Apr. 21st, 2009 11:16 pm
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Just spent about an hour crawling around on all fours under mum's desk, untangling the awful mess of cables and reconnecting everything (and finding about five loose ones belonging to things we don't have any more) and removing a huge pile of dust while at it... I did try and not breathe too much, so I'm hoping it won't trigger a sneeze and cough fest. My poor knees are rather annoyed with me though.

On the plus side, mum now has a working computer and a new monitor - ordered it yesterday, arrived today. A lovely (I hope, it got good reviews) 22'' Dell 2009WA. It looks very sleek and shiny and all black. For some reason, it came with a wrong power cable (three-pronged; we only use two-pronged ones) but it seems that whatever the old monitor's fault was, it wasn't with its power cable, so we could just use that.

Tired now. If there's any configuring needed, it'll have to wait until tomorrow, together with whatever updates mum's computer needs after having been offline for a couple of weeks. Did about 6000+ words of work earlier, and also went out for a two hour walk by the river - found a surprisingly large amount of different spring flowers blooming, although they're hard to spot among all the old grey grass. Busy day!
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I can finally has Internets again! *jumps around in glee*

Internet withdrawal for several days is an evil, evil thing. ;-) Although it was mostly the mornings that were the worst - nothing on TV on weekend mornings (not worth watching anyway). Took the bus to Pärnu on Saturday, which was nice, if very exhausting, and spent most of yesterday helping mum tidy up her room a bit. So at least it was useful time.

Let me know if there's anything I have missed and definitely should know about - I've had to skip 120 on my f-list and can only skim it at best, no chance to catch up properly, with work and all.

At least there is Internet again. Took the technician nearly two hours all in all, I think, and he had to go get a second modem/router as the first one seemed to be faulty and kept restarting every two minutes. The new one seems to hold so far. And it comes with digital TV (won't give up the old cable before we're certain this thing works well!) and I finally also have WiFi at home, so no need to drag a network cable around if I want to use a laptop.

Right, back to work... working at home today.


Jan. 21st, 2009 01:50 pm
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My monitor at home seems to have died this morning, so I will be around even less.

Still have the laptop, but I might just be taking more breaks from the computer at home anyway, until I can go and get a decent new monitor. Which will probably be a problem, since it looks like there aren't any decent 19'' 4:3 ratio monitors available any more.
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A few days ago, my finger slipped a bit in an online store, as fingers are wont to do (when they're mine anyway)... it's quite scary how dreadfully easily that can happen!

So today the courier came by and I now have an, um, new camera. Because I didn't have a black compact yet. And because it's pretty. And because I really do love Pentax colours outdoors, especially the greens. *hides in shame* It's also smaller and slimmer than any of my other compacts, and as a plus, it shares the battery with my Pentax W10, which is always nice.

And I also got a pretty new mouse - a Razer Diamondback with a frosty blue light - but a new mouse is something I actually need, as the scroll wheel of my current one stopped working ages ago. I just wish I could have got a nice office mouse instead of a gaming one, as I don't exactly need a gaming mouse, but looks like office mice with extra side buttons are hard to come by these days, and it's something I refuse to give up.

And now I need to get back to working. *sighs* The 10-12 hour days, seven days a week, are really starting to get to me - I feel definitely more tired and achy with every passing day. Can't wait for ... hm, December, probably, when I might actually get a day off again.
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Picked up my shiny new computer yesterday, so today was spent setting it up. Especially as I wasn't in the mood to go out - managed to stub my toe on the sofa yesterday, so it's all bloody and bruised. Not broken though from what I can tell, just hurts a bit if I try to put full weight on it.

Cut for boring computer stuff. )

All this computer stuff (and dust flowing around) has given me a rather nasty headache. And I haven't written a word today (not really worried about it, but still). And I just watched Estonia getting beaten by Belgium in the World Cup qualifiers ... 3:2 doesn't look too bad as the result, I guess, especially for an away game, but Belgium really was so much stronger. Grrr.

