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Happy birthday to [ profile] beffeysue!

And a happy belated birthday to [ profile] ordinary_magic!

I hope the days have been / are / will be wonderful.
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As I'm sitting here in the office, eating an apple, a question occurred to me.

[Poll #1351314]
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] alienor77310! I hope you have a lovely day.
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My Crookshanks POV ficlet Meetings has been nominated in the Drabble/Snapshot category in the OWL awards!

Congratulations to everyone else whose wonderful stories have been nominated. Voting was extremely difficult in most of the categories.
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Still feeling rather... non-creative. Pretty much just numb and going through the motions. I expect it'll get better with time; at least there is work again, which helps in many ways.

Can one have commenting block, by the way, if one can have writer's block? I'm not even wanting to read fic these days as I have no idea what to say in the end. Can't even seem to come up with two words.

Anyway, the actual reason for this post: found a few random abstract shots from December which I kind of liked and realised I'd never posted.

Cut for the picspam. )
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] droxy! I hope it's a good day for you, followed by a good year.
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A very Happy Birthday to [ profile] firefly_124! I hope it's a lovely day for you.


Jan. 21st, 2009 01:50 pm
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My monitor at home seems to have died this morning, so I will be around even less.

Still have the laptop, but I might just be taking more breaks from the computer at home anyway, until I can go and get a decent new monitor. Which will probably be a problem, since it looks like there aren't any decent 19'' 4:3 ratio monitors available any more.
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Musti has passed away.

I'm probably not going to be around much for a few days, so if you don't see me commenting or posting, there's no need to worry. I'll be back and will be trying to keep up with reading.


Jan. 16th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Just got back from the vet with Musti. Cut for vet talk. )

Should still go out again today to the post office and stuff... blegh. Tired. Not very cold today, -3°C or so, but very windy, which means extremely leaky eyes and nose outdoors.
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My [ profile] sshg_exchange gift fic was posted today! It's called The New Order of Things (not entirely worksafe, if you'd rather not read R-rated things in public) and is wonderfully funny.

Thank you, mystery author! It was a real pleasure.

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As promised the other day... picspam! From, um, Wednesday, I think, when I got off work early and met mum for a short walk to / by the seaside. However, "early" is a relative concept and thus it still managed to get rather dark very quickly.

Cut for a bunch of pics. )

And now the snow's mostly gone once again and it's raining and there's wind. Lots of wind. Blegh.
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First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] lady_karelia!

Cut for Classic DW related squeeage. )

Earlier start at work today. Hmpf. Training. I don't really like training. But I suppose it'll be good to have.
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We can has fixed stuff! The electrician came over yesterday and replaced all the power sockets and light switches, fixing what needed to be fixed inside. And he fixed all the lamps as well. We've been having the fuses blow at least a few times a month lately, and have been going through lightbulbs at the rate of a couple a week, so the situation was pretty dismal. Here's to hoping the new and improved situation will last. :-D

I have been branching out and trying new stuff lately. I finally got the courage to try the newish line of Hellus yoghurts - have had apple/spinach and pineapple/basil so far, and liked both of them surprisingly much. Tomorrow it's the turn of strawberry/tomato.

New work year has started off busy. Not a bad thing, considering that we're now thinking about getting the bathroom & toilet redone in the spring, too, and that won't be cheap. But it's the part of this place that really needs it badly, and we've been putting it off long enough.

And last but not least ... the [ profile] sshg_exchange has started! SQUEEEEEEE! I'm so very much looking forward to all of it.
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First, this was supposed to be the reaction post to the news about the casting of the Eleventh Doctor, but... I don't really know anything about the actor. So I'm going to hope for the best, even though I'd have preferred someone older.

Second, went for a walk by the river earlier today. We were actually planning for the beach, but by the time we got that far, the sun was setting and it was very, very cold (a wonderfully brisk -5°C otherwise, but very windy at the seaside, and my fingers and toes were all frozen), so we just turned back.

Got a bit trigger happy with the camera as it was - I'm officially in love with the new lens. It's a little difficult to consider things like colour rendition etc yet, or even sharpness (as my focus was probably all over the place, what with runny eyes and runny nose and shaky hands), but it's so fast in focusing. And quiet. And a joy to handle. And it's marvellous to have a camera that does not take a random pink shot every now and then, or refuse to turn off or on at random times.

Cut for picspam. Mostly ice. )
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Nicked from [ profile] harmony_bites. And while I'm generally wary of asking for prompts with a promise to actually write something, I am determined to manage this time. ;-)

To the first ten people who comment, I will write a drabble. (Well, I promise at least a drabble; I won't promise not to write a ficlet if I can't manage a drabble.)

You must give me:
* a fandom option: in my case, Harry Potter (for this challenge only, I'm going to say I'm open to trying also other than SS/HG), Doctor Who (no Eight or audio/book companions, please, as I haven't read any EDAs or listened to any audios), and Babylon 5.
* a character (for genfic) or a pairing (if you want a little romance)
* a keyword to use in the drabble or a color or other prompt.

In return, you must post this meme yourself and take on the first 10 requests.
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It's officially 2009 here now, so...

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] mollyssister! I hope the day is filled with a lot of fun and happiness.
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Went out for a bit on Sunday - as usual in the winter, didn't make it to town while there was still daylight, but did catch a bit of the sunset. And stuff.

Cut for six frosty pics. )

Can stay home tomorrow but I do have work to do - translating an article with instructions on photographing nudes. So far, I've learned that one should rent a studio as inviting the model home does not appear professional, and if the model has a thick waist but shapely legs, one should isolate the legs and do abstracts. Or something.
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Nabbed from a lot of people, most recently [ profile] ayerf and [ profile] dickgloucester, as this might be quite a bit of fun.

If you could force me to write anything, what would it be? One story only per person.

I'm putting the same disclaimer they did up – this does not mean I'm going to write them. I just want to know. And if I'm inspired, well... then I'm inspired.


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