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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] lady_karelia!

Cut for Classic DW related squeeage. )

Earlier start at work today. Hmpf. Training. I don't really like training. But I suppose it'll be good to have.
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I've been idly speculating for a while that I might at some point need a new desktop computer as the current one is getting rather too slow for my liking and is prone to freezing up whenever I've had Firefox open for more than half a day. Sadly it's at an age where upgrading isn't possible really - would have to get a new motherboard, CPU, compatible RAM and graphics card, as compatible parts don't seem to be around any more - so it's basically getting a whole new computer.

Computer rant. )

In more positive news, I got my Doctor Who: The War Machines DVD on Tuesday (stuck, barely, in the mailbox - where it just doesn't fit. am so glad I got there before anyone else did) - and today I received the notice from Sendit telling me they've dispatched it. *raises eyebrow*

In even more positive news, I actually had a few ideas for the possible more challenging exchange prompt today when on my way home on the bus. Perhaps I will actually manage to make a start on it today.


Mar. 6th, 2008 09:48 am
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When I last looked out of the window, some ten minutes ago, it was nice and clear.

Now there's a bit of a blizzard out there. WTF? Very pretty though, with large soft fluffy bits of snow. Not that it'll be so pretty at street level when I have to go into it, quite soon...

Just took advantage of my renewed credit card and pre-ordered the next few DW DVDs at Sendit. Woohoo! I'm very much looking forward to Black Orchid - one of my favourite Five stories. On the other hand, I could do without seeing The Invasion of Time again, but I fear I'm a completist... *sighs* Ah well, perhaps I'll want to rewatch everything in order some day, and it'll come in handy then. Also noticed that HP: OOTP has finally got all cheap, so got that too.


Nov. 20th, 2007 09:31 am
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The BBC Shop has put up the box cover and the details for the January Doctor Who box set... we have a release date! 14 January, yay! And we have a cover, a gorgeous cover! *punches air*

Cover behind the cut, as I just want to admire it whenever I have the time. )

Just two months to go, and then I'll finally have the Silurians and the Sea Devils in all their glory. *dreamy sigh* I honestly don't care for Warriors of the Deep, but obviously it has to come with the other two. The only thing I don't like about these release details is the RRP... £10 more than for the previous three story sets. Which is not very nice.

And I've heard rumours that Frontier in Space/Planet of the Daleks might be in line... ooh, if they came out next year too, I'd be in Third Doctor heaven.

And I think I worked out the details for the end of Enchanted last night, together with the "epilogue" (how sad is it to think of an epilogue for drabbles? maybe I won't call it such... just the last one, then!). Which is good, as all the build-up might leave people a bit frustrated otherwise. Now I just need to figure out how to get from yesterday's set to the ending in a satisfactory way.
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So. Weekend. Saturday. Perfect day for shopping. Or so mum and I figured.

Lots of stuff about the, um, fascinating day that was had. )

So I still need to go shopping properly some day... grr. Don't like shopping. Not for clothes anyway.

Should attempt to write a bit more of Enchanted now.


Oct. 23rd, 2007 06:53 pm
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Morning trip to the post office proved entirely useless, as for some reason they're open 12-19 this week, instead of 9-19. However, I did get there after work, and have the Doctor Who: Planet of Evil DVD now, yay! Well, sort of yay, as it's not the best story ever, but I recall not minding it too much either.

Loved yesterday's episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, again. Although I think it may have been my least favourite episode of the show so far, but it was still good.

Decided to give in to the new plot bunny who attacked me last night and wrote a few more drabbles for GS100 after getting home. With any luck, the bunny won't run off on me now and perhaps there will even be more in this series - it would be nice to see if I manage to continue a story and squeeze out more than 3x100 words from one vague idea.
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Yay, another day survived.