Oddly enough I'm almost missing the laptop now. And I hated using it when I had to switch to it last week. *sheds a single tear*

*is tired*

Sep. 1st, 2008 10:16 pm
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Went ahead and ordered my shiny new desktop computer today. Will, with luck, get done by Friday, but as they don't seem to have the 750 GB Western Digitals drives in stock right now (and I'd really prefer WD - I know no drives are infallible but I have more faith in WD than in others), I'm not quite sure if that will happen.

More computer woes. )

Haven't done any Exchange writing today yet (it's quite sad what a day at work does to the brain) but made some nice progress over the weekend. And it's all saved on the laptop as well as the external hard drive (and I think I should save it to google docs too, to be on the safe side).


Aug. 31st, 2008 08:34 pm
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Well, at least I know now that it wasn't the power supply or the dust causing the random restarts.

New desktop shopping tomorrow, I suppose. Although I'm not sure the timing's the best, what with the start of the school year and all - they're probably going to be busy. Well, won't get it any sooner if I put it off longer.

Bleh. Will need to see if I've forgotten to back up anything I need, although I hope it'll last long enough to let me transfer everything properly.

And I have had a fever for most of the weekend, including right now. I suspect the cold and moist air and no heating aren't helping, as I'm also quite sneezy. I do hope I get better by tomorrow though as I'd rather not work on the laptop (and don't know if I can risk actually doing work on the desktop now).

And I spent half the day scrubbing the kitchen walls high up and part of the ceiling, too, as Pätsu (who likes to sleep on top of a cupboard, right under the ceiling) seems to have scratched her ear bloody in the night ... it's amazing how far and wide blood drops can splatter when a cat shakes her head. It looked like someone had been butchered in the kitchen in the morning. Pätsu seems quite fine now though.


Aug. 31st, 2008 12:17 pm
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Decided that just maybe, trying a new power supply first might be a better idea than getting a whole new computer, especially since I had a spare one somewhere behind the bed linen in a cupboard.

Cut for computer stuff. )

Am feeling a little better today than yesterday (fever again yesterday) - lots of sneezing, but half of that might be due to the dust. And I've finally made a start on the challenging prompt - 1600 words yesterday, and I have a feeling I might actually get somewhere with it.

Right, need to turn off the computer now and reattach the side panels. Musti's already showed interest in the inside of the case, so can't really keep it opened up for long. And then I suspect some general cleaning is in order.
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I've been idly speculating for a while that I might at some point need a new desktop computer as the current one is getting rather too slow for my liking and is prone to freezing up whenever I've had Firefox open for more than half a day. Sadly it's at an age where upgrading isn't possible really - would have to get a new motherboard, CPU, compatible RAM and graphics card, as compatible parts don't seem to be around any more - so it's basically getting a whole new computer.

Computer rant. )

In more positive news, I got my Doctor Who: The War Machines DVD on Tuesday (stuck, barely, in the mailbox - where it just doesn't fit. am so glad I got there before anyone else did) - and today I received the notice from Sendit telling me they've dispatched it. *raises eyebrow*

In even more positive news, I actually had a few ideas for the possible more challenging exchange prompt today when on my way home on the bus. Perhaps I will actually manage to make a start on it today.
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It's still illegal to eliminate one's neighbours, I assume. Pah!

One really bad thing about spring/summer around here is that as soon as it gets warm, certain people seem to think it's a brilliant idea to play music out of the open window at a volume that makes quite sure everyone in the neighbourhood can hear and share.

Anyway, I finally received Happy Endings and Eternity Weeps today... meaning that apart from the three final books, my DW New Adventures collection is quite complete now. Weird.

And after getting 20 m of network cable yesterday, I can also now get online on the laptop at home too, if necessary.

And now, I think I want some icecream. And then some strawberries.


May. 22nd, 2007 08:27 am
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I got my new toy yesterday. I named her Tibu. She's pretty!! And I like the fingerprint reader. It's like a toy within a toy.

