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A few days ago, my finger slipped a bit in an online store, as fingers are wont to do (when they're mine anyway)... it's quite scary how dreadfully easily that can happen!

So today the courier came by and I now have an, um, new camera. Because I didn't have a black compact yet. And because it's pretty. And because I really do love Pentax colours outdoors, especially the greens. *hides in shame* It's also smaller and slimmer than any of my other compacts, and as a plus, it shares the battery with my Pentax W10, which is always nice.

And I also got a pretty new mouse - a Razer Diamondback with a frosty blue light - but a new mouse is something I actually need, as the scroll wheel of my current one stopped working ages ago. I just wish I could have got a nice office mouse instead of a gaming one, as I don't exactly need a gaming mouse, but looks like office mice with extra side buttons are hard to come by these days, and it's something I refuse to give up.

And now I need to get back to working. *sighs* The 10-12 hour days, seven days a week, are really starting to get to me - I feel definitely more tired and achy with every passing day. Can't wait for ... hm, December, probably, when I might actually get a day off again.
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Was tagged by [ profile] duniazade. Thank you, and it's very much mutual.
The following ten people (in no particular order) officially make my day. You should each consider yourselves tagged (unless you've already done the meme).

[ profile] ayerf
[ profile] chilliconcarne
[ profile] juno_magic
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[ profile] ozymandiasrex
[ profile] septentrion1970
[ profile] a_bees_buzz
[ profile] ubiquirk
[ profile] elen_ancalima

And lots and lots of other people on my f-list ... really, you should all be on this list! *glomps everyone*

Random stuff about my day. )

Also, finally picked up mine and Chilli's plane tickets to Paris. Just over two weeks, yay! Can't wait.
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Finally got around to uploading Measuring Up to the various archives. Up now on FFN, and hopefully within a few days also on TPP and Ashwinder. Provided it doesn't have too many commas in the wrong places, LOL!

As usual, there is also picspam - this time from yesterday, before shopping. Cut for picspam. )

[ profile] juno_magic buying a new camera has made my desire for the Canon A650 IS come back... I've been tempted by that very same model a few times now, but so far, have resisted. I keep reminding myself that I really don't need yet another compact camera, but does my mind listen? Nooo...
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Have been having a rather eventless holiday weekend so far. Did some work on Saturday and yesterday, should do a bit today too - raining quite heavily, so not much else to do anyway. I am thinking it's better to do a bit of work every day instead of lazing around doing nothing for a few days and then exhausting myself trying to catch up.

Am starting to give up on hope of ever writing something creative again. Perhaps if a period with less work comes around again, but as things stand now, that's not very likely for at least another year. Work's just completely sapped me of any creative thought I might occasionally have had. A pity, but what can one do?

[ profile] phistolemon_ tagged me for the "what's in your bag" meme, so here it is. Very boring, I'm afraid, but this gave me a good reason to clean out some of the trash in the bag and to test the new 30mm lens, too.

The contents of my bag. )

Tagging... whoever wants to put the contents of their bag on display.

Went out yesterday - visited grandma's grave at the cemetery and took a short walk at Pirita afterwards, from the river to a supermarket and then home. As I had the small Pentax in my bag, there is also some random picspam.

Picspam. )

It's odd how I don't even remember having the W10 for half a year and then it's summer and lots of light outdoors and I fall in love with that little camera all over again. Of course, the recently announced W60 is even more appealing with its even higher levels of waterproofness and ruggedness and more zoom... argh, must stop desiring more cameras. *slaps self*
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Weekend. At last. A long one, at that - Monday and Tuesday are off due to being national holidays.

Which also means that it's two days lost as far as work goes... meaning that yes, I had to take work home, because I really don't want to find that oops, it's deadline day and I'm still sitting on a few dozen files to translate. Even did a bit today - not too much, but then, it is Saturday, and doing a few files is better than none.