I was even lucky enough to catch a break in the rain after work and get to the post office (and home) relatively dry - and have a very pretty Doctor Who: Key to Time box. Number 7246 out of 15,000 (nicely numbered as it's apparently a limited edition). The only problem is that it'll mess up the nice consistent look of my DVD shelf, as it's a fully closed box and thus the spines aren't showing... life's so tough!

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, here's the second batch of pics from Saturday's walk. Mostly water and random plants.

12 pics behind the cut. )
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I'm feeling so wiped out right now that it's not even funny. Translated about 10,000 words today (not that I wanted to, but I didn't feel like taking work home for the weekend after the week I've had and I have a lot to do next week too), while spending the first half of the day in a rather soaked condition - was raining hard just when I was arriving at work in the morning, which meant crossing a river instead of a street, which meant not even getting to keep my feet dry... I'm so glad I had nice warm dry slippers waiting for me in the office.

I finally got the two books I bought on eBay a month ago. Apparently they were returned to the sender last week as undelivered, so he had to send them again. This time, the postal services did not manage to mess up, it seems. Yay!

And it appears that January's classic Who release is a box set of Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Sea Devils and Warriors of the Deep. YAY!

Warriors I'm not too keen on, as it was really one of the dullest, crappiest stories with Five (but at least it being in the set saves me all the agonising over having to get it separately just for the sake of completeness), but Silurians and The Sea Devils are two of my most favourite Three stories ever, so I'm really, really happy. (No, it has nothing to do with having the Doctor in a wonderfully tight T-shirt in Silurians, honestly!) And it's about time to get another Delgado!Master story on DVD, and a good one at that, considering that The Claws of Axos isn't exactly an undisputed classic.
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It's so good to be home after a long day. Got a bag of cat litter on my way home from town, as none of the stores close to home seemed to have the kind we prefer, and I have to admit that even for me, there occasionally are times when I semi-wish that I (a) had access to a car, (b) lived in a house with a lift. Even though the bus stop is very close, carrying the cat litter + other shopping for that distance and then up the stairs to the fourth floor is not my favourite way of spending my evenings.

On the more positive note, there were post office notices in the mailbox when I got home, so I dragged myself out again to go to the post office. Yay for Babylon 5: The Lost Tales and Doctor Who: The Time Warrior DVDs! I'm really rather happy - firstly, brand new B5 (I resisted the temptation to seek it out on the net), and secondly, The Time Warrior! Finally some Third Doctor on DVD - it's been a while since July last year. And I did love Sarah Jane's introduction.

On the more negative note, Sendit posted the DVDs last Thursday, so it took them a week to get here, which is very good... but on the other hand, it indicates that mail is actually moving between the UK and Estonia. And I still haven't got the two books I bought on eBay, which were posted to me three weeks ago. I do actually trust that the guy posted them when he said he did, as I've bought a number of books from him over a couple of years and he's always been prompt and fair (and with excellent feedback from 1000+ people), so I'm starting to have a rather unpleasant feeling about the package having disappeared in the mail. At least it was only under £10, so not a huge loss if they don't turn up, but I'd rather like to have the books... grrr.

I'm really quite knackered now though after the walk to the post office (and to the supermarket from there, and then back home again). And there's something wrong with the floor lamp... something loose inside, I think, as it refused to be turned on (and the bulb's okay). And I detected a hole in my shoe, which means I'll need to go hunting for new trainers soon.
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I guess that in most other places, +30°C would not sound too horrid, but up here in the north it's always a bit too much. Bleh. Has been around that for most of this week now, and I'm feeling quite molten already.

Had to take a walk to the post office today... actually survived, go me! ;-) It was totally too warm for feeling anything close to comfortable though, and the slight wind that there was was even hotter than the air. I am so not looking forward to going to work on Monday, as this sort of weather will apparently last for a while yet.