Now, to figure out how to get the new router to cooperate... I have a feeling I should just give up though, for the sake of my nerves (getting too stressed out is not good for me), and call for an Elion technician or someone to set it up. Since it kept asking me for various data which Elion's tech support told me I won't need, and doesn't let me ignore that. Bleh. At least after all that struggling with it yesterday, and giving up after the dismal failure to get things running, I managed to put the old switch back as it was and the LAN works as nicely as it used to. Which doesn't really solve my "want WLAN!! want internet for Tibu!!" problem, but I can live with that for a little longer.

I should just get a LAN cable for it for the time being...
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Hmm. This day has so far started off better than the last one ended.

My dear new external hard drive, which first refused to power down yesterday and then decided to ignore everyone completely (i.e. choosing to play hide and seek with the computer, not showing up anywhere at all), seems to have taken the time over the night, while plugged out, to reconsider things, and after being plugged in again, it's back, with all data intact. Yay.

And then, the latest Doctor Who episode wasn't that bad at all.

Doctor Who 3x07: 42 )

Random side question... would it always be a crime to murder one's neighbours? Especially when they are lovers of music?

It's not helping my headache, really, even if it is a little better today than it was last night...


May. 18th, 2007 09:51 pm
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Friday is nearly over and done with, and my new toy is nowhere to be seen.

On the other hand, The Time Warrior is finally going to be released... in September. Woo! So there's at least been some good news today.

Today was such an entirely pointless day. *sighs*


May. 15th, 2007 10:01 pm
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While innocently testing my new ID card reader at the Hansapank site, my finger seems to have slipped and I seem to have bought myself a laptop. And a WLAN router.

Purely accidentally, of course.

*slaps slipping fingers*

Now the waiting game begins, for it to be delivered.

Busy day

May. 15th, 2007 07:11 pm
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Well... busy with everything but work, really. At least I had something to do at work, even if it was relatively little.

On the other hand, little work meant more time for other important things. Such as shopping. (Note to self: maybe it is not that good to work in an office situated within five minutes walking distance from a photography store, a computer store and a Kalev store.)

So now I have a new ID card reader (old one didn't seem to work... but after some hassling with the new one, and finding out that things work marvellously even though I get a "card error" icon, I'm beginning to think that maybe it was one of those problems situated between the chair and the keyboard, and not a reader problem... hmm, in any case, even if it does work, an extra one won't hurt, surely). And a very pretty external hard drive (Western Digital MyBook Pro, 500 GB), which I'm not going to install today. And a not very pretty (but that hardly matters) new 400W power supply, for the inevitable event of the current one in either mine or mum's computer failing at some point.

And then I had time to go to Priisle, where I got strawberries and picked up my recent Amazon order at the post-office... yes, I finally have Doctor Who: The Complete First Series now. A very pretty, relatively slim box, which has unfortunately got a little banged up in one corner, but oh well. And I also got State of Play which I know absolutely nothing about, except that it has a good cast, is directed by David Yates and is supposed to be good.

And when I finally got home, I found out I've become a Perfect Imagination accredited beta reader, yay! Took the test just for fun last night... didn't bother to think all that much (and knew I didn't get everything but decided to err on the side of caution) and got 85%, which is quite sufficient for accreditation. So if anyone has any Harry Potter fics and wants a beta reader, I have the certificate to show I'm capable and can be trusted with the grammar, spelling and canon knowledge. Apparently.
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I wonder, sometimes, why there seems to be something of a magpie to my personality - I see shiny, pretty things, and want them.

It's rather annoying really, especially when I know I don't need said shiny, pretty things. When I know I just want them because they're pretty and because other people have them. It's really not something I'm very happy about acknowledging, but oh well.

So anyway, I'm in my "want a laptop want want want want a laptop" phase again... it's been coming and going for the last several years, but this time around, it feels stronger than ever. I think I might give in soon, if not for any other reason then to get rid of that nagging desire. I only wish I could actually justify getting one, beyond "but I can afford it after all". I suppose it might come in useful sometimes though.