I have also got around to attaching the new macro lens to the camera and trying it out. Photo talk )

Picspam. )

Teeth are feeling awkward. It feels as if quite a bit of the temporary filling I got on Tuesday has worn off already, and I've been quite careful with it... not chewing much with it, not using force when brushing teeth, and all that. I don't think it's going to last until October - at this rate I'll be glad if it survives the holiday weekend. Which means I've been trying to eat with the other side now - the one where the ex-tooth was still six weeks ago - and it's making the gums on that side a bit sore. I assume it's just a matter of getting used to it, though. But I do dearly wish I wouldn't need to have these constant teeth issues now... ah well. Porridge and soup are good.

Hands still not the best, so I should probably relocate to the sofa. Football soon, anyway.
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Have had yet another entirely lazy day, with cutting & filing my fingernails and finishing off The Last Dodo (erm, no, not in that way!) being the notable achievements of this particular SundaMonday. I could get used to this sort of life. Honestly, I think I've really needed this - I've slept a lot but still feel like I need even more.

Took a rather brief look at Saturday's botanical gardens photos, and picked out a few... the theme of the day is green. )

Should do the more colourful ones some other day.
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On my way to work today, my, um, foot seems to have slipped. So I quite accidentally landed in the camera store which is right beside us. And, uh... somehow I was given the Pentax K20D to play with, and it turned out to be not nearly as much larger and heavier than the K100D as I'd feared, and... um. Do I need to tell the rest? ;-)

Thing is that mum told me this morning that she'd even be willing to buy my K100D from me. So it appears that she really is serious about wanting a DSLR. Which sort of would have meant that I'd have been left quite DSLR-less. And there really didn't seem to be any point (apart from the price) to buy another K100D, or its successor K200D, or K10D (the predecessor to K20D) for that matter, so I decided to go for the biggest and bestest that Pentax has got.

Also, as an excuse, while I got another tooth fixed this morning (nothing awful this time, although I suspect there may be tenderness once the anaesthetics wear off as there was quite a bit of blood around), I also got told that next time (in two weeks, eek) I'll get the one quite irreparable molar pulled out. So I'll need comforting. Lots and lots of comforting. I am thinking a new shiny camera will help. Can't hurt at least.

Right. Should start working now, I suspect, as all that money I've just spent will need to be regained.


Mar. 4th, 2008 09:27 am
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PhotoPoint has got the Pentax K20D in stock. Damn them! It's soooooo very tempting... a good thing, probably, that the 15,000 kr / 1000 € for the body is a little bit less tempting. *hopes either for a price reduction in the not too far future or for the temptation to pass*

Still, 'tis a thing of beauty... *sighs and tries to remember she still "needs" a macro lens and possibly the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens and possibly an external flash before even thinking about a new body*

Back at work since yesterday. Still coughing, but it seems to be mostly limited to the evening - had just one bad coughing fit at work, right before leaving. Feeling remarkably fine otherwise, I think the rest did me good. Besides, we finally have some snow again - snow and daylight! It was still light when I got home yesterday, around 6 pm. Wonderful. And at -1°C (and with practically no wind) it was really pleasant.
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I've just read the specs of the Pentax new K200D and K20D cameras... *drools*

Cut for camera press release squeeing. )

Er, sorry about sounding like a damn camera salesman. ;-) *is in no way associated with either Pentax or Fuji, apart from being a fangirl*
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Looks like the Pentax 18-250mm lens has made its way to our stores today, so my finger seems to have slipped and hit the ordering button... *sighs*

Well. I was planning to buy the Tamron version of that lens at some point anyway, as having an universal zoom for travelling and such would be nice, and the Tamron is 1000 kr / €70 more expensive. So I have my justification there... on the other hand, even the Pentax is still 8000 kr / €510, so it's not that cheap. And it's relatively dark, so I'm hoping that won't be too much of a problem in the winter... on the other hand, it would be awfully nice to have more reach when going to London, and I was not going to drag a selection of lenses with me anyway. And I shouldn't be losing more than a stop compared to the Sigma 17-70mm, as far as light goes. And if I already am to buy a travel lens, it might make sense to get it before, like, travelling!

Damn, this is going to be one expensive extended weekend trip. ;-)
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I, er, seem to have accidentally bought a new camera.