Anyway, got some grapes and strawberries and bilberries from the market (honestly, in this weather, I haven't really felt like eating anything more substantial for a while now) and picked up the new DVDs that had arrived in the post-office - the Stones' The Biggest Bang set (woo! new Stones! although for a four disc set, the choice of songs looks a little boring) and the Doctor Who Time Flight / Arc of Infinity double set, which I'm trying to feel enthusiastic about, but really just got due to being a completist. Not two of my favourite Fifth Doctor stories. (Although Time Flight might actually fall in the "so bad it's good" camp.)

Speaking of Doctor Who DVDs, it appears that Destiny of the Daleks is as good as confirmed as the November release, so I guess that puts an end to my hopes for more Third Doctor releases this year. At least we're getting The Time Warrior in a month, but just one Three release this year is a bit disappointing, what with Pertwee being the second-longest serving Doctor and all. I do like Tom Baker, so I'm not exactly complaining as such, but on the other hand, eleven Fourth Doctor releases in one year compared to just one Third Doctor and zero First or Second Doctor releases does seem a little odd (I can only assume that the fans of the black-and-white era are not too happy). Oh well, one can hope that next year there will be more Three stories - there are all those persistent rumours regarding The Sea Devils (and possibly The Silurians) after all, and not a single Pertwee Dalek story has made it to DVD yet.
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I shall have to start reorganising some books and DVDs. The new shelf should come in handy... although it's still not painted yet, which is not that good.

Anyway, picked up the Timelash DVD at the post office today... that's one Doctor Who DVD for which even I cannot muster up much enthusiasm, even though I'm really rather fond of Six, with all his bluster and arrogance. I don't think this particular story is one of the highlights of the Colin Baker era though. But being a completist, I still need the DVD of course, and besides, perhaps the documentary will be interesting.

And then I also picked up the four latest Doctor Who: Short Trips volumes (17-20). Woo! Not that I've actually read the first 16 volumes properly, I think I've only read the Third Doctor stories in each, but perhaps some day I'll actually get around to the others too. And it does mean a handful of brand new Third Doctor stories... *sighs wistfully*
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Just saw that Planet of Evil seems to have been confirmed as the classic Doctor Who October release. Now, I rather liked Planet of Evil, so I'm not really opposed to having that on DVD this year... but that makes it, what, the tenth Fourth Doctor story released this year? (The Keeper of Traken, Logopolis and Robot being out already and the entire Key to Time season coming in September.)

I quite see that with there being so many Tom Baker stories out there, it makes sense to try and catch up with him in the release schedule... but releasing ten Four stories in one year seems a little unfair, compared to just one Third Doctor release! I want more Pertwee on DVD, dammit! Especially when the Fifth Doctor has at least three releases this year, too, and there being less Davison stories all in all. Although I suppose there will be at least one more release in 2007 - can hope that's a Pertwee, then. (And barring that, can hope that 2008 will be the year to make us Three fans happy.) I would think though that there'd have to be at least one black-and-white release this year as well, so I'm rather guessing that final slot will go to Hartnell, especially with The Time Meddler rumours last year and earlier this year.

Busy day

May. 15th, 2007 07:11 pm
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Well... busy with everything but work, really. At least I had something to do at work, even if it was relatively little.

On the other hand, little work meant more time for other important things. Such as shopping. (Note to self: maybe it is not that good to work in an office situated within five minutes walking distance from a photography store, a computer store and a Kalev store.)

So now I have a new ID card reader (old one didn't seem to work... but after some hassling with the new one, and finding out that things work marvellously even though I get a "card error" icon, I'm beginning to think that maybe it was one of those problems situated between the chair and the keyboard, and not a reader problem... hmm, in any case, even if it does work, an extra one won't hurt, surely). And a very pretty external hard drive (Western Digital MyBook Pro, 500 GB), which I'm not going to install today. And a not very pretty (but that hardly matters) new 400W power supply, for the inevitable event of the current one in either mine or mum's computer failing at some point.