But then, of course, I'd need to do something about the home network too... like get a new WiFi-enabled router/switch to replace the current switch (because what would be the use of a laptop without an Internet connection?). And setting it up. And stuff. And I don't know if I'd manage that. Bleh.

And then there's the fact that I've spent quite a bit on shiny things this year already... like mom's new LCD monitor, or the wideangle lens (which hasn't seen any actual use yet). And still haven't got the one thing I really sort of need (or will need, in the not too far future), which is an external hard drive.

Argh. Why does life have to be so difficult?

Go me!

May. 2nd, 2007 10:31 pm
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Technological achievements today:

Light bulbs replaced: 1.
Computer power supplies replaced: 1.

I'm getting scarily proficient at replacing power supplies. I'm not sure I like it.

No idea what happened - weather probably - but both computers, one in each room, switched themselves off very suddenly a little while ago (everything else electrical seemed okay, lights stayed on, TV stayed on, so must have been a fairly minor surge or one especially bad for computers?). Mum's came back to life without any complaints, mine stayed dead. It's very fortunate mum's old computer was still lying around, with its brand new power supply... decided to give it a try before succumbing to tears and wailing and yes, it did the trick.

I ought to go buy a new power supply soon now... first, it seems that it's good to have one at hand (one learns, after the third or fourth replacement in a relatively short time), and second, the one in this computer now is a 350W one instead of the 400W it had before, so I'd rather have a more powerful one around. Just in case.

Blegh, in any case.
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I'm not sure the fresh air yesterday helped that much... feeling really rather crappy today. Headache, massive sneezing, sore throat again... no fever now at least (but some last night again). Plus my neck, shoulders, upper back and upper arms ache. A lot. Didn't feel it yesterday but I suppose it's a sign of how bloody unfit I've got... wouldn't surprise me if it's because of the camera yesterday. Although it's not really that heavy, so I guess I just need more practice. ;-)

I did feel the strain when taking vertical pictures, felt fairly strong muscle shake in the upper arms then (I think the weather didn't help). Bleh. (And then big idiot men write long posts in photo forums whining about the trend in having a few smaller DSLRs available too and saying all cameras should be huge bricks because they keep hitting the wrong buttons and don't have space for their fingers... just bloody get one of the bigger cameras yourself then!)

And it's raining today. Grrr.

I know I should really go out anyway... I need a new mouse, for example. But I suppose I can still survive without that for a few days. It's just the scroll wheel acting up and mostly not working... just need to remember to use the keyboard scroll wheel more then for now. And arrow keys. Still annoying... the mouse isn't even that old, so it's not an expense I counted on having any time yet. Now for the search for a usable mouse that has a couple of extra buttons without being an over the top l33t gamer mouse costing a fortune... seems this middle range isn't that well catered for these days (i.e. the middle ground between the most basic mice, which I don't want, and the ultra super mega übercool gaming mice, which I certainly don't want).

And I think that's enough whining for now. ;-)
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Why do I have to have a headache ruining the little there's left of weekend? Pah! I'm blaming the switch to winter time, and the almost shockingly early darkness. Most annoying. Under usual circumstances, I would convince myself that ice cream would help, but I've already tried that today and it apparently hasn't.

I'm also a little annoyed with Firefox 2.0... It's nice in many ways, but it tends to crash every other time I'm exiting. And if the 1.5.x.x version was a memory hungry monster, then this is even worse. Seems to be eating up at least 120 MB of RAM steadily, even when minimised. And people complain about IE being a resource hog... of course, I haven't tried IE 7 yet, perhaps that will manage to compare with Firefox in that sense.

And I want more LJ userpics. *pouts* I feel I'm lacking a good selection of Third Doctor pics for every situation. I don't quite feel like getting a paid account just for that yet though... maybe eventually. I would like more than six pics I can use... *pouts some more*


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