when I was going through the First Doctor's stories in order, but then the news came that it was about to be released on DVD, and I decided to wait. Of course, then the release was delayed by a year... *sighs*

I'd nearly forgotten just how much I love the First Doctor. (Not quite the same way as Three, but anyway.) He's so much fun in his irascible old man persona. And while I think I prefer Ian & Barbara as his companions, I didn't really mind Vicki & Steven either (although Steven was a bit obnoxious). And The Time Meddler was a fun story (never mind that the Saxons of 1066 looked quite 1960s...)

And I had a Musti on me the whole time. She's so lovely. And a bit heavy...

Health update: cold still here. )
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Snagged from [ profile] livii. It's been a while since I've done a DW meme!

Here be long memeage. )

Hmm. The meme reminds me that I should finish re-watching The Silurians. And the extras.
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Gah, Saturday's almost over! Not fair. At least I've not been completely idle today, in spite of the cold... have now got a headache, and still have a slight fever, but I did manage to change the bulb earlier, so at least there is light. And do manicure, which is on my most hated things list, so I generally tend to put it off as long as possible... but the nails were getting in the way of typing. And I dusted a bit, and cleaned my monitor screen, yay.

And I located my laptop, which I've been neglecting since summer... heh. Windows needed 28 updates.

More ancient kitty picspam. )

Watched the first four episodes of Doctor Who and the Silurians earlier... was a bit worried that I wouldn't like it as much as I remembered liking it, but it's still good. Well, the Silurians are a bit silly, but damn I liked Three. *sighs wistfully* So wonderfully arrogant. And funny. And dishy. And where's all the Three/Liz fic that so ought to be out there? They definitely fancied each other. Although not as much as Three fancied Bessie. *sniggers*

Really, everyone who is even vaguely interested in classic Who should watch some Three. Preferably starting with his first season.
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Not really much reason for whining - just feel like complaining because the days off are over and I need to get back to work tomorrow. Pah. Oh well, at least it's just two days and then it's time for London, yay!

Watched the Doctor Who Christmas special earlier.

Some random thoughts; some possible spoilers. )

Had a solitary little bunny bite me in the afternoon - posted here at [ profile] grangersnape100. I'm very relieved it all fit into just 100 words.


Nov. 20th, 2007 09:31 am
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The BBC Shop has put up the box cover and the details for the January Doctor Who box set... we have a release date! 14 January, yay! And we have a cover, a gorgeous cover! *punches air*

Cover behind the cut, as I just want to admire it whenever I have the time. )

Just two months to go, and then I'll finally have the Silurians and the Sea Devils in all their glory. *dreamy sigh* I honestly don't care for Warriors of the Deep, but obviously it has to come with the other two. The only thing I don't like about these release details is the RRP... £10 more than for the previous three story sets. Which is not very nice.

And I've heard rumours that Frontier in Space/Planet of the Daleks might be in line... ooh, if they came out next year too, I'd be in Third Doctor heaven.

And I think I worked out the details for the end of Enchanted last night, together with the "epilogue" (how sad is it to think of an epilogue for drabbles? maybe I won't call it such... just the last one, then!). Which is good, as all the build-up might leave people a bit frustrated otherwise. Now I just need to figure out how to get from yesterday's set to the ending in a satisfactory way.


Oct. 23rd, 2007 06:53 pm
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Morning trip to the post office proved entirely useless, as for some reason they're open 12-19 this week, instead of 9-19. However, I did get there after work, and have the Doctor Who: Planet of Evil DVD now, yay! Well, sort of yay, as it's not the best story ever, but I recall not minding it too much either.

Loved yesterday's episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, again. Although I think it may have been my least favourite episode of the show so far, but it was still good.

Decided to give in to the new plot bunny who attacked me last night and wrote a few more drabbles for GS100 after getting home. With any luck, the bunny won't run off on me now and perhaps there will even be more in this series - it would be nice to see if I manage to continue a story and squeeze out more than 3x100 words from one vague idea.
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Yay, another day survived.

I was even lucky enough to catch a break in the rain after work and get to the post office (and home) relatively dry - and have a very pretty Doctor Who: Key to Time box. Number 7246 out of 15,000 (nicely numbered as it's apparently a limited edition). The only problem is that it'll mess up the nice consistent look of my DVD shelf, as it's a fully closed box and thus the spines aren't showing... life's so tough!

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, here's the second batch of pics from Saturday's walk. Mostly water and random plants.