And then I had time to go to Priisle, where I got strawberries and picked up my recent Amazon order at the post-office... yes, I finally have Doctor Who: The Complete First Series now. A very pretty, relatively slim box, which has unfortunately got a little banged up in one corner, but oh well. And I also got State of Play which I know absolutely nothing about, except that it has a good cast, is directed by David Yates and is supposed to be good.

And when I finally got home, I found out I've become a Perfect Imagination accredited beta reader, yay! Took the test just for fun last night... didn't bother to think all that much (and knew I didn't get everything but decided to err on the side of caution) and got 85%, which is quite sufficient for accreditation. So if anyone has any Harry Potter fics and wants a beta reader, I have the certificate to show I'm capable and can be trusted with the grammar, spelling and canon knowledge. Apparently.
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April is a weird month. I'm always reminded of that for some reason whenever I wake up to snow in the morning. Or sleet. Or slush on the ground.

Apart from the fact that I'm sneezing now, I'm still glad I braved the evil weather and made it to the post-office... considering it had at last stopped snowing/sleeting/raining, it was a surprisingly invigorating walk.

And I got the Survival DVD, squeeee! Well... sort of squee, I didn't really care for the story all that much but I have a feeling I'm attempting to be a completist here... and maybe it'll look better on DVD (not that it would help the plot much or the utterly '80s look of the whole thing). I'd entirely forgotten it was supposed to be a 2 disc set... for a three episode story, it seems a bit much, but then, as the final classic Who story, I guess the amount of extras is quite justified (even if it is 192 minutes of extras compared to 72 minutes of show).
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I planned to gift myself upon the anniversary of my birth with a new lens... but of course, none of the stores I went today had that particular lens in stock.

I found that most disagreeable.

Oh well. Ordered it now... I've decided that a wide angle zoom is the one I, ahem, "need" the most right now (or in general - one that should come in handy now and then over the coming years, especially if I ever feel like doing some architecture photography). And I was all set on getting it today... not that I need it today, but would have been nice. *whines a little*

At least I didn't return home entirely empty-handed... directed mum to get me the new, restored, proper DVD of Kevade, and also finally got around to getting the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, as she insisted on getting me a birthday present. And cake. Cake's nice (I hope anyway, haven't tried that particular sort of cake before).

I was hit by the oddest realisation in various bookstores today though as I wandered around, trying to find something - anything - that might hold my interest, for mum to get me... and there was just nothing. Absolutely nothing in two entire large bookstores that as much as would have made me idly wonder if I'd want it or not... I just seemed to have zero interest in anything that looked even remotely like a book. I'm hoping that it's just... well... today, that I wasn't in the right mood for books, although bookstores have proven to be entirely uninteresting for me during several visits lately. Maybe when The Deathly Hallows gets released, it will make me more interested in actual books again.
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The Doctor Who: New Beginnings box is pretty. All those colours! :-D Bloody Castrovalva case has one of the push thingies broken though, so now the DVD is loose, oh joy. Oh well, at least it's only Castrovalva... but still. Damn BBC for using those lovely silver cases for which one cannot really find replacements.

On the other hand, a fairly brisk walk to the post office didn't leave me out of breath today (although I'm rather wiped out now), so that's good. A month ago even walking to the office from the bus stop was enough to leave me panting, and that was... not that good. So I've got a little better at least. And I got new socks! Warm ones!

Watched all the Harry Potter movies over the last week or so... mmm. Sevvie. Although I'm a little concerned that Rickman's really getting a bit too old for Snape, but oh well... one cannot have everything. And Goblet of Fire is definitely the best of the movies so far... I'm really looking forward to Order of the Phoenix though. Why does July have to be so far away? *scowls a bit* At least I'll hopefully have time to see it before The Deathly Hallows comes out (provided the movie is released here at the same time as in the rest of the civilised world, that is).


Jan. 13th, 2007 06:27 pm
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I somehow managed to pull a muscle in the sole of my right foot today when I got home from the post office. How does one pull a muscle in the sole anyway? Most annoying.