Gushing about new camera. )

Anyway. Wrote four more Enchanted drabbles for GS100... I am starting to suspect that my tendency to ramble on is starting to seep into drabbles, too, as I was hoping to actually start getting to the point in this set. Instead I got more background, and not very original one at that. But then, I can always pretend it just needed to be told before moving on to the story proper.

I've also realised I entirely suck at making up titles. Perhaps it would be easier if I had more of a story planned, instead of having to come up with a title before having any idea where the plot might be heading.


Oct. 6th, 2007 05:32 pm
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The annoying but tolerable sore throat I've been having for the last couple of days seems to have turned into a more proper cold. No fever at least, but might as well be, considering the headache and the overall stuffy and sluggish feeling.

It'd better pass soon, as it seems to have had an effect on my mental faculties too... just spent a while practising with the FA 50mm f/1.7 lens, and had completely forgotten how to use it on my camera. So unless I went into full manual mode and used the AE lock button, the aperture stayed resolutely at f/1.7 no matter what I did. Of course, it was only after I'd got tired of trying and put the camera away, it dawned on me that the camera came with a rather nice manual for a reason. *headdesk* I'd better remember to keep the aperture ring on A and use the Av mode if I want to set the aperture myself.

That's what happens when one has only one older lens and hasn't used it for months.

I did get one reasonably nice pic of Pätsu though while trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Pic behind the cut. )
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I don't really like saying much about the first part of two-parters, as far as TV shows are concerned (especially in new Who, I've found myself repeatedly squeeing over the first half just to find myself let down by the resolution), but without getting too spoilery (I hope), I really, really liked yesterday's episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, i.e. Eye of the Gorgon part 1. Lots of old ladies and lovely ominous looking old buildings... can it get any better? :-D

And Pentax has announced their version of the 18-250mm universal zoom lens - most probably a rebadged version of the Tamron lens, but this is hardly bad news, considering how highly regarded the Tamron seems to be among universal zoom lenses. Plus I like the Pentax design. I was planning to get the Tamron one at some point (have held back so far as it's not that cheap) for a travel/general walkaround lens, but once the Pentax one is out, I can have a choice. Will depend on the price of the Pentax I guess - if it's similar, and if the lens is considered comparable, I'd likely get that one instead.

More annoyingly, stupid MyBook has once again decided to disappear from my drives' list. Meaning I'll need to remember to unplug it again to see if it comes up the next time... gah, now I don't remember what I did the last time, if I unplugged the power or the drive from the computer or both. *scowls at the stupid external drive*
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Got the blower for the camera yesterday and just attempted cleaning the sensor.

Sensor cleaning - good news and bad news behind the cut. )

In other bad news, the speakers I got for mum's computer sound completely horrid (hm, was to be expected I guess from cheap ones, but one could always hope!). I'm hoping they'll take them back - they should, anyway, if the relevant laws regarding buying things over the Internet (i.e. without a chance to test things in the store) are to be believed.

In other better news, I got a call from the optometry store yesterday and they told me they've ordered a new lens to replace the chipped one. It'll take a few weeks of course, but as they didn't mention anything about it being my fault or anything about money, I think it's safe to assume they won't actually be trying to make me take the blame for their mistake.
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How do I make myself convinced that I don't need another camera, no matter how pretty it is?

Was just looking around in the online version of a local camera/computer store... getting a blower (hoping to finally get rid of the annoying spot of dust on the DSLR sensor) and a cheap (but hopefully not too horrid) pair of speakers for mum's computer, as her old ones were integrated to the old monitor and thus got rid of when I got her the new LCD monitor. And I still needed something else to buy if I wanted to avoid postage (if the amount exceeds a certain limit, postage is free).

So I spent half an hour looking at various pocket cameras, especially the Pentax Optio A30. *sighs* It's a damn pretty little thing, and the Optio A series should have good image quality (on the other hand, they're not the fastest cameras around and as useless in low light as most other pocket cameras - but that's what the DSLR and the Fuji are for, anyway), and I am a hopeless Pentax fangirl... but I finally managed to persuade myself that no, I don't actually need another camera at this point. Not when I hardly use the Optio W10, even though it's almost always with me, and when the Panasonic FZ-5 is gathering dust somewhere.