12 pics behind the cut. )
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I'm feeling so wiped out right now that it's not even funny. Translated about 10,000 words today (not that I wanted to, but I didn't feel like taking work home for the weekend after the week I've had and I have a lot to do next week too), while spending the first half of the day in a rather soaked condition - was raining hard just when I was arriving at work in the morning, which meant crossing a river instead of a street, which meant not even getting to keep my feet dry... I'm so glad I had nice warm dry slippers waiting for me in the office.

I finally got the two books I bought on eBay a month ago. Apparently they were returned to the sender last week as undelivered, so he had to send them again. This time, the postal services did not manage to mess up, it seems. Yay!

And it appears that January's classic Who release is a box set of Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Sea Devils and Warriors of the Deep. YAY!

Warriors I'm not too keen on, as it was really one of the dullest, crappiest stories with Five (but at least it being in the set saves me all the agonising over having to get it separately just for the sake of completeness), but Silurians and The Sea Devils are two of my most favourite Three stories ever, so I'm really, really happy. (No, it has nothing to do with having the Doctor in a wonderfully tight T-shirt in Silurians, honestly!) And it's about time to get another Delgado!Master story on DVD, and a good one at that, considering that The Claws of Axos isn't exactly an undisputed classic.
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I just realised it's Sunday and past 10 in the evening... so the weekend is as good as over. *is not happy*

Once again, I've managed to get nothing done. I don't know what it is about weekends lately (lately = at least the last year or so), but I can't seem to muster up any energy for anything. I even tend to forego eating as it takes too much effort to prepare something (although this reminds me that there are a couple of rolls with whipped cream in the kitchen - perhaps not the best sort of food so late in the day, but they are awfully tempting).

I did sort of get started with cleaning up / reorganising another closet though. As in taking everything out and piling it all up on the sofa. *sighs* I did mostly manage to sort through the stuff and separate everything into neater little piles, and throw away any old socks and the like that should have been thrown out a long time ago, but I think a lot of the shirts and such would need ironing, and if there's one thing I'm useless at, it's ironing. Bleh.

Anyway, I did find enough energy to watch The Time Warrior and the documentary, woo! More thoughts about The Time Warrior, Sarah Jane and season 11 behind the cut. )
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I guess that in most other places, +30°C would not sound too horrid, but up here in the north it's always a bit too much. Bleh. Has been around that for most of this week now, and I'm feeling quite molten already.

Had to take a walk to the post office today... actually survived, go me! ;-) It was totally too warm for feeling anything close to comfortable though, and the slight wind that there was was even hotter than the air. I am so not looking forward to going to work on Monday, as this sort of weather will apparently last for a while yet.

Anyway, got some grapes and strawberries and bilberries from the market (honestly, in this weather, I haven't really felt like eating anything more substantial for a while now) and picked up the new DVDs that had arrived in the post-office - the Stones' The Biggest Bang set (woo! new Stones! although for a four disc set, the choice of songs looks a little boring) and the Doctor Who Time Flight / Arc of Infinity double set, which I'm trying to feel enthusiastic about, but really just got due to being a completist. Not two of my favourite Fifth Doctor stories. (Although Time Flight might actually fall in the "so bad it's good" camp.)

Speaking of Doctor Who DVDs, it appears that Destiny of the Daleks is as good as confirmed as the November release, so I guess that puts an end to my hopes for more Third Doctor releases this year. At least we're getting The Time Warrior in a month, but just one Three release this year is a bit disappointing, what with Pertwee being the second-longest serving Doctor and all. I do like Tom Baker, so I'm not exactly complaining as such, but on the other hand, eleven Fourth Doctor releases in one year compared to just one Third Doctor and zero First or Second Doctor releases does seem a little odd (I can only assume that the fans of the black-and-white era are not too happy). Oh well, one can hope that next year there will be more Three stories - there are all those persistent rumours regarding The Sea Devils (and possibly The Silurians) after all, and not a single Pertwee Dalek story has made it to DVD yet.
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I shall have to start reorganising some books and DVDs. The new shelf should come in handy... although it's still not painted yet, which is not that good.

Anyway, picked up the Timelash DVD at the post office today... that's one Doctor Who DVD for which even I cannot muster up much enthusiasm, even though I'm really rather fond of Six, with all his bluster and arrogance. I don't think this particular story is one of the highlights of the Colin Baker era though. But being a completist, I still need the DVD of course, and besides, perhaps the documentary will be interesting.

And then I also picked up the four latest Doctor Who: Short Trips volumes (17-20). Woo! Not that I've actually read the first 16 volumes properly, I think I've only read the Third Doctor stories in each, but perhaps some day I'll actually get around to the others too. And it does mean a handful of brand new Third Doctor stories... *sighs wistfully*


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