Getting 'Allo 'Allo series 5 volume 2 reminds me that I seem to be totally running out of shelf space, again. Should look into getting another DVD/book cabinet, I think... although hopefully this year won't be the kind of mad buying frenzy that last year was. I should really take a break and actually watch and/or read the stuff I've already got. Still, a new shelf or cabinet would be good to have, especially as the slow trickle of DW DVD releases will continue.

Hmpf. Tired. Hungry. Mostly tired though. Even with trying to keep my work hours at a minimum, five work days a week is really too much for me the way I am now. Although it should hopefully become easier again once I get used to it. I should think about when I'll want a holiday though... not that I'm entirely optimistic about actually getting the 12 weeks that I'm now owed from all the previous years, but perhaps I will actually get some rest this year. I just don't know what to do with that time... can't seem to muster up much enthusiasm for, well, anything these days.
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I've been eating way more sweets lately than I probably should. But I can't much seem to help it. At least I'm enjoying something. ;-)

And Kaubamaja's food department now has Giotto... dangerous knowledge, that. They're damn addictive for me. At least they were relatively easy to ignore as long as I had to travel out of the country to get them. Now I must learn to use self-control, or I'll ruin my bank account... considering I haven't been to the office for three and a half weeks now, and haven't done much work after the first, I should exercise some restraint. ;-)

So, it would seem that the March Doctor Who DVD is Survival... ho-hum. I suppose that as the last classic story, it will probably have nice extras (I very much doubt it would be a standard release), but it's really one of my least favourite McCoy stories. Oh well, after this year's rather excellent string of releases, I assume it's only natural that the next batch would leave me a bit cooler - the New Beginnings set isn't exactly my three favourite stories either (I wasn't that keen on Tom Baker's last season in general, and while I rather enjoyed most of Peter Davison's era, Castrovalva almost made me fall asleep). Maybe they'll have something more interesting in line for April, then - any Pertwee would do just fine, thank you. Or even any Hartnell, for that matter.

I'll get them all anyway, of course. Which reminds me - Sendit's got New Beginnings up for pre-order at under £18, which really isn't bad for three stories in one go. Should go and place the order.
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First time this week that I've been out... only to the post-office and back, but god I'm feeling dead. Just so very tired. I don't know if I'll ever feel not tired again... I don't really even remember what that felt like.

Bloody Internet was down most of the morning/day... seems to be backish at last. Yay. Seems to have been a general problem for my part of town.

Speaking of general problems for my part of town... I don't really appreciate getting - fully in Russian - ads/anonymous invitations to AIDS testing. I'm sure the cause is good and all that, but I'd rather not be dumped together with the anonymous mass of non-Estonian drug addicts and other risk groups that inhabit these areas. Heck, they might have at least had a few lines in Estonian... but no. Everyone knows, obviously, that this part of town is Russian... who cares that there are tens of thousands of Estonians living here too, right?

Bleh. Anyway. Got the Doctor Who new series 2 box at last. At least it looks sturdyish and all the discs were in their places, but I'm not entirely sure why all the squeeing over the cover art... the plastic slip cover is uncomfortable and the front side looks just dead boring, lenticular or not - actually I have no idea how it's supposed to work, as it seems it doesn't. Back cover does work at least, but a standing Cyberman next to a Dalek is... not really very imaginative art, is it? Insides look better at least. Not that it matters, as I don't particularly plan to actually watch any of it any time soon anyway.
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Just finished watching The Invasion... loved it, totally. I'm not sure if it would push The Mind Robber off from the top position of my favourite Troughton stories so far, as they're just so totally different, but as a proper UNIT adventure, this was really nice.

Will leave watching the special features for next week I suppose, don't want to rush through it all.

I'm not sure the story itself was all that fabulous, really, but the direction was excellent and the dialogue had some great bits.

Pah... don't want the weekend to be over yet. It's as if it just started. At least I'll have work again, which probably means I'll be moaning about it in two days or so, as there'll be too much of it. ;-)


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