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Back from the dentist. DONE! YAY!! Well, until next year, but for the moment, I'm done. Feels so... weird.

Must start working now, but it's a little complicated with a large cat stretched out on top of me/shoulder/chest/back paw in my navel. Hmpf. So here's some picspam from last week.

Cut for picspam. Trees and water and stuff. )

Whew, have been released from under the cat... this is one major problem when working from home. I am generally not clawed, purred at and used as a pillow in the office.
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Dentist day again today - cut for gory details. )

Right, ought to start working now, before the anaesthetics wear off and it all starts hurting - I expect quite a bit of the usual tenderness, even if not any "real" pain.
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Woke up at first around five this morning... took me a while to fall asleep again, but I think I managed a few more hours. Have been up since a bit past eight.

General tooth-related whining, skippable. )

Anyway, here are some more pics from last Saturday's Pärnu visit. )

Feels weird to have holidays. What to do with them? Should stay home for a few days, anyway, and find more mushy things to eat... can try and catch up on reading and the likes, I suppose. Would be awfully nice to get a visit from a plot bunny or two, but I'm not counting on it.
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Well, I survived the dentist.

Dentistry talk. )

Anyway, I'm officially on holiday now. Hopefully I'll actually get to enjoy some of it. At least I was informed by the dentist that ice cream is very okay as food. And as a good five hours have now passed since the visit, I think/hope it's safe to eat a bit of it now.
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If all goes according to plan, I ought to get a tooth yanked out tomorrow. Well, the remains of what was once a tooth - not much there, apart from the roots.

Ugh. Not looking forward to this in the least, damn scared of both the procedure and whatever comes after. Pain and soreness for sure, I imagine - can only hope it won't ruin my two weeks of holidays entirely. Will also need to consider what to do with it later on, I guess, although probably not an immediate decision to make... i.e. whether to get an implant or a bridge to replace it. Neither sounds appealing... implant sounds potentially like a better choice in the long term, but scarier. Gah.

Anyway, while I'm feeling increasingly nauseous with the anxiety, here's some picspam from Saturday's trip to Pärnu. )

Don't know yet whether I'll manage to go to work tomorrow or not... tried to get done with all important work today, just in case I'm not in good enough shape tomorrow. The one thing remaining can be done by someone else on Monday, if needs be.

Oh, and a bit belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] melusin_79! Hope you've had a good day.
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On my way to work today, my, um, foot seems to have slipped. So I quite accidentally landed in the camera store which is right beside us. And, uh... somehow I was given the Pentax K20D to play with, and it turned out to be not nearly as much larger and heavier than the K100D as I'd feared, and... um. Do I need to tell the rest? ;-)

Thing is that mum told me this morning that she'd even be willing to buy my K100D from me. So it appears that she really is serious about wanting a DSLR. Which sort of would have meant that I'd have been left quite DSLR-less. And there really didn't seem to be any point (apart from the price) to buy another K100D, or its successor K200D, or K10D (the predecessor to K20D) for that matter, so I decided to go for the biggest and bestest that Pentax has got.

Also, as an excuse, while I got another tooth fixed this morning (nothing awful this time, although I suspect there may be tenderness once the anaesthetics wear off as there was quite a bit of blood around), I also got told that next time (in two weeks, eek) I'll get the one quite irreparable molar pulled out. So I'll need comforting. Lots and lots of comforting. I am thinking a new shiny camera will help. Can't hurt at least.

Right. Should start working now, I suspect, as all that money I've just spent will need to be regained.
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1. Sleet. Or something between sleet and wet snow. Not comfy for walking in town!

2. Had my first "proper" dentist visit. Still alive. ;-) Was not too horrid, but this was really just the beginning... have now five visits booked in January, when the real work will start. Am not looking forward to it!

3. Still happy about the [ profile] grangersnape100 plot bunny that bit yesterday. I was so certain on Sunday that all my bunnies had gone into hibernation for the winter. It was a completely silly bunny, but hey, better than nothing.

4. Need to start working. Don't want to. *sighs* Oh well... the sooner I start, the sooner I get done. Besides, with the gazillion dentist visits ahead, I'll need the money.

5. Should go and exchange some pounds some day but after last weekend's craze when the local Russians had apparently decided that the kroon will be devalued any minute and rushed to empty the banks & exchange offices of all foreign currency, I don't know if going to exchange kroons for something else is a good idea right now! Don't want to give the wrong impression.


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