Then I spent another half an hour considering getting another lens... it's just that both of lenses I still realistically "need" (even though "need" is a very relative issue) are 8500+ kr / € 540-600 each and I had pretty much decided to wait a few months at least until getting them. And then I finally came to the decision that maybe, just maybe, I shouldn't actually be getting a 4000 kr camera or a 8500 kr lens right now just to save 29 kr on postage.

This should not have been such a hard decision. *weeps*
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Why do cats always insist on climbing up into my lap and making themselves comfortable about 2 minutes before I need to get up, to get the coffee or the toast or whatever? :-S Why never when I have more time for them?

And it's no better in the evenings, when the same thing happens right when I'm already in the process of turning off the computer for the night.

In other news, Sony's new P&S cameras feature not only face detection but also smile detection, taking the picture when the subject is smiling. That is... disturbing. (I wonder if smirking also works. And what happens if the camera is held vertically? Or if the subject is upside down - would the camera still recognise the smile or would it consider it a frown?)
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I think I've made a potentially huge mistake in letting mum get more familiar with the DSLR.

If she continues "just practising" the way she has the last few days, I'm going to need another external hard drive for backup very soon.

And I fear that when we go out somewhere interesting the next time, where I could finally give the wide-angle lens a proper workout, she'll want to use it instead.

And I've just realised that there really isn't even a week left until Deathly Hallows. I think I'm a bit scared.
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The delivery time announced yesterday - approximately 17:19 - turned out to be approximate indeed... the furniture arrived half an hour earlier. But as the delivery guys called in advance to confirm that someone would be there to receive it, it wasn't really a problem.

So anyway, now we have two boxes containing pieces of what I assume is the kitchen cabinet set, and one box containing my shelf. Will have to start assembling that first... should be managable today.

And earlier, I also received my new Sigma 17-70mm lens... woo! I don't really know just how great it will be at macros, but it certainly focuses much closer than any other lens I have... can practically shove it against the target (not that this would be practical with insects) and it still seems to focus just fine, even though the specifications state 20 cm as the closest focusing distance. Will have to see how well it works in practice, I think. It's certainly pretty, and quite noticeably heavier than the kit lens (which it's going to replace as the "short range universal zoom lens", I think), which isn't necessarily a good thing... but something I knew in advance, so that's okay. What will take some getting used to is that the zoom ring works in the opposite direction compared to Pentax lenses.

I ought to stop buying new lenses for a while now though. It's addictive. I mean, I'm already thinking that "oh, but I still need a universal zoom lens for when I want to travel" (note the "need" there... I've been thinking about the Tamron 18-250mm , which is supposed to be pretty decent, but it's also not very cheap), and then there are the Pentax "pancake" primes which are terribly tempting... *sighs wistfully*
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...and ordered the Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 macro lens today.

Actually, I'd decided to stop whining about it and just go and buy the blasted thing today, but as usual, the day I make up my mind and walk into the store, they have all sorts of lenses but the one I'm determined to buy. Typical. Apparently they even had it in their computer as being in stock, but I guess they'd either just run out or the new delivery hadn't come yet, or something. Oh well, ordering means a few more days of waiting, but at least I should get it.

It'd better be worth it, anyway.
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Met mum after work today for a short walk... well, I thought it was going to be a short walk, as I was not wearing too comfortable shoes (not for hours outdoors anyway).

Got home more than four hours later. Heh. Should have known. :-D

At least I remembered to ask mum bring my camera along, so it wasn't too boring. Got a few rather nice pictures... would have got nicer ones, if I'd had a macro lens. I need a macro lens... preferably before summer's over and flowers and various pretty little critters are gone. Even so, I did get some pretty nice flower close-ups, and a lovely ladybug, and even a few grasshoppers (damn difficult to catch, as always).

I think I have my next wallpaper from today's patch... for now though, I decided to have something different, so I changed my wallpaper into a lovely Snapey one, from Order of the Phoenix. Mmm. Looking forward to that.


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